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Hi my dear XXX. I am very glad to see your letter!
Sorry that I can answer you only now, this week was crazy, and I had
no possibility to reach computer.
You know, I have got used to be open, shortly and precisely to express
my thoughts.
And the main thought - I do not represent anybody, except you, with
whom I wish to be all my life.
It not dull a desire, a dream to move abroad. Until I met you, I
didn't think about leaving Russia. I am ready to make it only because
of you! When we have exchanged few letters, I have understood, that
with you we will have a wonderful future together. I needed time to
understand what I feel to you. You know this feeling of deep
affection, and I can not even describe it. I feel, that we - a single
whole. I am very happy, that we have found each other! And now in the
world became on one less lonely woman and one less lonely man! Smile.

Let's return to more household questions …
So my dear, today I finished preparation of paper for a seminar.
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will send a request for passages
of seminar. The seminar will start in 3 days and will go within 2
weeks. But I will need to visit it only for 4 days.
As soon as I will finish with a seminar, I will make all for our
meeting. I will start to prepare documents, etc. then I could say more
precisely when I can come. For me is so not important, whether you can
take holiday or not. You do not need time to fascinate me. You already
have made it! The main thing - to be together!
Ok, I will finish letter, I need some rest. I will be glad to see your
answer soon!
Your Elena.

P.S. I wish to give you my address and a full name:
My full name is Elena Emyataeva, my address in Kazan is Kurchatova
st.2-23, postal code 420087. My short phone number 331090. But since
it does not have code, you cannot phone there from anywhere, except
But I'll call you myself, as soon as I can. Ok?
I have so much news and thoughts and even do not know
from what to begin...
Today I spoke with my chief about holiday and about work in your
country. She has told to me, that for work outside of Russia, I need
to have the international status of dentist. I can raise my
qualification to the international status at a special seminar. The
most soon seminar will be in a week in Nizhni Novgorod. I and my chief
have already started to prepare papers for this purpose. It is
necessary to collect responses, annual reports - it's labour-intensive
process. But without improvement of professional skill, I cannot work
as the dentist anywhere, except Russia. So this week I will be engaged
in preparation for a seminar. I can take holiday when I will finish
with a seminar, it will be in 2 weeks.

I would be happy to visit you when I will have holiday. We could live
together, get used to each other. I could look a life at you, myself
own eyes. When I will feel more "habitually", then we can think about
getting a job for me. Work reception in any case long-term process.
And as I already said, work is not main thing for which I'm ready to
leave Russia. I want that we could have happy joint future- this is my
main desire! For this I want change my life!
To be happy - I do not need anything special. Love, reciprocity and
understanding of man, with whom I would like to spend my life. You
have captured and fascinated me, and this feel hardly "will let me
off" ever! And all the changes that we will make in our lives - a way
to have real happiness!

thanks for your e-mail, this is my e-mail: [email protected]
I send you some my photos. Will write you more about myself later, I will
have dinner now. Elena.I went home, but have decided to come to my friend to write you.
Communicate with you - causes many positive emotions! I just could not
resist to write you a few words. Already late here, and I want to wish
you good night. I'll write you more tomorrow,
I am very pleased that we have such a wonderful communication. You are
very attracted me! And I increasingly feel that it is not just
As I already spoke, to hasten is not necessary, but to stop already
not possible. You know, some simple things make me think of you more.
I was cooking breakfast this morning , and put two plates on the table
Do not think! I live alone and at me was nobody. Has simply reflex
thought of you and has put two plates on a table. It was so funny!
At work, to me says that I am "suspicious smiling a lot." But it's
just the thought of you makes me smile more often!
Ok, I need to walk with Tana. Has absolutely forgotten about her, she
waits for a long time, that I have taken a walk with her. I need to
hasten, otherwise I am afraid, she can spoil to me a carpet. Smile.
Hopefully, soon you will once again make me smile, simple write to me!
Elena.Very sorry for not write you sooner, but I had some problems with my
e-mail. I apologise that have kept you waiting, but I could not get
access to my e-mail. I got access on e-mail only today. I will write
to you in 2-3 hours as soon as I will be free from work.