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Hello ;))))

My name is Elena. I'm 32. I live a healthy way of life, do
sports;))) Sport - this is my hobby! SO, You like me already?;;))))

Just joking;) Naturally i am very shy woman, but it is nice that we
can be more open in writing here;)

And what kind of sport do you like? I love cooking and spending time
with loved ones. I am 32 years, but I do not put a goal to get married
asap. I'm divorced, so I understand that the ring on the finger
is just a formality. Most importantly, mutual understanding, trust and
sincerity. Oh, maybe i am too talkative and boring now)) I have not
got brothers and sisters. I'm from Ukraine, Kharkiv you know that))

I would like to chat in what up, but my phone was broken some times ago,
so now i have an old push button one.

Tell me about yourself. What are you doing?
And do not forget to send recent photos))
I will wait for your answer!
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Hello !!!

My English is not perfect too, so do not worry about it. We will understand each other well, i am sure in it.

How is your working day going? My day is rather nice, nothing special yet and i have some free time now, so i am able to write you and maybe i will tell you some about my job... I work administrator in cafe. I'm helping the waiters! I accept orders by phone. Watch for those that have always been available products and goods. Regularly I communicate with the visitors, their opinion about our cafe. So I always have to look like a good and neat)) Whether it is good or bad reviews, we take them into account and correct (if something is wrong) or improve (if something good) Our director always tries to listen to the opinion of the visitor and to correct their comments on the work of the cafe! We have such a rule, the visitor is always right! like drivers, a pedestrian is always right)) I believe that this is the correct position of the restaurant management. What do you think?

Tell me more about your work, how you spend your day usually... My work takes me a lot of time and effort! Each work hard on their own way, so I never complain)) But there is a good side of my work, cause i can eat for free there-)))))) So you can see how it is difficult for me to keep my body in good shape, working here, but i do my best, as you know-))

Unfortunately i can not use Skype and viber now, because my good phone was broken. Now i have an old push button one. I hope soon i will be able to buy new one and i can use this programs again!

Well, i think i am too boring already with my chatting-)) maybe i will finish at this moment, and.. and i wish you a perfect sunny day, positive emotions and i will wait for the soonest reply from you...
bye bye
Comment #138239
I met her in Tagged in August 2016, and we have probably been in touch by mail until May of this year (2017). She always showed herself to be an honest person and even got angry when I pointed out that she might be a scammer, since her email address indicated it. She told me that she worked as an administrator for the owner of a CoffeeLife franchise in Kharkiv, she also gave me her address, since I sent her a gift that did not go home. Subsequently, he asked me for money for oral treatment because he didn't have enough money for it, since her salary wasn't enough for this oral intervention. I sent money through the Money Gram system but something came out and told me that she was blocked by the system. I canceled the transaction after this episode. After several contacts by email and to tell me that me I am the man of his life, the contact was abruptly lost. End of story.
Comment #154475
I online dated Elena from January of 2017-August 2017, i flew to Kharkiv to visit and get to know her as she promised to show me her city. All of her emails indicated she was very sweet and interested in me, but when i met her, the first thing i noticed that all of those pictures are not her! She said she was afraid to show her real pictures because somebody would steal them. She was also not nice or respectful to me during our 2 visits of several hours, going to eat. She then asked me for money to pay her loan that was called by the bank for remodeling her parents house, where she lived. (she did not want me to see said house!) This loan was for $4000. I found out later that she was in touch with several other guys while i was visiting her! Somehow I doubt she even works at the coffee shop, as i visited 12 coffee shops by the name of the shop she gave me where she worked and nobody new here name at all. I have a real photo of her as i was leaving, and she is not the person in the profile photos you see.