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Hello, it's me again !!! It would be very nice if you do not leave me
no attention.

Perhaps you are interested to know more about me. After the first
exposure is always intriguing, is not it? I would like to tell a
little about yourself. I hope you understand me? In what language
you're comfortable to talk? I studied English in school and then at
university. Although my written English is not so good. Here are my
spoken much better. In German, I also talk freely. My name is
Kristina. I hope that is not forgotten? :) You can call me Kristi. I
have 30 full years. I'm not married. Children are not. It is only in
dreams. But now is not about that. I was born and lived in the Ukraine
in the small town of Pokrovsk. I guess you have not heard about this,
he is in the Donetsk region. However, due to the military situation in
Ukraine, many residents had to move to Russia and other European
countries. Many have left the country! Now I live in Russia for almost
2 years. I live in a big city Kazan. I'm sure you are familiar with
this city! Here I got a job and continue to live in this beautiful
city. :) In truth, I did not have the experience of communication and
dating online. Of course, I use the computer, just like any modern
man. :) I try to keep up with the others, though convinced that this
time can be spent on something more useful. Most prefer to live
communication. :) I first decided to learn this way, and so do not
know what to say in such cases. To begin with, I just briefly talking
about myself and hope that you also tell me a little about your life.
Have you been looking for a soul mate (female)? Or maybe you are
looking for something else? Also, I heard about that on the Internet
there are all kinds of liars. But I hope that we will not have to
think about it and lie to each other. Do you agree? :) So I want to
begin our dialogue with the understanding and revelation. After all,
we both want to find a soul mate. I'm right? :) Now we are far from
each other and can be thought of differently, what we do, but I also
want to tell you that I am an open person and I find it easier to
communicate, if you set me. And I can safely say, I am pleased to meet
you! ;) But I'm curious to know about you more. Now I live alone! I
rent an apartment at a good woman. Kazan, a huge and beautiful city.
:) Here everything is very developed! You can look for it on the
Internet. In 2018, there will be held the FIFA World Cup! :) In this
city the river Volga, which you just had to hear. Now I know well the
area, so I can tell you a lot about it. :) When I arrived in Russia, I
immediately went to job search. I used to work in a beauty salon, I
was a stylist. I completed courses hairdresser. And I have the
experience in this business. :) Of course I was hard at first. It was
not easy, but I all overcome. I am hardworking and goal-oriented
person. In the future, I want to also work in this area. I already
have enough experience in this. I want a beauty salon. :) And to begin
with, I want to find a man who will love me this way I am! Maybe
you're my destiny? Hahaha! ;) I would like to get to know you better.
And I'm glad our fellowship. Let's see what happens. After all, we
will have time to stay friends forever. According to this, tell me
about yourself, at least as well as I did! :) I'll look forward to
your letter. I hope you answer me soon and we will be able to continue
communication. If you have the opportunity to share with me their
photos. I'll be happy. Sincerely, Kristina. :)