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My dear hello!!

Thank you so very much for your message!!! You can't even imagine how
much I appreciate your attention to my humble person:)!!! Your photo
is very nice thank you for it!! Will you send me more in your next
letters??? I like sporty without bad habits men like you are! Darling,
here in the war zone where I live Skype doesn't work. The Russian
separatists cut Skype and the mobile connection in order to people
could not pass any informations out of this territory. There is no
Skype and Internet here is extremely weak also so thanks God that I
can at least write you letters. To arrange a Skype meeting with you I
will need to go to the territory of Ukraine, it is a long trip and I
will see when and how I can arrange it.

So my name is Lena, I was born on the 15th of January 1988 , I am 28
years old now. I hope it is ok for you??? Because for some people age
means a lot but not for me. If I will meet a good man I will not look
at his age. Hope you think the same way about it. I live in Selidove
town Donetsk region, it is in the east part of Ukraine. I live in the
zone of a cruel war I am sure you have heard about it on TV:(( I was
unlucky to be in the epicenter of this war, it was a real hell here
with bombing and a lot of fire but I have survived in this war and I
am going to be happy! I work as a sales assistant in a grocery Shop. I
have two higher educations, I am a manager and I am an accountant. I
had a good job of an accountant in the past before the war had started
in spring 2014, but when the war had started I lost my job like most
people here and the only job I could find here was a sales woman.

As for my family I have my mom Vera, an older sister Zhenya and her
husband Maksik:)) But the most precious member of my family is surely
my 7 years old daughter Nika! I am sure I told you about her and sent
photos:) She is a wonderful girl and she needs the most wonderful
father in this world!!! Is it you, honey?:) My dad died 10 years ago
and I miss him a lot. When we lost our him due to cancer it was a big
tragedy for all of us especially for my mom:( But my mom is a very
optimistic and cheerful person and it helped her to survive, her eyes
are always shining from happiness and you can always feel her endless
love to life!! You can even see it on the photo of her:))) I like
spend time with her! Also you can see on the photo my older sister and
her husband Maksik,I adore them!!!I divorced the father of my daughter
three years ago because he drunk too much vodka:(( But I do not regret
it at all. I am ready for new relations!

Oh, almost forgot I adore dogs also!! I have a dog Bobik, I sent you
the photo of him already. I spend a lot of time with him and also try
to train them a little. I send you also the photo from the Halloween
celebration, hope you like our fancy dresses?:)))) I also send you the
photo of mine cleaning the house:)I like to keep my house always clean
and tidy!

You know, I was hurt badly here by the local man and it seemed to me
that I will never trust a man again:(( But the time has passed and I
realized that I want to love and be loved again!!! My friend advised
me to look for a husband in Internet and I think it is a very good
idea. I heard a lot of stories how people met here in Internet each
other and then got married. So you see here I am now writing you a
letter, isn't it great?:)) And I am full of good expectations!! Dear,
I don't want to hide from you anything and I will tell you from the
beginning that I don't speak English and use the translational agency
to communicate with you. I know it is a shame nowadays not to speak
English which is an international language but I promise to improve
the situation!!! I am going to learn English and just hope that you
will be a little bit patient with me, ok?:))

So I hope you are not bored with my letter??? If not I promise to tell
you more about myself in the next one:))) Please answer me soon!! I am
waiting for your reply. Kisses!! Lena.
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Loool skype does not? she live in a war zone? loool poor scammer... haha i almost feel sorry for this scammer to be such dumb.
Comment #139984
Hello, my dear XXXXXXX!!!!

I am extremely happy to get another message from you!!! Thank you,
thank you, thank you for it, darling!!! I ask you to tell me more
about your daily life in your next letter, ok?? I want to get to know
you better! Yes we should start talking to each other for the rest of
our lives... I am touched with the story of the first date of your

Hope you like my photos, I send you photos with my daughter Nika and
also where my mom and Nika are making something nice together:)!!
Actually my mom and daughter are very close!!! And they seem to be the
happiest grandmother and granddaughter in the world! Me and my Nika
plan to play this evening like a doctor and a patient:) She will be a
doctor and I will be a patient, then Nika will become a patient with a
sick feet, or hand, or cheek:))) We like this game very much and you
know Nika dreams to become a doctor!!! And I truly hope I will be able
to realize her dream when the time will come to enter the university.
I believe that a doctor of medicine is a very noble profession and I
will be a very proud mother if my daughter will become a doctor!

As for my ex husband, I was married him for four years, but he drunk
that much vodka that I had to divorce him. I do not regret him at all
and I am ready for a new marriage!

How was your day, XXXXXXX??? As for me I worked today and there were so
many people at the shop that I am very tired now:(( It seems that all
the people got hungry at the same time and made a decision to buy
something at the shop I work at!:))) But it is a pleasure to feed so
many people!!!

Haven't I told you that my greatest passion is cooking? I even thought
to work at the cafe as a cook because the salary is a little bit
higher there than at the shop but they didn't employ me as I have not
a special education:(( I believe it is not fair:(( I cook very nice
dishes my friends come to me on weekends because they know that I will
treat them with something delicious:)) I am always happy to see my
friends at my home!! Unfortunately a lot of them has left our village
escaping the war:(

So another passion of mine are room flowers. I adore them!!! I have a
lot of flowers at home and they need time to be cared of. I do it with
a great pleasure!!!! Do you like nice flowers??? I hope you do as when
I get married I plan to convert our family nest in a little fairy tail
garden:))) Hope you will not mind?? But if you don't like this idea I
can keep all the flowers outside:)

So you know more now about my hobbies. I am as usually afraid not to
bore you with my letter:))) I also like reading a lot. I like nature,
I like animals, I like to enjoy fresh wind in my hair, I like to watch
how the sun is setting, I like to see how my mom and daughter smile, I
like to play with my dog... I just like to enjoy simple things and be
happy every minute of my life!! I don't want a lot in this life, I
just want the people I love to be healthy and happy and then I will be
happy too:)) I am sorry for my lyric thoughts, I will be finishing
now. Hope to hear from you soon!!! Kisses for you... Lena.
Comment #139985
Hello, my dear!!! Hello!!!

Such a bright sunny day today and my mood got even better now because

I write you this letter!:)) How are you doing??? Hope ok! My name is

Lena, I am a nice girl from Ukraine who is looking for serious

relations and wants to get to know you better!!!:) Hope you do not

mind?:) I have a nice sense of humor and I like to look at this life

with a humor always! And what about you???? Please tell me more about

yourself, ok?? I am really interested and may be we can be a match,

what do you think?? I am not afraid of distance! I believe that

although we are on different continents, we remain in the same world,

and the distance between us is on one click of a computer mouse! Are

you agree?

I am an all-sufficient woman, I have a family, a wonderful and the

most precious daughter, dear mother, good friends, but I understand

that it takes two persons to tango! I do not have a good reliable man

in my life and it makes my heart feel so lonely during long cold

nights... I believe that love without sex is like a sailboat without

wind, what do you think? I expect to hear your thoughts about it! I

send you several photos of me and my dear daughter Nika, hope you like

them! I have a nice dog Bobik:)) He is the best friend of me and all

of my family! My daughter likes to play with him a lot:) And he also

protect our house!!! He is the member of our family I think!

So I will be waiting for a news from you! Hope your answer will be

positive and with several nice photos!!! I promise to wait

patiently!!! Write me at this e-mail address

Kiss you!!! Lena from Ukraine with kisses...