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Hi my sweet Amin!!!

      I am happy to get a message from you, it gave a smile on my face and strong beats in my heart!
I feel so free in talking with you. I want to continue our communication, cause you caught me with something!
I want we to continue our correspondence and see what's going to happen then;)
I presume that my previous letter was to bulky for understanding so i better make some clarification about my upcoming practice and
education assistance program. I hope that my english level will not be an obstacle ;)
I must start from a fact, that in despite of that i am living in russia i have not a russian nationality, my nationality spelled like "Mari".
Sorry that i must start from this far, but there is a reasons you'll see. Mari nationality isn't numerous, there are only about 500 thousand
people spread on many parts of the Russia and some other countries. Not so long time ago, one of the famous film director Alexey Fedorchenko
made a movie about Mari nationality, it called "Celestial Wives Of The Meadow Mari"
Mari Nationality is just one of many nationalities of Finno-Ugric group. There are other nationalities there like Finns, Hungarians, Estonian etc.
There are plenty of information regarding mari in the net, so you can check it if you found this interesting. Well, let me continue, we are getting
closer to the point.
All this nationalities are connected with one cultural legacy and with a help of each other they try to save this cultural singularity.
By the government of Finland was established a international program that supports Finno-Ugric peoples who lives in developing countries or in
counties with unstable socioeconomic situation. I found this when i was surfing a net so i thought, why should i don't try to participate in this
program, so i filled a blank and send it for considering. A month later i got a call from my university dean and i found out that my application was
approved and with a help from Finnish embassy my final practice will be carried abroad. I believe that my status of orphan as also my success in studying
played a big role in this, so i was chosen from many other pretenders.
My dear Amin, this program gives me a big opportunities, they already paid for my tickets, and will cover all my living expenses when i'll
get to your country. I'll receive a cash grant for my various needs and living during the time of practice, the sum is equal to 13000 Euro.
I'll get this grant when i reach my final practice location. I'll be absolutely free in spending this cash as i want, this grant will be emitted to me
at the Finnish embassy at your country's capital city.
This cash will cover any expenses that'll appears during my practice such as rent, food, clothing, well, everything that i'll need during this 5
month. But i'll get this funds only in about two weeks at the Finnish embassy at your capital. Right after i'll sign all the papers and get this cash,
i'll be free to go to any city i want and there my practice will take place and i am thinking to choice the city you live in.
Once again, everything will be paid by this governmental education assistance program- flights, land travels, residing, food, well everything.
I guess i am not so unfortunate as i thought before ;) You know how this happens, when some really good perspectives suddenly appears at the horizon
it feel so amazing, i can't believe this happened but it's real! After all this long hard years of struggle and survival... It's just a miracle!
Oh, here goes again, i am bothering you with my long explanations! But at least i hope you feel a little happy for me.
Dear Amin, i just wanted to share some good mood with you.
Hope i didn't scare you away with my endless talks and you'll not disappear. Could you send me a message soon and write some of your thinkings.
I want to hear your opinion and i also will be glad to get a couple of warm words from you :)
You'll find an info map in attachment, it's some about Finno-Ugric nations location, just in case you'll be interested.
I'll be waiting for your reply and i hope i'll see it soon.
It's so nice to have a conversation with you, could it be more than just a friendship in future? Hope so... ;)
Waiting for your reply,
Yours Maria
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theres no grant its BS ..dont believe any of this crap
Comment #129311
Name: Maria ZAYTSEVA
Home address: Russia, Samara, Street - Fadeeva, house 199, apt.15, Postal code - 443105. (This is how she/he wrote it in an email when requesting money through a money gram)
Temporary address: Moscow, Hostel "Hostel Na Boytsovoy", street- Boytsovaya 18, building 4 (There is indeed a Hostel Na Boytsovoy in Moscow)
No phone (She/he said the phone was cut off for some reason)

The latest email from this Scammer: My adorable ****

With all my words and thoughts i can't describe how grateful i am to you! I wish i could be near you right now
to give all my gratitude and all my hot kisses to you! I see now that i was right in you, i see that you
believe in our mutual passion, in our future! My heart is singing with joy cause this showed that you care about me,
that i really mean something to you! I am touched to the core of my soul...
Below you'll find all the necessary data for western
Union or Money Gram transfer- my home address in passport and my full name.

My home address: Russia, Samara, Street - Fadeeva, house 199, apt.15, Postal code - 443105.

or my current address:
Moscow, Hostel "Hostel Na Boytsovoy", street- Boytsovaya 18, building 4

I found a western union branch near by, there i was instructed - to receive a cash from you i'll need to know transaction code,
exact sent amount and a sender full info (full name as in passport and address), please don't forget to write it all.
Soon we will be together at last and i'll give myself in your arms, to be kissed by you, loved by you! I am waiting
for this moment with a huge impatience! Our first date coming up soon, and i am thinking about this constantly! And you?
Waiting for your reply, hope with some good news,
With love,


I have received many photos from her, many of them X-rated.
I have no idea how this scammer got my email address but she/he isn't the first I've gotten in the last few years. This scammer is the most sexist of any I've received.
She/he rarely answers direct questions, instead going on and on about herself and her "desire" to be with me, someone whom she does not know, has never (and will never) received a picture of me, nor does she know my real name, only my email address.

I doubt her/his email address will remain on line for much longer. Someone is sure to tip her off, but it won't be me. Good luck in writing to her/him.