Scammer Elena Rostkova Elena

January 13th/Age 29
Donetsk region/Donbass

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Over the course of 5 emails, I received a deluge of pictures both regular and studio pictures in nature where despite my physique (I am a fat man) she still went on and on about how much she liked me...this was the first of many red flags. There were family photos, and some risque photos (to appeal to our more carnal natures) and of course terms of endearment. Then of course there was the mention of how miserable her salary is. Throughout most of my correspondence with the scammer I asked for various methods of verification, such as Skype or webcam calls, and then photos where I asked said scammer to pose for me to confirm identity. Various excuses were made (some might even be legitimate) Below, I have listed the emails to give you great details of correspondence. When did I first believe they were a scammer, when they first wrote me.

The reason I wrote was because I rarely let these things go to fruition to see where the actual scam kicked in. The sad thing about all this is that back in the nineties when I first encountered it, it would work, but with smartphones and skype, this just doesn't fly anymore.

But let me be more specific. My guess is that these letters are templates and the only parts that are actually written are the first pragraphs answering the previous letters. And usually the answers are merely acknowledgements without actual highlighting or expanding upon them.

Second, and this is more of a confession. The family photos and such threw me for a loop because they are in such contrast to studio photos. This was a nice touch and detail, but that's to make it seem even more legitimate,

Letter 1:

Hello, my dear!!!! It is me, Elena!!! I hope you remember me:))))) I
am sure there are a lot of women who are interested in you on the
sites because you are a very nice man, but hope you do remember me and
will chose me among all the other women! By the way, I am not afraid
of competition!!! :))

How is your day going??? Mine is going good, I have decided to find a
husband from abroad and I am starting my search today:)) So today is a
very important day for me:)) May be it will become very important for
you too?:)) I hope my search will not be endless and I will be able to
find a good reliable man for marriage pretty soon. May be you are the
one??? I will be happy to stop my search on you if you are THAT
man!!!! And what about you????? Are you still in a search???? If yes I
pray you to stop your search on me as be sure that I am going to be a
perfect wife and lover for the right man!!! You will never be
disappointed if you will choose me!!! But I am sure time will show if
we are a match or not, are you agree? So let us not rush anywhere and
get to know each other as better as possible through correspondence,
then meet each other in person, fall in love and be happy together
forever.... :))) It is a perfect scenario for me and what about
you?:)) If you like this scenario as much as I do than please write me
a letter immediately!!! And do not forget to attach some photos. I
send you several photos of mine today, hope you like them??? I promise
to send you more and write you more if you are interested!!!

Have I told you something about me?:) I am from Ukraine, from the
Eastern part of it. I am not afraid of the distance between us and
hope you are not afraid of it too??:) I believe that the modern world
is small enough to let people from different parts of this planet meet
each other without any problems. Are you agree?

So can I hope to hear back from you???? I ask you to inform me about
your decision no matter if your answer will be a positive one or not,
ok?? My e-mail address is I kiss you!!!!

Letter 2:

Hello, Jim!!!!!! Hello, my dear!!!!

Do you know how much I am happy to hear back from you???? I am
extremely happy to receive your answer and I am rushing now to answer
you back faster!!!! I do not want you to think that I am not
interested in you!!!! I am sorry for my late reply but there was no
Internet here and I could not write you sooner:( Sorry. Hope you are
still with me? I am glad you told me more about yourself!!! But why no
photo from you???? Try to send some photos to me ok?? I am glad you
are not afraid of distance too! I want to see you on web cam too but
Skype and a lot of other programmes and social networks are blocked by
the Russian soldiers here in the war zone where I live. I am sorry if
you had a bad experience in the past, I understand your fear to be
cheated again, but if you will give me at least a little bit of trust
I will prove you that I am a serious girl!

I live in the eastern part of Ukraine, and if you know we had a very
bloody war here recently. It was the darkest and the most horrible
time in my life but now the things seem be get a little bit better.
No, the war is not over yet, on the border line with Ukraine the
bombing is still going on, but it is definitely not so horribly like
before. I just pray God for the war not to get back here again, as we
have a cease fire now and it doesn't mean yet that the war is over
unfortunately:(( But I hope for the best and I am sure everything will
be back to normal soon!!!

I am 28 years old, on the 13th of January I will be 29:)))) Although
my Birthday is on the 13th but it is still my lucky number and it is
my favorite one! I am not superstitious! Hope you are not afraid of 13
as well??:) I am a Capricorn by Horoscope hope you like my sign,

I work as a vet technician (nurse)at the local small veterinary
clinic. There is one doctor and two nurses there, I am one of them:)))
I love animals very much and may be because of it I like my job that
much:))) I believe that animals are better than some humans
unfortunately:( I have a higher education but to become a veterinary
doctor I had to study for two more years and it was too expensive for
my family and I had to stop my studies. I was going to save money and
continue my studies three years ago but suddenly the war had started
here and I had to forget my dreams of becoming a doctor:(( But I
believe that everything happens for the better!

