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The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.
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my pleasure to write you Andy
Sveta Svetlana
to me
4 days agoDetails
Nice to write to you one more time, Andy

I am really happy you wrote me back again) I was worrying that you become bored with my previous letter and will never answer me) I like the fact you are interested in me) So, how are you there?? What is new?? Your mood???

Today I want to continue talking about myself! Just want you to know more about me, no secrets from you) You must know that I had relations in my past life, but we were broken before the war! You know, I was dreaming about wedding, my own family, kids…but I never get what I want, maybe I want too much, who knows! I must admit that modern men completely irresponsible!! They just run away after you start talking about family, kids etc. This fact makes me so angry! I do not understand why people have such opinion about the most important thing in life! I have really serious intentions about my future! And I really want to have a man in my life who can support me, love me, protect me, take care about me…if someday I will feel such relations to me I will give all of me to this person! I will make him the happiest man in whole universe, it is really in my power!) So, I hope that we will have a lot in common and our relations will grow up every day! I just want you to know that I am serious woman, and if you are tired of lie and betrayal..i am here for you)) I am your guarantee for stable happy life in love)) I mean it)) Don’t think I am too fast, no! We will built our relations step by step, I am telling you all this in order to be more open and honest with you, I want to create trust between us! Hope you agree with me!

My dear, if i will fall in love with foreigner it means i will have to leave ukraine and relocate! And i will do it! Olga is my sister and i love her, but she will never marry me and gave me a baby hahah) And she understand that too! So, if i will decide to move in order to built my own family everyone will be happy))

Oh, dear, again my letter become as big as an elephant)) I just hope it is interesting for you to read more from me) I will stop here and wait for your answer)) I am waiting for the questions from you! And please, let’s start getting closer to each other) I want you to warm my heart!

Many kisses, Svetlana

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I am very grateful for your sweet words to me..i feel that I am not lonely in this world..
You know dear, tonight was sleepless night, there was terrible sounds of explosions somewhere very close to my house! Again I was have to hide in the basement..i am tired of life like that! I am completely exhausted! It is impossible to live in such conditions all the time! You even have no idea how awfully sound those explosions! It is not really what I want to hear every day!
I am just wasting time here! I have all possibilities to have better job, life..but I want to run away from here! Because it is not life here! People just surviving here… I want to be in safety! I want to have opportunity to provide myself with all I need for life! I want to leave this war zone! You are with me all this time! And I hope that you will support me in my intentions! I want to leave war zone as soon as possible and start thinking about possible travel to you! I need to meet with you! And I know that you want it too!
You are the only one person who can help me with that! All my hopes for you now!!
Sorry for being so strict but I can not stand it anymore! It is too dangerous for me! My mom and dad worrying about me all the time! They want me to go somewhere where is no war! But I have no possibility to pay ticket from here by myself! They gave me all their savings that they could arrange during the war! It is funny sum of 30$...but if I will leave war zone this sum will be enough for first day! I mean I will have opportunity to rent small room in hostel, and keep some food.. But my parent’s help not enough for my saving!
My dear, you even have no idea how bad I feel myself now..because I have to ask you for a help! Please, understand me right..we have mutual feelings between us! I feel that our relations are strong! And I am ready to leave war zone in order to get a chance to see you, dear! That is my intention! But the only way to leave this place rent a car! It is too expensive for me! You are so native and deep understanding person for me! I feel that I can trust you and I want you to trust me! You must understand that you are the only one who can help me, who can give me another chance for better life, who can make me happy and safe..))
Please, dear, do not think bad about me! I have no bad intention, just one – you!!! All I am asking for is trust and help! All this time while we were communicating you make me happy, I felt that someone need me in this life, I felt that I am loved)) Do not destroy all this! You are reason of my life now! And I want to feel you right next to me dear…the only way to do this run away from Donetsk!
My dear, my face is red now, and tears coming from my eyes, because I feel myself uncomfortable..i am so sorry to ask you for a help! I have never being in such situation and never ask for a help, but I feel that you are serious about me and that is why I rely on you all my life! My destiny and destiny of our relations in your hands now!! I hope that you will agree to help me with travel cost from war zone, it is not million, it is just 150$! The road would be long, through Russia..that is why so expensive! I have no opportunity to find such amount! But I do hope that you will help me with that amount! As soon as I will meet with you I will repay everything for you with all my love, care and tenderness…I just hope that you will help me my love, please, save my soul from this war…
With all my love and hopes
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Guys this is working well at last we can sort out these girls; there appears to be thousands of them.
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Hello !!! How are you today? its nice to meet you
here) I hope you are well and in a good spirit. I’m very glad to
introduce myself. My name is Svetlana
I am from Ukraine! I eager to have my
family and it is before everything in my life.
I think it is an appropriate time to start my private life
because I cannot be always young, just only in my soul?:)
I have reached an age where I am
looking for a serious relationship which will lead to marriage and to
start a family in the future.
I dream to find a special someone to share my life with, someone to
listen to, to share my jokes with, and share all the good and bad
things life throws at you. Someone who will not run off when it going
gets tough, and the tough gets going. They say that every woman needs
a man when her life is a mess, because just like in a game of chess;
the KING protects the QUEEN. So I am looking for my KING, for a man
who is honest, likes to laugh and joke around and be silly at times,
yet knows when to be serious, is direct and straight forward and can
talk about almost anything with me. I want us to be the best of
friends, who can't wait to be with each other. I have been told
several times that my true beloved is someone who is not in the same
country as me, so I search for my KING. Are you the one?

Have a great day and always smile