29/30 5TH 1986
JIKIA STR. 10 2100

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Was sent email wishing to be a friend
After around three she declared that she was madly in love me and wanted to come to stay with me in england and we could get married as i am 86!! i told her this would not be possible, but she insisted age was no problem! Then she asked me to send £355 so that the agency could get her a visa and passport. I was pestered every day to send this money by Western money. I kept telling her that she would not get a visa unless she could show that she had funds to maintain herself in the uk. She later came back that she had been to the British Embassy and she had to show that she had around £1200. and wanted me to send this amount plus £350 FOR THE AGENCY. I told that i could not send that amount, and then was getting snowed under with texts and emails to send this amount. I informed that i did not believe her and was not sending any money. She replied she did not need money! and said farewell!!. Is there anything that can be done to stop her activies?