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Hi ! It's great to get your reply with such a sexy photo :) I send you three photos,
one is me and my mother, the other one is me in the salon where I work
and the third is me next to the house where I rent a room - it was the
first snow this year!

There are many things I want to know about you ! For example
about the work you do. Does it take all your time or you have some for
your hobbies? What are they? My job leaves me a lot of time for things
I like because I do not work full time. I am manicurist. Noticed women
with beautiful nails? That's what I do. :) Wish I cold work full day
but I am glad I got such job as here we do not have lots of
vacancies... I live in Lutugino, east of Ukraine. We had war here, but
now ok. No war, only separatists.

Tell me, are you really 46? You look so young! I am 30, height 168,
weight.. normal weight, see in the photos! ;) Real Lady never talks
about her weight, ok? ;) What can you tell me about the lifestyle you
have? Are you into parties and social life or prefer to stay at home?
What would you choose? Go out for a dinner or let me cook a dinner and
we watch the movie? Did I tell you I am a good cook? :) :)

I have lots of dreams and for now my dream is to meet a good man as I
am sick and tired of guys who want only boom-boom and nothing
serious!.. So if you are going to break my heart and hurt me, better
stop reading this and do not reply...

I also plan to learn English... Yes, unfortunately I do not
speak or write English, and what is more, do not have computer so I
use the help of professional translators to write you letters and read
yours. But I am looking for English classes already. I understand that
it's important to have common language. It's still good to talk after
sex for sure! ;))) Well, to talk seriously, I cannot chat normally
with you in that programs you asked about, firstly I have old phone
which is not smart. But my colleague said we can use her account on
our working phone, will it be ok for you?

Sorry, I am getting late for my bus! Wait for reply from you ;) Have a
nice day! Talk to you later! ;)