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Hi, I'm glad to get your answer! Thanks for that. Each your letter
It gives me more confidence in the development of our relations. This is very
It pleases me. I want to write more often, but I have no such possibility. I
I hope you are not angry because of this and will continue to communicate with the
me!?!? We need to know each other better. In this letter I want
tell you about their city. You, too, tell me more about your
town! My town is called St. Petersburg. This is very
big city. Through my town flows
Neva River. My city is beautiful. Many parks, theaters and cafes. In the summer everything
blooms, lots of flowers and trees, it is very beautiful. I can much
talk about the city, but I want to talk about our relationship. My
the city is very beautiful and fine, but not here (very few) worthy
men. Most men do not respect women in general. Russian men
believe that a woman has no right to their own opinion, is not entitled to
It's nothing. They do not respect women in general. I would want that next to me was
a man who respected my feelings, my opinion. Whatever he asked
my advice. And do not insult me. That's why I went to the Internet
Agency for dating. That's why I wrote you. I think you
a man who needs me. I wrote to her friend Anna. Anna
She met her husband through the Internet. She went to Italy
got married. This is Anna advised me to go to this agency for the
dating. She now lives in Italy, and very happy. She to me
He said that foreign men are very different from the Russian. What do you
respect women?!?! I think that Ana law. I like it
chat with you. I feel that you are very nice and sociable
Man. I'm starting to feel a connection between us. I want you to know
better. I want to meet with you that would be familiar in the present.
I am 29 years, I think that it's time to start creating your own
family. I accumulate money for a long time, and now that's enough for me
to travel. I do not want to rush things. But that would meet
and know each other, requires a personal meeting! We must meet
and talk face to face. I can come to you for this! What are you
You think about that? I can come to you for a while and if we
I love, I can not stay. But if we do not want, then I will go back to
Russia! Or we go back to Russia with you. Do you agree? it
a very important step for me. Let's talk about this later. I think,
that the important thing in a relationship of trust and mutual understanding. The man is
head of the family - no doubt about it. But he has to consult with his
woman. I hope you understand what I write ??? Or a bad translation
Russian language ??? Write me! I already wrote to you that I
I live with my parents. My mother is a very good cook. It
He gave me this ability. I'm doing very tasty cooking.
I have talent. I have a dream. I want to tell you. But you may
do not tell anyone))) I have my own apartment. I wrote
you about it. I want to sell the apartment and open
own restaurant or small cafe! If our relations will develop actively,
what can I come to your country and we'll open own business. What do you think about this? This is my dream. Unless
dream will become real - I'll be happy. When I arrive I will be to you
cook food for you. You'll be very surprised. I'm a real cook.
Write me your thoughts. I'm going to wait your next letter.
Comment #128582
open a public toilet in russia thanks ,boris you bum