Scammer Ekaterina Alexandrovna Berdnikova Katya

Ekaterina Alexandrovna
35 / 12 April 1981
Kostroma / Russia
Kostroma 156021 ,Soviet Street, 1/9 , Suite 36

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Comment #127925
This Russian woman proof a typical scamms!!!...I trust her, her love-words...I believe in this promisses to come in my country to start a real friendship, maybe more!!. but, after I ..sent some money..1500 euros..she invented some strange reasons and..complete dissapear!!.I am convinced that, EVERYTIME, I HAVE TALK IN OUR EMAILS WITH UN SCAMMER-MAN,(not a WOMAN) VERY PROFESSIONAL...I say this, becouse during our phone-calls (only a few)..the woman was English speaking VERY POOR!!..despite her emails/letters, which proof a very good English level!!..So, the HEAD of this Scamming activity, is a MAN, the girls are used only fake-adress..fake Passportrs, etcetera!! I have read this procedure ( AFTER finish my...story) on different Scammers-dating sites!!..
So, this was a BAD lesson for me...and I guess. I am not THE ONLY ONE ....
So, keep-away of her...of other samy-type love-affairs!
Comment #127926
If ANY other man was victim of this...""woman"", please contact me here..thank you!!..Dan