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Hello my new friend . My name is Tatyana to me of 34 years, I
to live in Russia the cities of Voronezh. I am very glad will get
acquainted with you, I am glad that you have written me a prompt
reply. I also was are surprised to accept e-mail mail and to write to
you to the first. I think that you want will get acquainted with me
more close. For you my e-mail to you, probably, was absolutely
unexpected. And I of a straight line surprised which maintained
Internet-cafe to reach acquainted with the person. sorry no
skype watsap.I am very happy to see your letter and all ideas have
been mixed, in general I do not do know from what and to begin. As you
know my name is Tatyana my height does 167 My weight see does 52 Kg.
On a horoscope aquarius my birthday I was born on january, 28th in
1982 and to have in the city of Voronezh. It approximately in 500
kilometres from Moscow. A lot of cultural and educational
institutions, the enterprises various Industries. You ever were in
Russia? If yes, where it is exact? Tell to me, make to you, travel The
pleasant? Now it is a little about you? Tell to me about you directly?
Where you studied, and you have that work? To pleasantly you? I not to
time was not outside of Russia, I travelled only across Russia in
different cities was. I wish to learn you better and to be closer. I
do not play game and want serious relations. I have got tired of
Russian men, and I want to find the love abroad and to live out of
Russia. I write from the cafe internet, the manager has helped me with
a hall to study some computer. And here I have decided to write you
the letter, I think that you will be glad to read it. I not time was
not tried by relations through the Internet, it is my first time. I
would like to answer at once to you why I have decided to try to find
love in the Internet. I have decided to find love because I am already
tired from Russian men. They are not capable to solve with girls, they
is very strong rough and can offend the girl, can offend or strike
blow. The Russian men always think out different stories, to deceive
and drink much and a smoke alcohol. Such person not necessarily me.
Healthy as the kind and fair person is necessary to me. I speak to you
only the sights, and I think, what you heard about such stories? I
think, what you not such person and with you it is possible to cost
friendship? Further the destiny will show to us that will be further.
I would be glad that the destiny has reduced us, and we were with you
together and the happiest people on it this world. I will a little
tell about myself. I the children's doctor the pediatrist, work in
children's multiclinic am more than three years. It are pleasant to me
my work very much, the truth, a wages is not big, but sometimes it is
at a leisure probable to earn besides. I do to separate massage of
people in the house. Basically too the small child children of a
breast. Now many children are transferred the various arrangements and
my work are required. However I study children of a breast from first
days of a life to float in a bath. I already am them for a chin and in
a month of such employment they it is independent perfectly to hold
water. It is separately paid also, therefore it is enough for a life.
I love children very much and the deposit trades also. I would like,
to know more about your family!? Mine parents have been lost, when I
was very small, our house in which we living, has burnt down
completely completely. Only the miracle has rescued to me, life, I
then have made only 3 years. I do not do, remember parents. And I am
an orphan. My grandmother brought up me. But also and and it has died
when I was 19 years. And now I live one long time. From time at the
right time which I bitterly shout because I did not have any happy
childhood together with parents. Me I have refused to me directly,
have not checked up do not love to the father and, mothers. And it is
very difficult as me think of it now. But it is a life! I wish to tell
that I very much The serious person, it for me all it is serious and
under the truth. I the adult girl and in any games I not to play. I
wish to find a gift the person, does not depend on age and from
position in a society. For me it not important poor or richer that he
loved the most expensive both respected me, and all the others is
probable to reach together, would be health and love. About the big
impatience I with impatience wait reception of news from you. I hope
you, you will not be a holiday without questions on the attention,
interesting me. I hope shortly to the letter sees. Sincerely Tatyana.
Comment #129390
Hello my new friend ! I welcome you the my dear friend! I am
glad, again will receive your answer! And it is very interesting for
me to read your letters, and to learn more about each other. And I
knew that you very interesting person, the remarkable interlocutor and
the good friend. Sorry no Skype or ,whatsapp. I am glad to receive
your photo. You like me. I sincerely trust you and in you. It
extremely pleasant for me, it also our acquaintance and dialogue
involves to you. I would like to tell to you about me and to learn
about you. I diplomaed medical college in Voronezh, and then also the
state medical university, have received one of prestigious educations
in Russia and me consider not as bad the expert in the field of
pediatrics. Party of our senior colleagues, and my small patients
appreciate my work, both. Yes, I wished to tell to you that I more
likely not awfully know english language so many years studied it at
school, and then and in teh university. I can communicate freely
enough on it, without special difficulties. Has not made think that to
me it so that to be useful, but has proved a life on the contrary. Now
I communicate with you and to me all time, which I is direct the
surprised. The truth it occurs to me, whether is valid that I am
written the friend, the person from other country. I wish to tell that
I can make many errors of spelling, but I think, that you quickly will
help me to be corrected, and we will communicate without special
problems. I wish to tell also to you that I write you from the cafe
internet because I have no more anybody access possibility on the
Internet. We do not have house the computer, it is very expensive to
buy it, and on work there are many computers, but on the internet are
not present any exits. Therefore to have to write you letters from
here. I wish to tell to you about my life, I hope that it will be
interesting to you! I was never married, thought that I was dated with
one person and veins with it within 7 years. But understood it was not
the person to whom I wish spend other part of my life. I have been
brought up the christian and mine the belief consists that when you
marry, you marry for a life! When I lived with It it was the firmest
period in my life. Last years, our life together, he has drunk a lot
of alcohol and has started to beat me. But then it has betrayed me and
meet other woman, is more younger then than me. My heart has been
broken, but I am a strong woman, and I could to overcome this way. And
now I am so happy that I have left it! And now I can begin my new
life! I do not have any children. But who knows that :-).I believe in
god, and I am christians! Tell to me about your friends? I have some
friends. Also I have the best the friend and with it we can stir about
all. Interestingly I think, it not friendship between the person and
the woman as always on that the hand there liking is more than simply
friendship. It would be interesting to me to know your opinion on it?
Write only the truth. I the adult person and I can understand
everything, but only is not present treachery and deceit. If you do
not have serious intentions to me please do not play with me and do
not write. I hope that I not, offend you, me wish to be only fair with
you because I am very serious! I speak good while now. Tomorrow I hope
that I can see your letter. I believe that you the good person. I
could not be mistaken in you! I with pleasure will be answer the
letter. Your new friend, Tatyana.