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Dating scam:
Hello,my darling Joel!!

How are you ? My sweet I am glad you were given pills to do something
with your depression ... Probably I also need something ... Ii am also
worried all the time but I have reasons... This night was a terrible
night in Donetsk and Makeevka , not too far from me , they were
severely bombed , around 12 houses are destroyed , around 10 people
are killed ... Then a small girl was injured and her cheek was simply
blown off , she died at the hospital... This is a bad world , a crazy
world where innocent people are being killed...Ukraine say they were
not bombing but who did it ? Separatists will not bomb their cities ,
but they may lie too, I hate lies... Ii am scared... I can even say
that I am in panic as if Ukraine or republic starts moving the town
will be ruined ... Nothing is finishing and it seems like they will
never find an agreement , what is the sense of all these leaders'
meetings if nothing is changed? I know that I am never being safe ,
none single minute of my life ... I know that I may not wake up in the
morning ... I may be killed when I am simply waiting for the bus or
buy bread... I did not think that my life would ever turn in such a
hell... Ho much I want to close my eyes and find myself in your loving
arms now ... How much I wish ... Anyway , if you do not hear from me
you would know we have fights here too... I can only promise you that
I will try to be careful.

My honey we were talking about the passport for me but we have not
applied for it :( I want to be with you , I want to you ... You are
warming my soul and heart and you are giving me wings on my back. You
are making me to leave the ground and fly into the sky , you are
making my little loving heart to beat faster and it is beating for
you! When I am thinking about future, through the ages I see us
together , you know honey. I want to grow old with you! Do you imagine
me and you sitting in the arm chairs, covering our legs with the
blankets , watching nature from the porch of our cosy house and
talking about the youth saying"When we were young...":) It would be
funny, for sure!:)Honey, you might think I am crazy , but I am really
touched to tears seeing old couples in the streets who are holding
hands. This is fantastic., Once I have seen like an old man and a lady
was eating ice cream feeding each other from the spoon. I believe that
a real love never fades with years and even after the end of the Earth
lifes souls are meeting in heaven and are walking upon the clouds
holding hands...I want us to love each other forever!

Love you , Anya