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Hi Amin.
I am very glad to receive from your letter today. I think that we now start to know each other.
Today I want to tell to you about my life and my hobbies. I was born in Troitsk
November, 18, 1986 in good family. My mum - doctor, my father - engineer. I have finished school and entered in
the Chelyabinsk State University and have finished faculty on a speciality the manager and now
I work as the manager on sale of home appliances. I live separately from my parents,
I have my own apartment which to me my parents when to me 20 years were executed have presented and
since then I live separately from them. I very much love my parents, they helped me in many things,
and I very appriciate them for helping  me. I am one child in family and
all love of parents have been certainly directed on me. I had very happy childhood. Now as I told you,
I live alone, i am independent girl. Now I want find the person with which I can to find happiness
and with whom I can connect the further life. I very active person, I do not like to sit on a place.
I very much love sports and a lot of attention I give the figure and beauty.
Each girl wants to look beautifully and wants that the man paid attention to her and I am not exception.
I can safely tell that I put my appearance on the first place and I try to look always beautifully.
I am engaged in aerobics three - four times a week in one of sports clubs Troitsk and it is pleasant to me.
Also I am fond of dances, and I can tell that I very well dance. I also visit night clubs,
but now my interest to them gone, there can be it from for my age,
I can has matured and have decided to think of the life????
Yes, in life of each person I think there are such moments when he reflects on life, about that he has made
for the and about that he should make. I now dream of family and about happy home life.
Amin, you dream of it?
Also I give a lot of time to reading of books, I think, that reading of books on much more useful than
to watch TV, and the more I read, the more I learn and I raise the knowledge in this or that area.
I read the greater measure writers, and I like to read books of writer Ahmatovoj most.
As I live one to me it is necessary to cook myself I cook itself and I for these years have learned to cook
very well, is especial my "kitchen" it is pleasant to my parents. They come to me on a visit
and we spend the days off together. Amin, tell to me about the family, about the hobbies, I think,
that too very much much interests you in life.
Now it is necessary letter to me close. I shall wait from you the letter.
  Sincerelly yours Mariya.

P/S: My dear friend you are to me very interesting and I want to know about you as much as possible.
Unfortunately, I often very busy at work, so I do not every day you will be able to write letters.
But you can write me your letter about themselves and ask questions. I am happy to answer your letter
as soon as possible. I hope for your understanding ...