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Oh, I'm glad you wrote me back. Frankly, I did not believe that you answer me! Thank you very much. I really liked your story about yourself! So nice to receive letters, even over the Internet. Many people abandoned the mail, and it's so romantic, do not you think? Previously, when there was no Internet, I received these letters in the mail from my friends who, for whatever reason, and left that city where I live. Now we are in correspondence with friends, I also mail, I do not know why but I like it. And in a letter that you can pass a lot, I write a lot easier than talking. When chat live when not conceited person has a sense of restraint and can not always tell what you think. A letter is made much easier, do not you think? As I said, I corresponded with friends, and still I keep them and sometimes re-read. It's so touching to me. Perhaps you think I'm too romantic, but I was and am.
after your story about myself, I gradually begin to know you more, drawing your image in my head, you're more like me start) at times I even catch myself thinking that I think of you, maybe it's funny to you, but this is true.
if you do not mind I will continue the story about yourself. I am the sign of Leo, by the way you believe in astrology? I believe in it, like reading horoscopes and you will not believe me, they converge, even if not always! I believe that it all comes from my description of astrology and the fact that I am very sensitive and romantic, I'm soft and balanced, and prefer a quiet family life every party. This is indeed the case, the first place I have is family. But I'm not looking at it I'm very strong and responsible person, my mother taught me to be responsible for their actions. That's why I try to cope with their problems on their own.
What do you think, people can change for love? I think so. In my opinion if you love a person, then go do everything for him, including the nature and you can change your view of the world. In school, I always wondered wives of the Decembrists, you know who this is? It wives whose husbands were sent to Siberia, and they left everything and went after them. So it seems to me that if you found a true love, it is possible to greatly change yourself.
As I wrote in my last letter to you, in the winter I go snowboarding, and in summer prefer to go camping with friends. There we had fun playing different games. I love to travel and have visited some cities in the country. Russia I really like! Its vast forests and fields in truth fascinating!
At this, my dear friend, I will finish my letter, and then you get tired of reading it and decide that I bore)))) Waiting for your reply with impatience!
Yours faithfully Svetlana