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I DO NOT HAVE A SMARTPHONE.Here the weather just changed and I want your warmth beside me. I want to feel your soul beside me. I want you beside me. I wish my last breath were with you because I promise you that I'll be with you in your last breath in that day.
I really believe that it's true.I also like classical literature like Tolstoy,Pushkin,Shevchenko,
Kobulanska Dostoevsky.The great book also are Gabriel Markes, Astrid Lindgren,Ray Breadberry. Imagine , when I was a child my favourite book was Karlsson on the roof, a stories by Astrid Lindgren, his optimism helped him in troubles,the most important thing is never say never.
I also like to see at the paintings of Van Gogh, the most important painter of impressionism I like to observe Vasyliy Kandinsky.He created a real masterpiece!Did I ever tell you that I paint and draw?
I like draw nature and portraits most of all.
I know it takes time, but when i have a inspiration I always do it with a great pleasure.
i laso like to write small poetry. No i'm not a great poet,But I'm a beginner.
I want to dedicate some poetry to you one day if you do not mind.
I wish I whisper it to you now,to share my thought and minds with you.
Anyway I belive we meet soon.I know if you wish something your dream will come true !But you should do many efforts to achieve it.I dream of traditional family where man holds the leading position i will be gente and listen all advices.I promise to create a strong family,i resect family values and traditions.We will celebrate holidays together.We will support each other.I know men and woman are different,but if they are sould mate they will always find understanding and respect for each other.
Love can had different forms and colors.It can be emotional, it can be calm,it can be wild. it can be dumb.What is your opinion about this?
Thank you for giving me pleasant thoughts.
Your are becoming an important person for me.I try read your letters very carefully and I try to pay more
attention to your questions.I feel you are good man who can support, respect, understand woman like me.
I send you kisses.