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Good afternoon !
A is very glad to receive your letter!
To me it is pleasant that you have shown to me interest and have wanted to communicate with me!
How there passes your day?
I on the work very much get tired! I should run much on a city, to carry different documents to different addresses.
I have a driver's licence but there is no personal car then there would be my work much faster =)
And you have a car?
You already got acquainted through the Internet?
I admit that this mine any more the first acquaintance.
When that I thought that have found the love. It was two years ago.
I have got acquainted with the charming person from Italy. It was very lovely with me and has invited me to itself.
I went to Italy. But mine the trip was very awful...
To me painfully to recollect it, it was very awful!
I will probably tell that with me was... Whether but only then when I will understand it is necessary to you to tell it.
I hope that you appear better than that Italian. After all the truth?
I do not have children, but I would like them to have.
How your parents? You often them see? At you it is a lot of relatives?
My parents lives in one city with me. But we live separately!
We often see, communicate. We arrange sometimes suppers with all family! We share impressions also that as have spent time.
But meanwhile I do not tell it that again I get acquainted on the Internet.
They yet cannot will go from last my acquaintance and against my trains abroad.
They are afraid for me, and I do not wish them to upset.
To my mum of 57 years, and the daddy 59. Both of them were military men and consequently have retired earlier.
Now they basically time spend houses, and leave to live on a summer residence in the summer.
They love the nature and to look after the earth.
At me very good parents, and I very much love them! But they as I spoke there were military men and very strictly I was brought up.
But it has very much helped me with a life! They have learnt to be more confident and always to go to the purpose! Have learnt me not when not to surrender and lose courage"
Still I have a younger brother. To it now 21 year. He has decided to go in the footsteps of my parents and now lives and studies in military school in the city of Saratov.
I am glad that I have a brother! I love it on the related.
I write you the letters from the work.
When that at me was the laptop of the house and there was an Internet, but then mum with the daddy has taken away the laptop and have given to my brother.
It happens after a case when I flied to Italy. Now my parents are afraid that I again will be gets acquainted on the Internet and consequently have taken away the laptop.
I hope that else I will see from you the letter and you will send to me more than your photos!
I will wait from you for the letter!
Your friend Yulia
Comment #129038
My name is Yulia,
I Was born on November, 14th, 1980. To me of 35 years. And when your birthday?
I live in Russia in city Zvenigovo.
I work in Legal firm! I the lawyer - the adviser.
I single, I not to have children.
What you interests? I love cinema, dances. Not to smoke, not to drink alcohol.
Whether you can tell the big family at you as you live. Whether it is a lot of at you work and where you work? I very many would like to learn about you!
My purpose of acquaintance consists in that to get acquainted with you more close I I search for real love, and I wish to feel the man near to itself! Also I ask you not to ask me to send you naked photos! I never
I will not make it! If you me it ask I will transfer you in Blacklist my mail!
I know, is much scammers on the Internet as women and men. If you tell to me,
That I deceive you, I will transfer you in Blacklist my mail!
I the serious girl also want serious relations. The majority of men on the Internet want simply
To play., I hope you not the such!
I wait your answer.
Comment #140312
Got both those letters... going to keep her on the hook and see what happens. Got a 3rd pic. Just don't know how to upload it.