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Hello, !!!!!!

I am extremely happy to hear back from you!!! Thank you for your
answer, darling. I am really excited to see that you are interested in
me too:) Your photo is very nice, I like it thank you! Thank you for
telling me something about yourself! You live in Italy, how is the
weather there today??? Tell me more about it I have never been there
but hope to see it some day... It is good that you do not have bad
habits either! Darling, I live in the war zone and Skype was cut here
by the Russian separatists together with the mobile connection and
thanks God they still left a weak Internet connection so I can write
you this letter!!

My full name is Natalya , but I like you to call me Natasha:)) It is
the way my family and friends call me:)) Can I also know your full
name and your nick name? My Birth date is the 27th of April, 1988, so
I as you can see I am a mature woman:)

It is hard to believe that it is possible in the Twenty First century
but we have a cruel war here in the east of Ukraine in the region
called Donbass where I live, I am sure you have heard about it. I am
sure you have heard of Luhansk and Donetsk, I live in Luhansk Region,
Rovenki town. There was a lot of bombing here:( It was a horrible time
when there was a war. Now we have a cease fire but the war can start
any moment again and everybody is still very scared here:( But I
believe in a better future and I am sure the war will be over pretty
soon!!! But may be I will marry you and relocate to your place to stay
with you forever:))) Who knows???

As for my family I live with my mom named Valentina. My dad died 10
years ago. He was a miner and he died in the mine when there was a
horrible accident there:((( He died together with other 72 men that
day:(( It was a very bad disaster for our family and our town and I
still remember that day. I truly hope that it was the most horrible
day in my life.

I also have an older sister, she is married and have a 2 years old son
Artem!!! I send you a photo with my newborn nephew and also with my
sister Galina:)))) I adore kids and my nephew became a very big part
of my life! I spend a lot of time with him, and I often stay with him
on the weekends and also sometimes after work.

I have a higher education. I work as the accountant at the local post
office. Our postal service works only inside the territory which is
occupied by Russia now. It works only between Luhansk and Donetsk. We
do not have any postal connection with Ukraine or Russia. You have to
understand that I live on the territory which is completely blocked by
the soldiers on tanks. We have a border with the Ukrainian territory
and it is necessary to have a special permission document to be able
to leave this territory and enter the territory of Ukraine. So
everything is very complicated now here but people still try to
survive and everybody hopes for the best. The Russian separatist also
have cut the mobile connection and the Skype connection on this
territory:(( Thanks God they at least left a weak Internet connection
and I have an opportunity to write you this letter:) Internet is
extremely weak here.

My favorite color is blue, favorite food is a Ukrainian borsch, have
you heard of such a dish:)) It is a delicious tomato soup with meat
and vegetables! I like cooking very much, I like gardening, drawing
and swimming! And what about you?:) I do not have bad habits, I do not
smoke, I drink very seldom, only socially. I send you the photo with a
cake that I have cooked myself. You may not believe it but I really
cooked that cake with my own hands!:) I can cook the same for you if
you want:)

I must tell something to you. The matter is that I don't know English
at all... I can hardly remember a few phrases from the school program.
You wonder, how do I write these letters? :) I use the services of
translating agency and it's the only way for me to contact with you. I
was such a silly girl to loose the chance to learn English earlier...
but now, you gave me a reason to do that. I promise to find the
language courses here, so that when I finish them, we could speak
directly to each other without involving the third person in our
relations. It's a nice place, people are very kind and because of our
special mental connection I'm sure that I made it right to use their

I will be finishing my letter for today and I truly hope that I have
not disappointed you with anything! But if I did may be you will give
me a second chance????:)) I will be waiting for your answer!!! The
ball is on your side now!!!! Kiss you!!! Natasha from Donbass.
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photos of the aussie model again ,stolen of course
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beth williams the model