Scammer Aliona Alyonka

27 (in profile 28)
Kherson (She say in letter that she is from Adamovka)

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1st Letter

Hello (Your Name)! Success loves those, whose, who is not afraid to risk! And I decided to take a chance - to write you. I saw you profile and I think we have something in common. I hope time will show how it will work between us.
My name is Alyona. I am 27 years old. I am from Ukraine. I am a simple and warm hearted girl, I was hurt too many times in the past, but I still believe in love. I go in for sports, love to have active and happy time. I try to be positive whatever happens. I love so much my parents and junior sister.
I hope my letter not it will seem to you boring and will put beginning to strong friendship, and maybe more. Write me back soon!
I send you few pictures of me. Just to show you the way I am. And here is my dog Lucky.
Take care

P.S.: She uses stolen photos from a girl called Anastasia Chulkova from Vladivostok (Russia), you can see that is true by see in
Again Please don't forget to use FindFace! (https:// findface . ru) it helps a lot to search in VK from who belongs the picture, because usually they stole from there... and google imagens in some cases does not find!

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My email exposing the scammer:
"Hi do you know who is Anastasia Chulkova from Vladivostok, Russia?? Must be your twin haha. Why you do this? did you think that i was so dumb to be fall in your words you put so many mistakes in your emails that i detect every single of them... Why you Scam? do you think that i don't know that those cafes you talk about is not where all the scamers work? you are in a big trouble now!"

Her answer
" you should be ashamed! I did not expect from you such meanness! I just wanted that to someone paid attention to my inner world and I did not want to show my real photos, because I apparently much easier, so I took advantage of someone else's.
I did not want to send my photos, because I'm not sure even that would you answer me. And I did not want to just be that my personal photos, hit the Internet. You think a lot of women on the Internet Liars ?! But you have no idea how many bad men in Intrernet! How can I send a real photo, if the majority of men want to meet, and just do sex, but at the same time talk about their seriousness! And even you immediately began to talk about the meeting! Surely you are the same as most! That's how you have done against me, is not worthy! I never, what you did not ask! I just wanted to get to know you better and make sure that you are not like most, before I reveal to you! and you did so badly with me!"

My email again
"Ashamed of what? omg... i did what most of the men do... i try to saw if you were real!
Why i would not talk with you? i always liked to talk to you before! did i always said that you were beautiful in the photos no! i said that "you" had a happy family and a cute "sister" that is not even yours... wtf... Yes i know that a lot of man in the internet is not with good intentions also! i know that! but i asked you to meet in real of course is what everyone will ask! what do you think i will stay forever wasting my time talk to someone i don't know if is what she is... apparently you are not!! your life, your family, your work, your words all was lies... you hurt me by that! you want to know why i always wanted to turn off the phone? because i knew what you were doing... Do you think each man just want to meet to have sex?? in were do you live?? in my country that never happens... do you think i will waste a lot of money to have just sex with you?? are you ok? i am not such kind of man! obvious you don't know me! Of course i did bad... think a bit! i was enjoying to talk with you... and from one moment to the other... i knew was all a lie... think if i was doing that to you, put yourself in my place! Do you think this is the way to start a relationship, with lies? Relationship is build with trust!"

Her email again
"What I tell me it's true! Is not it just a photo! I wanted to first understand what kind of person you are, you know, and then, if I am confident in you, then you open! But you did not even give me the chance, and put me a liar! And I'm not that nice as you say and how you did! If I'm just playing with you, I would not have spent so much time that would have to write to you!"
Comment #128886
Please tell me please where i was so "meanness" lol?? i must be such a dumb... loool... eitherway i was meanness because i put an end to this fake chat she was doing...