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Hi,it is is really nice to hear from you again ...

How is your day ? Your story is interesting . And I think you make an
impression of a man who knows what he wants. I like your photo and I
think that you are a very attractive and stylish man~ I understand why
you are not interested in an Italian woman. I have always dreamt to
see Italy! Did you see the movie "Tourist" with Anjelina Jolie ? I
dream about seeing Venice ... I dream about other cities , like Rome ,
Milano , Toscana region ... I would like to try the REAL Italian
cuisine as I already adore what I tried in the Italian restaurants
here in Ukraine.

I am simple, I turn 29 on the 17th of October , my parents used to
move a lot around the USSR but decided to settle down in a small town
Lozovskoy where my dad who used to serve the military was suggested a
job at the office jail. Fortunately my dad is not in the age to fight
anymore , so he was not taken to the army , may be you do not know but
there is war in the Eastern Ukraine , many things are hard but I do
not want to start complaining . Mom works at the local school, younger
sister is a nanny at the local kindergarten I work as a hair dresser ,
in spite of the war , people still have their hair growing :)

My life has been different to what it is now , still I want the start
of our relationship to be sunny :) So I send you sunny pics of my
previous life .. I used to be a restaurant administrator then... My
education is management. I studied English at the University but I do
not remember it that well, so it is not perfect. The saddest thing of
my biography is that we had to sell many things during the hard times
and my laptop and smart phone were among them. I have to write you
from the Internet cafe.

I will be waiting for your reply and pics.Anya
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Hello, my dear, Darek! It is great to get your mail
again !!!

I feel that it is cool to get a message from a man who still
I do not know it well. Probably the stories of people in dating
past were more romantic bit is in our hands to
continuation of the history of best-seller :) thanks for the compliments,
they are indeed exquisite, and I see that you are indeed
familiar with Tolstoy and Lenin, I am so happy your area
the type of man who would not hurt me! We strongly feel that
I know what I want in life .. I know This psychological question of how
you see yourself in 5 or 10 years, but I believe that we can not
see the future, so being here in 2016. Now I can only
suppose that when I open my eyes on a rainy or
sunny morning in 5 or 10 years from now I realize that I am
happy man. That's what is important. Indeed, depending on
many factors. I just need a special person, and no, I'm not one,
if those ladies who are looking for Superman, Prince Charming or Brad
Pitt (though "The Legends of the fall" is my favorite movie :)))

I can even say that I am calm happy now, enjoy
the day in spite of anything I can cook (just product selection
is limited, unfortunately :(, knit and embroider, I can read
From the book ... Of course I would like to spend a holiday or on fish and
going to the sea sounds like a dream, how much I love the sea .. maybe after
just stand on the shore breathe the fresh air ... I was in
sea ​​so long ago, before the war .. What a strange life, when one
word is able to make "before" and "after" ...

In any case, it may be my "after" will be happier as just
I met you :) This is my father in the picture with me.

Type them before, okay? Greetings Ania

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I am in chat with her , try what he want?...but all ukraine and rusia are scram ???????????????????
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