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Ukraine and Moscow
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Claimed to have obtained my details from a dating website!
Fell in love with me after 3 emails and sent numerous photographs.
She said she had own money for passport, visa and travel however on being granted the visa and ready for travel advised that she is not allowed to get on the plane unless she had £1, 500 in cash!!!

Could not get it from her friends or parents but begged me to send it so she could get here to marry me!

I did not send it!


Hello my dear xxxxxx.
I thank you that you have written to me. It is very pleasant for
me to receive, and especially to read your letters. With each new
letter all of us it is more and more we find out each other. It very
much is pleasant to me!!! And you, my dear, it is more and more and
involve me as the man more!!! I am glad to this event. I very much
want to write to you every day and on some letters, but I not always
have time. I hope, that it does not push away you from me. I think,
that we should begin more and more and trust each other more. I think,
that it will be the big step in ours relations. I want to say that I
like dogs. I always dreamed to have a dog at home. I like Labrador.
In this letter I shall tell to you a little about the city, and I
want to give representations about the our future relations which I
want that developed in good side!!!! My city Vladimir not so big, but
also not so small. The population of our city approximately 350000
peoples. We have many sights - beautiful streets, the areas, parks of
rest, squares and it is a lot of another. The most known sights of
ours it is proud it: Cathedral Square, Park Lipki, Park them. A.S.
Pushkin, there is a very beautiful observation deck, Crystal Museum,
Victory Square, Theatre Square, Patriarchal Gardens, the Golden Gate.
My city is the historic center and here you can see a lot of sights.
I can tell about sights of my city Vladimir very for a long time.
But it is time and proceed to our relations. As this most important,
that interests me. Our city very good, but here as you have already
understood, is not present worthy men. Almost all Russian men do not
respect women and consider, that the woman has no what right. And for
me it is necessary the man with a rich private world which will like,
and to respect me. I have gone to the Internet - agency and have got
acquainted with you, my dear! I think, that you such the man
which is necessary for me. I as very strongly hope that I like
you!!!??? And I really hope that we relations will develop!!! I as
think, that men from abroad respect women. I am right??? You such???
You respect women???? At me already big age for woman. I think, that
it is time to me to start to create own family and home. I long time
saved money, and now I have enough to arrive to you. I do not want to
hurry event. But I think, that find out each other on 100 percent - for
this purpose it is necessary to meet face to face. But it will take
place only when we shall mutually want it! If we shall decide, I shall
arrive to you, or you can arrive to Russia. It will be very serious
step in ours relations about which we shall speak later! I think, that
in relations is important not only love, and trust and understanding.
In the head of the family should stand the man, but the man should
consult on the woman - to accept her councils, criticism to discuss
problems mutually. I can take completely all works on the house on
myself. I very much like to prepare. I shall prepare you such dishes,
that you will overlook about barchelor meal. As I shall work to support
the our budget. I hope, that I do not frighten off you, asking these
questions so is fast. I am sure YOU that the man which is necessary for
me, I hope for reciprocity.
On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall look forward to hearing
with the big impatience!
Warm and sensual kiss for you!!!

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and I fell on her shenanigans, the same story sought 1,500 euros to send her