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Hello ! At first that I wish to make - I wish to apologise that I did not answer you at once. Please, not be annoyed on me.
Unfortunately, I had no possibility to write to you more likely, whatsapp or viber I have no. Please, forgive to me for a delay. I hope that you are not offended.
I am very happy that you have answered my letter. Thanks that you have found time for the answer.
I do not know what to write to you in my first letter. But I think, will be correct, if I start to speak about me from the very beginning because I was first,
Who has written the first letter. I really do not know, how much my life is interesting to you, but I think,
if something is not interesting to you, you will tell to me about it. I wish to tell that I want only serious relations.
Possibly, I should begin my letter with the most important thing as I have not told to you about it in my first message to you.
Possibly, you will be very broken, when you learn that I live not in your country. But I very much hope that it does not frighten you,
Because I the same lady like many other things the lady living in the various countries. I the same person with heart and soul.
And if your interest is not limited by distance or borders, I will be really very happy. I have been born, and I live in city Volgograd.
Possibly, you wish to have the best idea about me. In the childhood I dreamt to be the ballerina or the figure skater. But at conscious age my interests have changed.
When I have appeared before a choice - where to graduate, I have understood that I wish to be the doctor. I always showed a great interest to scientific knowledge of this area.
On it then I already knew absolutely exact that I will be the doctor, and I do not regret for my choice. My formation consists of three steps. School - College - University.
I have started to get education at all-round school. After I have finished it, I have entered medical college.
I have finished it with excellent results and have entered Medical University. Now I work as the assistant to the surgeon.
Very interesting work though many my girlfriends disagree with me. I sincerely hope,
That my picture and my appearance will be pleasant for you. But if my appearance does not correspond to your tastes and interests, I will understand you, certainly.
I the optimist in heart and it - often help me with my life. I already adult woman, and I look at a life with a philosophical shade. But as though I did not try to inspire me,
That I absolutely happy woman, I cannot make it. I have the fine girlfriend, I have work and apartment. But there are things without which people cannot be happy.
And for me it - not material things, but spiritual. I have written you the first, and it means that I am ready to divide with you my thoughts.
I am very happy and grateful to you for this purpose that you have answered me because I have decided to take only one chance in dialogue through e-mail.
And if my letter to you would remain without your answer, I think that I would not use this way to the second time.
Anyway, I hope that you just as I, have interest in our dialogue, and I will wait your answer.
In the end of my letter I wish to ask you the most banal questions. I wish to ask you, you love what music, you prefer what cinema and have - whether a favourite film.
These questions are really interesting to me because I love the French cinema and the French music very much.
I with pleasure will tell to you about it in my following letter if you really wish to study more about me. You love your work?
You ever had experience in the correspondence to the friend from other country? And than it has ended. Probably you more qualified in this plan than I?
I thank you for your answers in advance. If you do not wish to answer these questions, please, do not answer. It simply my female curiosity.
I will be very grateful to you also if you divide with me your pictures. I thank you in advance. I regret once again that I did not answer your letter during long time.
Forgive to me, but I had no possibility to exploit the computer. I will explain to you later - why. With the best regards. With impatience I wait for your letter, Victoriya.