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Hello! I am very glad that I wrote. In this letter I will have
my pictures. I hope I'm not terrible for you, and I will welcome
for you. :)

Now I want to talk about me. My name is Svetlana. My height is 167
See, my weight of 56 kg. In the picture you can see the best of me so
I am not going to describe more specifically the color of the hair,
eyes and so on. Of course I'll be happy if you me
send over your photo! I was born in 1986, November 5 in the city of
Novosibirsk, Russia. Now I am 29 years old. I hope it will not
be a big problem for you, I live in Russia. Novosibirsk is the
large and bustling city. distance to Moscow - 3300
km. In another letter that will tell you more about my city. I know
He graduated from the Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management.
I wanted to be an economist. But young professionals is very difficult
find a good job in the profession. I work as an accountant in
small company. I do financial calculations costs and income
company debit and credit. I am engaged in the distribution of
money in our company. this The company sells products for use
domestic. I worked there for 4 years! I love my work.
I think everyone People should love your work, then life
It will be more interesting and easier. Where he works? Want your

She was not married, I have no children. In my life I have had a relationship
with men. but these men were not serious, and tend to
use alcohol. You do not have bad habits? Used to rely on the
people. men understand this, and are trying to deceive me. by
So I decided to find me a man with a different mentality
another country. Seeking a mature man who will not play with me!

I do not smoke and do not drink. but sometimes with my friends at a party
birthdays and parties, who can drink a glass of wine. I like very much
culture and art! I often go to various exhibitions and museums.
I have nothing I'm talking about my family. but I'll write about
my family in the next letter. You can not write while in a
:) letter. I think you know what I mean. What you like
music? I like classical, pop, trance, electro, new age, sometimes I
listen to rock! Overall I am satisfied with my life. Now
you know a little about me. I want you to tell more about himself
same: their interests, hobbies, work that makes you happy than
He is looking for, as a girl you want to search? I'll wait for your
letter! Svetlana
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State/Region: Penzenskaya Oblast'
age: 29
country: russia
she wrotes in spanish too (very bad)

her letter: (i have a lot!) :(
I am pleased to receive your letter again! My status
mood became better. I was very worried, and I doubt it will
write to me again. In this letter, I will tell you more about me
myself, my family. I love sports. Which sport do you like more?
I love swimming, gymnastics and running. All this helps me have a
good shape sport, which is important for any woman. I believe
that people should follow their health is very important! My hobbies
- the aptitude! I've been 2 times a week. we usually go with friends,
We chatted and laughed a lot on fitness. Ando in his spare time
friends in a bowling alley, cafe. I love reading books. My gender
favorite - or adventure novels. I also watch different movies or
transfer on television. I am happy to receive your photos. Me
like your images. I do not care which are higher I'm looking
for mature man, it would be wise and judicious. I like the
men who are older than me and I can teach something in this short
lifetime. I want to connect the destination with the man of his age, like you.
I think you're happy man because you have children. Children living
flowers, they bring happiness and pleasure for parents.

When I have a good mood, I cook special dishes! my
mother taught me to cook, and now enjoy cooking. Even
I book 1000 recipes. I love experimenting with food.
you know how to cook? Sometimes it makes me sad and lonely. in
Right now, I think my life, my mistakes and victories .. Really
They want to see next to a man I was, that I will love, respect and
appreciate, care. I really want to find a man! I'm a woman
romantic, I want to give my love only one man! Do you want the same more
sense? We really hope to have sincere intentions and are
looking for true love, serious relationship? I know a large Internet
hype. and so I have afraid to open up to you once
completely. I still remember the tears of my friend Anna, when
I was cruelly deceived by a man of America. Perhaps
Next time I tell you this story. I hope you are
sincere, serious, honest man, I want to trust you! !!!!!!!

Now a little about my family. I have a mother, father and brother
higher. my mother and father live in a village near the town
Novosibmrsk. About 50 kilometers. My brother married. He has
a son. My 6 year old nephew, December. Next year, it will
go to school. My mother did not work, she a housewife. My father and
my brother mechanics. That's all you can write a little
about his family. I want you told me also about His
I think you already guessed what kind of character I have. I'm positive,
with humorous, loyal, honest. and gentle, and quickly I
forget the bad. I used to trust and see only the good. People I Me
like honesty and simplicity. I do not like lies, because
It is sin! I love pets, even I have a
dog and a cat. I want to write more about my pets in
my next letter.
I think you're tired of reading my letter as you will already have :)
noticed, I love to talk a lot, probably all women are
... Now I hope more is known about me! I want to ask you a couple
Question: you receive in women? What qualities in
people and what attracted repel? you are looking for on the Internet:
friendship, love or a game? I ask because I my intentions
They are serious. I am seeking a man with whom I share the rest of my life
joy and trouble! finish this letter! I'll wait for the
answer! Svetlana respect
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She is a liar