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Hi my dear !!!

I am so glad to have your letter!!I really was waiting for it and now
when I have it I feel that we have big potentials in our friendship
and further relationships!!! If your aim was to drive me totally crazy
- you achieved that! your photo - that is madness just - you is
awesome and I am sure you knows that - you sexy and you know that,
right?:) Looking incredible, with that sexy and beautiful eyes, that
body, oh, Apollo just!:)) that is feeling you knows what to wear and
how! well done! Italy this is great country! Such gentle climate! Kind
people I think.. Sea and a plenty of historical places to visit!:)
this is cool you like nature and enjoy healthy life style - for me
that is also a priority!

Now a little bit about me!As you know my name is Nastia. My parents
decided to call me like that in honor of my granny. She was a really
great person as she had passed all the Second World War alone and
saved many lifes of little children while she was only 19. May be some
day I will tell you more about her and you will understand what a life
she had!! I was born on the 23 rd of October in 1985 in a small town
called Schastie. It is in Lugansk region. You might ask - THAT
Lugansk? Yes-yes. That what was bombed heavily and whole world heart
that news. Now we have here so called 'special position', no one knows
what exactly that means, at least war got calmer! Even despite
shootings are not calming and still heart somewhere far... People
getting used for all seems. I live with my parents and I have 3
younger sisters. They are 12,15 and 18 years old. My parents wanted to
have a boy but the destiny didn't think that they do need a boy :)My
mom is not working as it takes too much time to take care of such a
large family and my father is a miner. It really is a very hard work
but he has to keep the family. Life is really very expensive here
especially if you have 4 daughters. I am working in a beauty salon as
a manicurist as I don't have a high education and it is very hard to
find another job here without a high education. And by the way...I
love to talk and that is why my letter can seem a little long for you

My Dear,there is one thing I want to tell you about...I don't know any
languages except my native ones-Ukrainian and Russian and I don't want
this point to become a problem in our communication!That's why I have
decided to use the help of the qualified translator from the
translating company and this person helps me to write the letters to
you!I don't want to stop looking and waiting for the one for me,even
if I don't know English!So I think it is enough for now and I will be
patiently waiting for your reply. Please do ask me any question. I
will answer any of it sincerely as all we have now is our
correspondence and it's a really big chance to learn more about each
other. So..kisses and hugs. Waiting for your letter :)

P.S. I'm attaching photos from my best friend's wedding and also a
special one for you. Hope you'll like them :)

Your little Nasti
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The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.