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Hi ! How are you?!

Thank you for your letter. Thank you for this chance to open my heart
to you and to try to win yours! In my first letter I didn't know where
to start. This time I want to tell you about everything. There are so
many things and thoughts I want to share with you. I want to tell you
about my life, my background, my hopes for the future of course. I
want to stay totally open and sincere in order to show you how serious
I am about our possible future.

Ok. Here I am. As you know I'm Ludmila or shot Mila. I am 30 years
old. These are the same names. I've never been married, no children.
I'm from Slavyansk. Probably you have heard about this town in
Slavyansk., Ukraine. This is a city that is in the east of Ukraine. If
you ask my friends to say one word about me, they will definitely
describe me as a "sensitive" girl. I take everything to heart. My
friends' joy and sorrow are always mine. I'm a very sympathetic
person. I'm able to encourage people and I'm always inspired myself.
At the moment you are my inspiration, our newborn relations inspire

When I was 17 years old, I graduated from culinary school. I work as a
cook in a small restaurant. As for my family, I was born in Moldova,
as my parents used to live there. My dad from Moldova , mother from
Ukraine, unfortunately my father died, when I was 16. My mother hasn't
recovered yet after she lost her beloved husband. My father was a real
provider for our family. He was a very gifted engineer. My father was
the wise head in a small engineering company, where my mother worked
as well. After my father died, the company broke down. My mother lost
her job as well. So, I had to become grown-up very quickly, especially
because I needed to take care of my younger brother. That's how I
decided to become a cook. This profession was relatively fast to
achieve and it has many stages. Firstly I worked as a waitress, then I
peeled and cut vegetables. Then I helped cooks, and only then I was
rewarded to become a cook myself.

For me to build successful and long-term relations means to build
TRUST between a man and a woman. Trust in family life means no less
than love. It is hard to believe that you can be happy with a person
that you only like physically. We are miles away from each other.
There are millions of questions in our heads about each other. You
definitely ask yourself "Is she honest with me?". I write this and ask
myself "Is he sincere in what he writes me?". Our communication is the
only one way how we can earn each other's trust.

If my life position correlates with yours, please write me back. I
really like you. I want more, I want more between us.

Your sensitive girl, Ludmila(Mila)