My family consists of my father Vladimir, my younger sister Sasha and
my little niece Alyona:)) I send you several photos of them. My dear
mother died 10 years ago from cancer:( We all miss her very much:(((
My father is not in a good health any more but tries to keep fit. He
has a problem with his stomach and used to take the medicines for a
lot of years to maintain his stomach but after the war had started
here his health got worse as there are not enough medicines and the
necessary treatment here in the war zone unfortunately:(( I take care
of him as much as I can. But nevertheless he is pretty active and
optimistic! My sister has a little one year old daughter, she is a
single mother, her boyfriend left her when she got pregnant but me and
my dad help her to take care of her child!!! I also have two cousin
sisters and one aunt, they help us a lot too. Men here mostly not
family oriented and the father of my niece is a bright example of
it:(( I am not interested in local men, I believe that foreign men are
much more serious, that is why I look for a husband abroad. I also
have a doggy Tuzik:))) I send you his photo!

You may ask which hobbies do I have:)) Well, my the most favorite
hobby is cooking and serving the kitchen table for my family!! I like
to cook something nice and delicious, serve it on the table in the
most beautiful way and then invite my family for a dinner!!! I try to
cook something new when I have an opportunity and money for food, but
when I have only simple products and can cook only simple dishes like
potatoes or cereals, all the same I try to serve it very elegantly! I
believe that even the most simple food can be very delicious and look
nice! And what is your the most favorite dish??? I will be happy to
cook it for you!!

My dear, I think I have to tell you from the beginning that I do not
speak English unfortunately. And to communicate with you I have to use
the local translational firm's service which translates your letters
for me and my letters for you!!! Hope you do not mind it?? I believe
they do a very good job!!!! I promise to learn English as sooner as
possible so we do not need any translational service to communicate
any more, and I also believe that we will meet in person soon and till
that time I promise to make a good progress in English so we could
understand each other when we are eye to eye having a romantic candle
light dinner together.... :))

You know, as I do not speak English I never knew that I had such a
sexy profession:)))) I always thought that I was just a "veterinary"
but when I came to the translational agency I found out that my
profession sounds very sexy in English:)) It sounds like "weterinary"
from the word "wet":)) Do you like my profession?:)) Hope you do! That
is why I decided to name my mail box as pretty wet, it means a pretty
weterinary:)) And I think this meaning suits me very much as I am a
very passionate woman!!!

On this sexy note I will be finishing my letter for today!!! Hope you
will not make me wait for too long with your answer! Kiss you, miss
you!!!! Elena from Ukraine.

Letter 3:

It is so pleasant to receive your answer!!! Please never forget to
answer me!!! Promise?:)) From my side I promise always to answer you
as soon as I can!!! Do you know how much I like your photos??? Thank
you for sending it!! I appreciate your telling me more about yourself.
It was nice to get to know you better. I am glad you like my nickname
so much:) I would be happy to change it to yours!! Yes I will try to
make the photo with your name! I am glad tat distance is not a problem
for you too! I am glad you are not superstitious and you are not
afraid of number 13 too:))) I am so sorry that you lost your
parents:(( Good that you still have your siblings.

My day is doing good, I have a nice day at work today. Today we had
three cats and 2 dogs to cure, also we went to the local farm and made
examinations of ten cows. The cows give a lot of milk now. The owner
of the farm gave us a bottle of a fresh milk, so my little niece will
have a nice fresh milk for a supper today:)) And what about you? Do
you like to drink milk, Jim ?

What’s to say about my week-ends and spare time? Usually I spend
weekends at home with my family, I am pretty busy with my niece as you
know! Also I need to help my sister and father, to cook, to do the
house chores, and surely not to forget to take care of myself and do
some sport! In the wintertime I enjoy a rest at home with a good book
and music or just to watch an interesting film. Also I will need to
find time to learn English because it is very important for me to
learn it! I have never enough time to do everything I want to but I am
sure I will manage:))

Do you know that I can play the guitar?? I send you a photo of the
guitar I have:) Actually it was my father who taught me how to play
it!!! I can play for you sometimes in future, what do you think???

I adore my doggy Tuzik!!! Do you remember the photo of him??? He is 2
years old now and we are best friends!!! I am sure you will like him a

I send you a photo with a Play Boy magazine, do you read Play Boy???
You know I always dream to be like all the girls from that magazine!!!
But I am afraid I am not that beautiful. But even if I was beautiful
enough I would not want to become a playboy model as I think I am too
shy for it:)) I do not want to express my body to the public! I want
my body to belong to my husband only...

So what else shall I tell you? I just hope that you like my photos and
in the next letters I promise to send more of beautiful photos of
mine!!:) Before starting search in Internet I made some studio photos
as I was told that it was very important to have good photos to find a
husband in Internet, may be I was looking you??? If yes then no other
man will see my photos!! They will be only for you...

I will not write you a very long letter today as I don't want you to
fall asleep reading it:)) Please write me more about yourself as soon
as you can! And you can write me as long letter as you want!!! I am
waiting for you!!! Elena with kisses.

