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Paul from Cleveland,, I spent over 3 weeks communicating with this scam.. For the heck of it i did a search on her right,, somehow I ran into this site and found out the hard way that she was a fake.. I received the almost exact email that I read on this site to various other men,, she actually had the nerve to say that she was hacked and everything I was reading was B. S! The numerous sites that she is on are very convincing, I almost fell for her scam,, but from previous experience with dating sites, I have learned a lot,, be careful guys the internet is fucked up! Don't let yourself be fooled by the losers who don't have a life!
Comment #153891
I think it's a Nigerian masterminding all these scams, most likely stolen all the photos and whoever this lowlife is I'd like to offer him a 50 cent bullit
Comment #155341
Here's another email address being used by this person:
[email protected]
Same letters, same pictures, etc.
Comment #171109
Got the same letters from her as well, pictures, etc etc. She tried to get me to open a bank account so she could deposit $400,000.00 into my account, she said that it was from an old company she worked with I told her no. She also uses the excuse that her daughter "Julia Lawson, Vanessa Brown, Milo Bouvier, Nicol Douce Amour, Alice Milla Larry " needs Steam game cards for her daughter to play games every month.
She has said the same stuff to me about asking me to pay for her flight to come here to visit me and do all the same stuff. This person that days her daughter If you Alicia Milla Larry her daughters picture will come up, also Mitchel Johnson. I called her out on it and she pushed it off. Like it says on the pictures that they were stolen and used. It is scam for sure from. I was talking to her off and on again for two years, I was playing head games with her last going off.
She even gave me her home address and I googled it and she flipped out. So I did something better I gave the address to a family member who sells homes and he dug up alot more then I did and he gave everything. The name that the house is in is Michael Reference? I've saved all the pics at least that way if she trys it again I'll be ready.
Comment #171119
She also uses the email address
[email protected]