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Hi. It's me, Karina. Excuse me, that is not so quick to respond to your letter.
I write you a letter now from my personal email and i ask you to answer the following your letter to this email, ok?!?!?!
WOW... for me it was a pleasant surprise to see your letter in my inbox.
To be honest, i didn't expect to get a reply from you. Not many people respond to strangers, but you answered my letter and i'm glad of that. Thank you!!!
So, you'd like to see my photo? Ok, i now save my photos and then send you with this letter, okay?
As for skype. Yes, of course, it would be great once i see you online, but i think right now we shouldn't rush this, because we don't know each other.
If you don't mind, i would like to first learn about you through correspondence and then i'll see you online in skype. I hope you don't mind?
Okay, now i will write you about myself.
My name is Karina Kolomiiets. I live in the city of Lublin, in Poland. The sign of the zodiac i the aquarius. I was born january 31, 1983.
As for my figure... I have a slim figure. I work hard on my appearance. I run in the mornings, in the evenings to do aerobics.
I try to be slim to look beautiful. I'm not tall, my height is 172 cm and my weight about 57 kg.
What about my family... at the moment my family is just me.
I was the only child of my parents. But my parents have already died, so i now live alone in their apartment that they had left me an inheritance.
I am a business woman and have my own small business in the sphere of trade. I deal with buying and selling goods furs.
Right now i'm not going to write a lot of my business, but if you would be interested, i'll write you about it next time, okay?
I know that not many men wanted to have acquainted with a divorced woman, but how do you relate to this?
Can you tell me the truth. I understand you, if now learning that i'm divorced, you don't want to have fellowship with me.
So, now about you. Please tell me about yourself. What do you do, where you live, about your hobbies, about your family...?
And your search... what kind of woman would you like to meet? I mean your search options.
Interesting... today you will see me in the photo, tell me honestly, am i like you? Do not hesitate to tell the truth.
I'm not going to get mad at you if you say that i don't like you.
I'll be glad if you answer my questions and of course i will hope you will write me again and send me your pics..
Well, i will stop now. But i do not want say goodbye to you. I hope that you will write me again. With regards Karina
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she is nor serious she is lying she is asking for mony so should be carefull .