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Privet Jack:)

How are you? It's my first letter to you, so I am both excited and
nervous, because I am interested in you and want to make good
impression on you. I think it's impossible to understand and feel
person just after 1 letter so I hope there will be more letters
between us! :) I do not even remember when last time I wrote letters..
Maybe at school... You know when girls pass notes to guys they like,
through other girls :))) Well... more about me... My name is Ninel,
but if you like you can call me Nina. I am 165 cm tall. I am 30 and my
B-day is in March which makes me Pisces zodiac sign. No kids, been
married but now divorced.

I am open minded and I am not afraid of difficulties! I want to find a
man who will love me, respect me, accept me who I am. Who will not
cheat on me. For whom I will be his princess. :) And I will make him
feel like a King! I think, it's more pleasant to give than to
receive... so for me the most important is to make my man happy. What
do you think is the best thing a woman can do for her man ? I hope you
will write me more about you. And do not forget to attach some photos!

Kiss! Poka-poka ( means bye-bye in Ukrainian ;) )

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Hi dear Jack!

It's impossible, because i earn around 75$ per month! I may add
something, but i am not in position to pay the whole trip!

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I would love us to move forward, but the problem is that my roommate
who's computer i was using to write you is going to sell it, because
she needs funds and if she does it, i will have no way to write you! I
do not have any internet cafe in my home town... When war stared a lot
of people closed their business and ran away!

I was sad when i heard that news, but it's her computer and i cannot
just not allow her to sell it! I just asked her to give me some time
to discuss this situation with you, because i am sure we will find the
way out! Maybe we could buy her computer? She would give me good
discount... i hope :)))))

Maybe i would be cheaper to buy phone and use it to write letters, use
messengers on it, but we do not have any mobile internet or wi fi
here... and without it the phone is us
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