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Hello My Dear !

Nice to meet you more closer!)

I want to thank you for such warm and kind letter. I am really happy to receive your answer and photo. Very interesting and charming look! I like you!:))) But the most important for me that you also have serious desire tio find your soulmate here. Maybe we looked for each other?:)) I feel that you are good and sincere man and it will be a pleasure to know you better! :)

So, I want to tell you more about me.:)

My native country is Ukraine. I live in the small mining town Shahtersk (this is Eastern Ukraine). More than two years my town is occupied by separatists and it’s still in occupation. I am 32 years old, but I’m still young beautiful girl.:)) I'm a Christian and I believe in God. But I respect all nationalities and religions!! I come from a respectable family with a very modest income. I am working with little children. I am a teacher of the art. You know, I have a small salary, but it’s not important thing for me!! Because, it is a big pleasure for me teach them to draw what they are feeling, their emotions and beauty of this world. In this way I am helping them to forget about the war. Also I'm trying to teach them how to be a kind, honest and strong persons. In this way I am helping them to forget about the war. My little pupils are very talented!) I love them with all my heart. Children's laughter and smiles treat all diseases of the human heart, I think. Do agree with me or maybe no? Something tells me that you love kids too. Would you like to have your own baby?

What about my hobbies and interests. I have a lot of interests.)) I’m in love with music, especially jazz, art, sports, ballet. I love reading books. I like to take beautiful pictures of my family, nature and so on. I am a single girl without kids. I have never been married. But I have a huge desire to create my own family with my man. I hope now I am writing this letter to My Man.) I really want to know more about you, your family and friends? What is your favorite color? Favorite song? What things can make you happy? Can ask you send to me more of your photos?))))

I want to ask you. Do you like travelling? What countries have you already visited? And what country has stolen your heart? As for me, I have never been in other country. And that is sad.(( Day by day, the political situation scares me more and more. And I am really worried about it, because the war and the need have come to my country, to my town. That's why I have no possibility to visit my lovely cities, countries. To tell you the truth I dreamed all my life to visit London :) I hope that one day my dream will come true :)

You know, I have a good helper for letter writing.)) That is my own personal computer (notebook). He is 9 years old, but he is still working!) This is my parent’s gift on my birthday, when I have started work in the school. My computer is already an old boy, but I can say truly that he is a good helper for me!:) Unfortunately my model doesn’t have a camera and that is a little bit sad... All over the World progress keep moving on so fast! Unfortunately for me, my phone is old - he is with buttons and black screen, and doesn't support any applications.((( As I said unfortunately for me, but later when I will know you better I will give you my number and we will have opportunity to meet in Skype. My colleague can let me to use her laptop (he is with camera), but I hope that we will start with letters. This is the most comfortable way for me at this moment.
Also I want to tell you that my English is not perfect but I hope that you understand all what I wrote in my letter :)

Dear ! I hope to have a letter from you before long. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to hearing from you, so please write as soon as you can!!:)) I would be delighted to know more about you. Please, feel free if you have any further questions about me. Bye...

Yours sincerely,
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