Letter 4:

Hello, Jim!!!! Hello, my dear, my darling, my sweetheart!!!! I miss
you!!! I am happy to receive another letter of yours!!! Thank you for
telling me more about yourself today!!! Send me photos! It is nice
that you used to read Play Boy when you were a kid:)) No I do not want
to be a model, I want to be a wife first of all! But thank you for
your compliments!!:) It is nice that you like to drink milk as well!!
Yes I will gladly play the guitar for you! Hope you will enjoy it!!!
It is nice that you also play the keyboards! It would be nice to play

Good that you like to spend time with your nieces and nephews!! You
are such a good uncle! I am proud of you!

You know I feel very comfortable speaking with you:)) May be you know
why??:) I enjoy our correspondence a lot and I want it end up with a
personal meeting as I am sure that it is the only thing that can clear
up everything and help us to know for sure whether we are suitable for
each other or not... I feel great attraction to you even now without
looking into your deep eyes... I know that our thoughts are very close
to each other, we have much in common and I am always happy to receive
your letters!!! But I am sure our correspondence will not be

My working day was good:) I think I really like my job in spite of the
fact that in order to describe my salary it would be suitable to use
the adjective "miserable" :))) But it doesn't interfere me with
enjoying every working day of mine!!! I am so proud to help poor
animals, people bring them to our clinic with broken paws, fever,
indigestions and different other troubles and we help them to recover!
I am really proud of it and I enjoy the process a lot. Surely there
are days when a poor animal can not be saved and every such a case
becomes a tragedy for me:((( But it is life...

I send you a joke photo when I pretend to be pregnant:))) Would you
like to see me this way in real some day??:)))

Have I told you about my life motto??? I guess not. My motto is that
the past should be left in the past, otherwise it can destroy your
future... I live life for what tomorrow has to offer, not for what
yesterday has taken away!! That is why I am so happy to meet you!!!! I
feel that you can to be my future! You can be that gift which tomorrow
will present me! I want it that much!!!! I really start to feel
something special to you, Jim.... May be I am wrong but I hope not!

I am going to finish my letter for today.... Hope you will answer me
sooner!! I will try to answer you as usually as sooner as possible! I
kiss you deeply.... Elena from Donbass!!!

How are you doing, honey???? Thank you very very much for another warm
letter of yours!!!! No I have not watched Doc Hollywood movie but I am
sure it is a very interesting one. I am glad you have enjoyed my joke
photos of being "pregnant" so much:)) Yes I will try to make the photo
for you with a finger pointed to the sky:))

I want to be very honest with you: I woke up this morning hugging on
my pillow... Whom do you think I was imagining to hug?? Jim, I am
growing very fond of you and think of you often! It was a bad storm
last night but in the morning the weather has changed for the better
and I thought that it could be compared with my life before and after
meeting you on the Internet site!! I smiled to this thought and when I
came to the agency and received another letter from you today I
realized that my comparison was truthful:)

I hope you are doing well there, Jim. As for me saying the truth I do
not feel well today:(((

In a word, darling, I can't pay for our letters translation
anymore.... It simply became too expensive for me... My salary is
really miserable and it is hardly enough to survive here in the war
zone where I live:(( I had some savings and I spent it for our
correspondence and for making studio photos, now I have neither
savings nor salary which is delayed till the next month:(

I tried to pay carefully for the translation of our letters, but now I
just can't afford it. My dad wants us to be together and he helped me
with 4 usd to write you this letter today but he will not be able to
help me any more as his pension is only 42 usd per month.

I will understand if you decide to stop our correspondence here, but
if you could help us to go on, it would give us a chance to develop
our relations into something serious and life long:-) Really, even
30-50 dollars will help us not to lose each other!

If you can you may send some money through Western Union or Money
Gram. My full name is Elena Rostkova, address is 87620 Ukraine,
Donetsk region, Khomutovo town, Shevchenko street, 56.

As for the prices here, to translate one letter costs 4 usd. We can
pay for any number of letters we want. We can pay for 1 letter or for
21:)) As for photos to scan one photo costs 1$, and to print one photo
costs 2$. Also there is an unlimited option of correspondence with
printing and scanning photos, it costs 170$ per one month and 90$ per
two weeks. It is the most expensive option, but if we are going to
write often and send a lot of photos it will be very convenient. Then
there is unlimited correspondence without printing or scanning photos,
it costs 130$ per one month and 70$ per two weeks.

So it is everything about the options available. I will be happy if
you will help me with at least several letters!! It will be a big
relief for me!!!

I am very shy to ask you for help but it will be even worse if we lose
each other! Please answer me sooner, Jim!! I truly hope for your
positive reply.... I think I love you already.... And miss you very
much..... Write me sooner!!! Kiss you miss you..... Elena with hot
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there is no genuine just a criminal organisation with large numbers of male employees writing 1000s of messages every day is run on an industrial scale as the market is millions of dollars for the scammers
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The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.
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photos of a model
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