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Hello :) So nice to get your reply! Really I was very
delighted to see it in my inbox today. My dear, i do not have access
to whatsapp or skype as i do not have smartphone, i have just simple
mobile phone which not accept such application.

As for me, I live in a city Dnipropetrovsk.I am 28 ,will be 29 on 15th
of November, but actually for several years already I do not pay
attention to people's age as person's age is what he/she feels
himself. I work as a cosmeticians in a beauty salon and really like my
profession. Have many friends at work and from school and university
years, most of them are already married with kids. I believe it is the
greatest gift in life to have a partner, lover, soul mate and friend
in one person with whom you will walk hand in hand till the end. i
like to spend time with friends,like active way of relaxing,picnics
,spend time outdoor. I'm very sensitive and romantic person, like to
read books.Different kind of it from classic to modern authors. Most
favourite i think "Anna Karenina".

I do not have any idea what an ideal man should be, I would rather say
there are no ideal people, I am also far from ideal?? I just think
that there are people who match like two parts of puzzle and take each
other as they are and love with all minuses and pluses, care about
each other, support and hold to each other in any situation.

I'm very serious in my intentions to find my special one. I'm not sure
if it weakness or virtue, I must confess, I'm too romantic and too
trustful. I believe in every word I am told. It usually hurts as the
world is not sincere. I will tell you about my past relationship
sometime later, ok??

Sorry for such a big message?? Hope it was not boring, it is new for
me, so excuse me please if I said something wrong,
have a nice day and hope to get your answer soon:)
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who is suppossed to be the girl on the photos?
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this same girl is emailing me too under the name katia.. she even send me a email from so called travel agency

Your friend Ekaterina Popova gave us your email address, and asked us to contact you as for trip preparations. First of all she will need to renew her passport, it expires soon, and that is not good for getting visa, even touristic one. That procedure will take two working days and will cost 100 euro. Then, for getting visa, it will be short-term visa, type C, it is needed to pay consular fee, it is given by embassy and it is 65 euros for any type of visa, for gathering documents and visa application it is needed to pay 30 euro additionaly. Also it is needed to arrange medical insurance, for the whole period of Ekaterina's trip, it is around 40 euros. So the whole visa and passport procedure will cost around 235 euros. As for flight, Ekaterina told that will be comfortable for her to fly from Kiev, so return flight Kiev (Borispol) to Brussels (Brussels National airport) will cost around 175 euro, it can change slightly depending on exact dates, but difference will not be big. So the whole trip, that includes passport renewal, visa arrangements and return flight is around 410 euro. We can prepare an invoice with the prices and whole amount to pay if you would like to.

Ways of payment:
We receive payments in cash as we mostly work with Ukrainian citizens. In other cases you can use fast electronic transfer systems, such as MoneyGram, Western Union, RIA. We also can provide our bank account, but in this case it will take up to 14 working days. For using fast money transfer systems you can use name of Svetlana Vakhlueva and following address: Ukraine, Donetsk, Kalinina street, 26.

Touristic manager Vakhlueva Svetlana

when i ask her bank account number she responds with this bullshit

This is big problem my dear because we dont have moneygram and western Union not work for me because it is blocked
What will we do now.

Verzonden: vrijdag 12 mei 2017 10:16
Aan: M19u3I ...
Onderwerp: Re: Vacations!

Hi my dear!
Bank accounts do not work here, after war Ukrainian accounts are blocked here. Darling, I asked in local bank what works here, they talked about some systems called moneygram and westernunion, that is the only way to transfer money from abroad. My full home address is Ukraine, Debaltsevo, Socyalnaya street, 107, my phone number is +38 095 373 52 42. In case of need my full name is Popova Ekaterina.
Miss you!