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Tallinn, Estonia

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Last email I received before blocking this person.
Damn it, I'm not even know how to write to you about this ...
Please forgive me if my letter asking to hurt you.
Oh my god, how could this happen to me.
I'm very very angry at herself.
I excuse me for my request, but I got in trouble and I need help.
God knows, I do not want to ask you for help, but right now I do not know what to do.
I am depressed, my shock and right now I do not even know who I still have to ask for help but you.
I know that we are not so much close to you.
And I also know that we know each other only through correspondence ...
Damn it, damn it, damn it, I'm ashamed to ask you for help, but if I'm even a little way to you, I implore you to help me.
I'll be at the airport in Kaliningrad. This city is not in Poland, it is the territory of Russia.
I came here today to get bought me jewelry.
My dear, I remember in my last letter I wrote to you was that I was on the same day to return home, but the businessman from Poland deceived me and so I could not go home.
Oh my God, it's just a nightmare.
And right now I do not even know how to explain to you about my situation, which I got.
Damn it, why is this happening to me?
And why I agreed to the deal with a businessman from Poland?
I hate myself because of the fact that she agreed to the deal.
Office of the Polish businessman located in the city of Gdansk. This is the territory of Poland.
It was here I came to conclude a contract with him. But after signing the contract turned out that all his gold ornaments are not in Poland, and his Russian partners in the neighboring city of Kaliningrad, which is located on the territory of Russia.
I myself was shocked when she found out about it.
I was very angry and I was about to terminate the contract, but to terminate the contract with him I could not because my money had been transferred to his account.
I was supposed to fly home that day, when they signed the contract, but when I learned that the gold jewelry are in Kaliningrad, I had to cancel my flight.
Today I came to Kaliningrad to meet with Russian partners to have them agree on the delivery of jewelry in Estonia.
But they told me that they do not ship to other countries.
Damn it, it's just some kind of crazy.
They are simply given into my hands all bought me jewelry and wished me successfully get home.
After that I immediately went to the airport to soon buy a plane ticket.
I hid the jewelry in my luggage and I thought that I myself can take them home, but it was not so simple.
I was registered at the airport, but then Russian customs stopped me when boarding the plane.
They arrested my luggage and told me that for the removal of such a large number of gold jewelry I need to have a specific permit, which is issued by their government.
Damn it, at first I could not understand at all, about what resolution they told me.
I'm not doing this for the first year of business, but about such approval yesterday I heard for the first time.
But then the customs officer told me that for them the law I need to have a document procurement certificate that would allow me to carry the jewelry purchased through their border.
He also told me that this certification is required because of their law without these certificates they can not get from me the assurance that these are my gold jewelry is not stolen.
I told the officer that I did not steal the jewelry.
I told him that I bought these ornaments have in Kaliningrad.
I even showed him the receipt that was given to me when buying gold jewelry, but in return he told me that no official certification of gold jewelry he has no right to let me through their border.
Oh my God, it's just some kind of a lunatic asylum.
The first time I faced with such laws and, therefore, I feel confused.
And I do not even know what I do now.
The officer told me that the certificate authorizing the export of jewelry through their border, can be done in the office of customs control.
Today I was in their office.
I wrote the application for the certificate, but it turned out that the certificate you have to pay money.
The customs office I was told that the certificate is issued for each product and the cost of certification for one product is 250 Russian rubles.
In my luggage is now 140 articles totaling nearly 28,000 euros.
I spent all my money to buy the gold jewelry and if I do not get this certificate, I run the risk of losing all the money.
Damn it, I do not really know what to do now.
I am writing this letter to you from an internet cafe at the airport and at the same time I cry.
I really need your help ... I am very ashamed to ask you for money, but if I'm really the way to you, I ask you to help me.
I spent all my savings to buy gold jewelry, and these are now my pockets are empty.
I am ashamed to ask you for money, but maybe you can lend me 960 euros, so I can get these certificates for my jewelry?
I'm afraid to hurt you with his request, but on the other hand, I very much hope that you can understand what I'm feeling right now.
I really need your help, and if I really even a little way to you, I implore you to help me.
I'm not asking you to give me the money.
I ask you to lend me this amount of money for a couple of days. And I give you back the money immediately, as soon go home.
I do not know, but I am very afraid of how you will now think of me.
But I hope with all my heart that you believe and help me.
Unfortunately, I have only five days to get these certifications. If I do not get hold of these certificates, I could not take my luggage with customs.
A customs officer told me that every Monday all arrested luggages taken away from the airport in some luggage.
So I was left with very little time.
And right now I do not even know to whom I still have to ask for help but you.
So I hope very much for your confidence and for your help.
I'll wait for your answer.
Your Aleksandra