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Hi !

Many thanks to you for your mail to me :-))). I am very interested in
you and I am sure that you are interested in me as well. Therefore, I
would like to tell you about myself, about my hobbies, about my life
in general. It is so fascinating to have somebody so far who waits for
your letters and your words as impatiently as you do.

For you to get to know me better, I should say that my name is Olga,
but my friends call me Olya. You can call me either name you like. I'm
32 years old woman of medium height (167 cm.) with brown eyes and
athletic figure (54 kilos). And what are your measures?

I am divorced. I have a son. His name is Aleshka. I wanted to build
the same relationship, as my parents had, but it was a failure. I
think that my past relationships were unsuccessful, because I met the
wrong man. I will tell you about my marriage in detail later.

It is both pleasant and a bit difficult to speak about myself. It is
pleasant, because every person enjoys speaking about his or her
interests, likes or dislikes. But at the same time it is difficult,
because studying a person, especially yourself, is a great journey,
not a little walk.

As for my interests, I am fond of psychology in the sphere of dealing
with people and the question of how to form your thoughts in the most
favourable way. And what are your interests?

On weekdays I usually get up at nearly six o'clock. I do not like
getting up early, but I have to, because I have a lot of work to do
during the day. I prefer a cup of coffee and a sandwich in the
morning, and you?

I live in Pervomajsk. It is a small town in the Nikolajev region,
Ukraine. I graduated from the Pedagogical University. I am a Geography
teacher. My main hobby is my job. I like what I'm doing. I like
working with children. I like sharing my knowledge with them. And you
know my pupils appreciate it.

The teacher should be a model, a sample to follow, because children
are known to be big parrots, they like to imitate adults, especially
those in authority. I am a very good professional. And I am competent
in everything what I teach them. I think the job of a teacher is very
difficult and one of the noblest professions among others. Do you
agree with me? And what is your profession?

I want to achieve a successful career. I don't always have much time.
And when I do have it, I like to spend it with my friends. I’m fond of
sport games. I play them for health and pleasure. What kinds of sport
do you like?

I think it's enough to speak about myself. Tell me please more about
yourself and about your hobbies. What do you like to do? How do you
spend your free time and do you have a lot of friends?

I will be waiting for hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Olya and Alesha.