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Good day ,

How are you there? Thank you so much for the mail and for getting back to me,i must tell you that i have interest in you and i will like to know deeply about you, i want you to know that i am here for serious relationship that will lead to marriage and no love game, i will be happy to tell you more about my self...My name is Bingyang Zhou i am Nurse but am out of job presently,Am Chinese and have never been married before also living in Beijing

A friend of mine that got married from the site introduced me to doing this, have never tried it before and i don't know any thing about dating site. she tells me that am going to find some one that is really serious here to marry...I believe that anything i put my mind in i will surely get it, so someone need to be careful in the world and someone have to think twice before decide on anything.I just came to the conclusion that Life is to short.I want someone to Love and be Love by with no conditions It is not too easy to describe myself because I am not a woman that likes to boast. I am a good woman and become great wife someday. I expect the man i want to be loyal and honey, i don't want the man to play on me and likewise i will not play with him also,am very Good in speaking and writing English, i can meet the man that want me as his wife in any where in the world, all what i need from him is faithful and trust I have a good sense of humor I have always tried to be fair and understand. I am careful with my thought,for they become my word, my word for they become my action, my action for they become my habit, my habit for they become my character, my character for they become my destiny.. I truly believe that what we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly.I have never been married. I only wish to someday have a chance to prove that I am just and worthy. Just because the can and I am theirs.

I am looking for a serious long term relationship. If I find the right man for myself I would want to get married - and stay with him forever. I would not cheat on him or treat him badly. I would treat him like a prince and shower him with love - night and day. Life is too short for playing games. A truly happy relationship is one in which the man trusts the woman and the woman trusts the man and both respect each other. Also they must love each other passionately and without reservation.What I expect from the man I share my life with, is for him to be a man of honor faithful to me and Almighty God, dedicated, and for him to conduct himself in a way that is respectful to us and our relationship.. I want him to be my best friend,partner, lover, and husband. I want him to trust me to know that I will always provide well for him and meet all him needs. I want him to be open with me, and find comfort with me, and in the safety with my arms. I want him to be so close to me that he can sit in my lap, and whisper into my ear, him deepest sexual desires, and know that I will fill them.How will I treat my man? Well, I do not believe in any form of abuse, mentally or physically, against a man or child.
Each day I will wrap him in a blanket of love, and never will he question my love for him. I will always encourage the dreams of his heart. I will spoil him with romance. Never will I complain about him going,A man should feel like a man..I do enjoy a man who will do/wear the special things to entice me, but I also enjoy a man who knows that I find his sexy and sensual in just a pair of jeans and her favorite t-shirt. The man of my heart will go through life, never questioning my love for him. he will see it in all that I say and do.How do you live your life and want you expect from a woman. How many languages you speak …If you expect to meet me…in your country or in mine…Which is you family: parents, brother and sister, How important is your social life. Do you practice sport or nature activities….Many questions…Can you give me a description about rolls of men and women in your country, in your region where you live. A daily life description. Which time you get up in the morning, what you do in the day time which time you go to bed. Your free time activities. Which kind of climate it is where you live: cold, warm, the seasons. What you expect in a long time relationship......…I hope that it is not too many questions but it's the only way to know you slowly. I do think that you are more precious than Gold having meeting you and sharing the same interest and been shown. If you are sincere in what you are looking for and are a Truly Loving person you will never be over looked by me So what does the near future hold for You.... i truly would love to developed with you and i hope you write me back