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Good day and thanks for your answer !
Here all this fine, my mood became better after I saw your new letter in my mailbox.
I am really glad that our correspondence continues, and now I will try to write you more information about me for you could understand me better and learn more about my life.

You already know that I’m 32 years old and I live in the
country – Azerbaijan. As I promised, now I tell you more about my country. It is a Muslim country. This is my home, and I love my country. You can learn much more about it in the Internet, I think there is enough information, of cause if you want. People, who living here are very kind and understanding. They are always ready to communicate, to listen to support or give some advice. In my country there is a very mild climate. And usually within a year the temperature is always plus-value. It is rarely cold, only in those parts of the country where there are mountains. Also my country bordering the Caspian Sea. And what kind of people live in your country?
Do they have some common things in character or behavior?

But the only thing that really worries me, it is the religion of my country. Most people practice orthodox Islam, and strictly comply with all basics of this. I also confess this
religion. I was not able to choose it, and I had to follow these principles from childhood. I forgot to tell you that I live in a small town Gilazi, it is
located not far from the coast of the Caspian Sea, and not very far
from the capital of our country, city Baku (I think it’s about 80 km). And what about your city, where you live? How big is it?

Now I live alone. I rent an apartment. I left my parents' house a several years ago.
And now I have absolute independent life, and not depend on my parents. I
left their house, because I was not agree with the position and plans of my
father about me. In our religion, women have really few rights and freedoms.
Men are main everywhere. And so my father tried several times to look for a
husband for me. He started to do it when I was very young. Because such traditions in our country. But I did not agree with that. I had a big row with my dad, and then I ran away from his home. My parents do not know where I live now. I know that my father still wants to find me and return home, but I'm doing all that he could not
do it. I'll tell you more about this in my next letter. And you? Do you religious man?
What part the religion take in your life? I don’t think that I’m so much religious. I think I took the best things from Islam. And maybe one day if I be absolute sure in it, I be able to change my religion.

So I've never been married and I do not have children. Because in order to find a
husband myself, I must receive the consent of my father. And it will
not happen ever. So I'm lonely. And I'm sure that at my age, it's already time to
have a family and a serious relationship. So I took the decision to
look for a man in another country. For me this is the only way to be
happy. For this, I turned to the international marriage agency, which
have just opened in my city. There they gave me your email address. I pay
them a little money for it. And I really think that it’s not important the way I could start our conversation and more importantly, that we are now able to communicate and get to know each other. In the same time I never left Azerbaijan, I have never been in other countries. And everything that I know about other countries, all
information I get from magazines, books or the Internet.

I want to tell you that it was very difficult for me to start an independent
life. But I was able to do it. Now I have a good life, I have a
permanent job, close friends and a quiet life. But I do not have the
most important thing! I do not have a loved one, with whom I will build
the future .. Perhaps we can develop our relationship into something
more serious. Who knows… Even if we just stay friends, this is also be a
good result. But deep inside, I hope that we will have a more serious
relationship than friendship. Because that's my real goal and I did no hide it from the beginning.

And when will be the right time, then we can discuss personal meeting. I work as a
seller of brand clothes in a big shopping center, as you know. This job allows me to
have a steady income and all necessary things. I think it is very important that the person could have a permanent job. In our present world it is not easy financial
situation, many people are starting to get a lot of problems in their
lives. And it is very sad when people's lives have a negative money impact.
Now I have enough money to buy food, rent apartment, and some money
left for entertainment. I spend it to go to the theater, or in a cafe
with a friend. This is my main way to spend free time. Also, my job
allows me to have constant communication with people. It is always
very exciting and brings a lot of positive emotions.

I have several hobbies. I love listening to music ( national Azerbaijan music). Sometimes I listen to foreign artists such as Madonna, Enrique Inglesias, Adriano
Celentano. I love listening to romantic music. I also like to read
books, romance novels, such as "Twilight." And historical novels. I
think people must know their history very well, the history of their country and
other countries. When people remember history, it helps them not to
make some mistakes in future again. I believe that when a person reads a lot
of books, it helps him to communicate better with other people. I
love to make sports, go to the gym, or doing jogging. I love going for
walks in the park to enjoy the beauty of nature. I also very much love
animals. Especially horses. Unfortunately I do not have a pet. Do you
have a pet ?do you love animals? I ask you, because there is an
opinion that if a man loves animals, then it means that he is very kind,
calm, and able to present sincere feelings. Do you like to read? Do you have enough free time for it?

I understand that for the best of our communication needs are also other ways. And as I told you, I promise you that when we get to know each other much better, I can buy a phone card and call you. So you be able to hear my voice. I can speak some English and now try to teach another languages. Today I also asked internet manager about Skype. But internet café’s
manager also said that their overall speed of Internet is not very high,
and thus there are a large number of computers. Therefore, it is not
enough internet speed to have a conversation with Skype. I hope you can understand all of this correctly. And we can continue to communicate via e-mail.

Now I will finish my letter. I hope I did not bore you with this
long letter, and you can write me back. I would also like to receive
your pictures. And I hope that you also write me a nice, long letter.
I want you to tell me about your life, your hobbies more. I wonder is all that you are willing to tell me. Looking forward to your reply. Azariya