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Hello, dear .
I like you and want to tell little about myself..
My life is good and I feel happy,,, not so experienced
in site dating,, but I'm trying. I'm going to take singing lessons because it is one thing that I cannot do well so I want to be able to sing decently, not professionally. I'm also going to take Tango lessons.
I'm thin lady, I'have a good features, Now my weight is 55 kg. and my height is 168 sm.
I wish I could have a partner whith who I can talk, care and protect, that`s part of my personality.
I`m single, tired of just worling, I want someone to share my success and y time while I have my free time. Please pay attention i speak good English and French I speak English and French as I’m fun of languages I was a good student at school, Also it will be interesting for me to learn Spanish and i learn some words and expression and i hope to make a progress in further studies.
I 'm fond of culture and arts. I like to travel, sometimes i travel in the neighborhood places close to my house.
Of course It will be interesting for me to travel abroad, to look at new countries but the main goal is meet a decent man here, we will enjoy the beauty of the sea, liquid splashes of water, romantic stories, heroes with its joy and happiness.
I work here in my village , I'm museum worker, I work in small regional museum I do some job about documents here too you know a work of museum is not only making excursions and tewlling historical events I do many methodical work, as i finished Institute or Culture and Arts before. It's my loving job, I like taking with people, I like working with paintings and magazines,
You know, I like romantic stories and novels, because I'm very sensitive and tender woman.
It's a pity our politicians doesn't pay much attention to museum. The salary is small and the general stuff of our museum is old. I would like that it changes soon.
While reading touching stories I'm searching for a man of my dream. I suppose he will be the part of me and we share with him all my successes and troubles, we visit different countries and cities and we'll enjoy the life in all bright colors. How beautiful life I imagine for me and for a man of my dream. Am I right?
What do you think about my profession?
I think you are interesting the place where i live now .I live in a small village in the Western part of my country. The place is small and old but i have decided to move if its necessary because I can't find a man here. most of the man i meet are greedy, rude, not having family vales like me. I'll be a good wife for my husband. I can give many things to man, I have good skills of cooking. I like Decorating its one of my favorite hobbies. What I
also like is making presents and surprise my friends, I like knitting, sewing. I like hand-made presents so my dream will be proud for me. I like holidays, my favorite is Christmas. You know, I feel the spirit of holiday once I see the first snow on the ground.
I'd like to add some lines of my ideal man- strong, kind man very attentive and polite.
Of course I prefer tender man and I can give my tenderness to him also.
I like nature, long walks, museums, exhibitions, etc.
I gave you many info about me, I would like to know your opinion about my style of life, what you like what you do not like?
I would like to know about your style of life, your profession, family?
Please write me about that I will wait this info with pleasure.
Please attach 1 or 2 pics of you please if u do not mind.
I'm looking forward for your reply.
Have a nice day .
Comment #129433
I promise you that, if you think I'm your love of your life, I'll be always tender with you, sincere, careful, lover, listener and comprehensive. I have my faults and my sins but none of them are chasing me, they're just story of my past.
I wish I can see your smile right now, with the words from your last letter I almost can feel the warmth from your body and your hand on my hand. Today I woke up sick with a cold, but this last letter that you sent me was enough to forget everything and come out from bed and work for you.
I send you a hug and a kiss, feel the warmth of my body my love, I'm real I'm not a dream and yes that dream is in loved of you!
Today I want you in my home now hug you and cuddle with you all night long. My heart beats faster every time I imagine your voice, your beautiful face and your charming smile. I stare your letterss time after time, I feel this love like being in the 19century and wait a whole month to see your letter.
I wish to tear slowly my veins,
My blood whole pour it at your feet,
So I can show you that love you more I can't,
And then fall death after that.
Nevertheless your eyes,
The blue of ocean and sea,
Live closed for me without see,
That I'm lost in my loneliness.
Shadows around stroking my hands, shadows around the tremor in my voice was able to be happy and I'm living dying and tearfully living the most horrendous passage of this drama without end. Shadows nothing between your life and my life, shadows around between your love and my love.
How short was your presence in my boredom,what warm were your hands, your voice, like firefly got your light, and dissipated the shadows of my corner and I was trembling like a troll without the blue sea of your eyes that have been closed to me without seeing that I'm here lost in my solitude.
Shadows around stroking my hands, shadows around the tremor in my voice. I could be happy and I'm dying alive and living in tears the most horrendous passage of this drama without end. Shadows nothing between your life and my life, shadows around between your love and my love.I am ready to do whatever it takes for us to be together. so tell me beautiful: how can we be together? what should I do, that we can see - and be together? I will do everything and I will go through hell and fire and water .. and return again and again .. if I know. it gets me closer to you beautiful .. and I mean every word! .. I may soon take some time off from work .. and then we can meet, . ... I want to know more about you and your life and how you grew up? and what shaped you as a person?
Unfortunatelly i can't pay for my trip
its very expensive for my family and I have no enough money to start to prepare papers like passport visa tickets and insurance
will you help me. Ihope you will connect with a travel agency and help
me a little bit ? Here is e -mail iof the travel agency in my village. you can send them your letter about trip info

I'm dreaming of you and wish to be with you soon