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Ekaterina Bernikova <>
Iul 26 la 1:33 AM
Hi XXX !
I'm probably old-fashioned girl, because I recently started to use the Internet, this helps me, my sister J . I hope you will understand me, because I prefer to communicate only via email.
Why you became acquainted with through the Internet? A week ago in one interesting program telling about the lives of people in our local television, showed the history of Dating one woman with the help of the Internet. She met a man living in Europe. At first they corresponded, then, some time later, they decided to meet at one of the resorts the island of Cyprus. Their relationship from a summer fling turned into a mutual feeling. Now they live for a year joint, happy life . It is this happy story prompted me to turn to the Internet for Dating. And now I'm writing you a letter.
I know that you live very far from me, I understand, and I'm not scared. there is some romance .
I'm very tired to live alone and therefore decided to find a life partner for herself, but not to wait until he finds me himself.
I'm curious to know a bit about you, what kind of person you are, what your nature, what you love and what makes you passionate!?
Tell a little about myself that you represented with whom you communicate. By nationality I am Russian and live in Russia. I was born April 12, 1981. My height 168, weight 54...
I live alone in a Studio apartment with his favorite pet is a cat his name is Barsik.
My mom lives separately from me. In a village 15 km away from the city ! I have no father. I don't remember ...
In my heart I'm cheerful, calm, sociable girl. Like order, sequence of actions, balanced. Approach everything with a sense of humor and responsibility. It is little that I can tell you about my character in this letter. I would like to see your pictures. With this letter I send some of my photos so you could see me! I hope you'll like it! I would like a lot more things to write about yourself, but in a letter to all not to pack.
I really hope for your reply and for our further communication...

Ekaterina Bernikova
Iul 29 la 5:29 PM
Hello there, dear Katy!!

thanks a lot for your nice letter and pictures!!you and your sister, are very nice girls!!
thank you for your so many detaills about yourslf!!.very interesting, yes..
it is really, the distance is a problem, but, who knows??.maybe we, step by step coould know better one each other

what is your city??

my city is Galati-romania

I sent you some personal pictures..

Maybe, you apreciate

My best regards, XXX

friendly kisses to you!

(you are speaking English, or, only your sister?)

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
Iul 29 la 10:59 PM
Hi, dear XXX ! I speak good English , I always had good grades in school in English
I have great interest and a smile on my face reading your letter, I am very glad that you answered me.
In his letters so much I want to write you, but sometimes I forget something. In my last letter I wrote that I live in Russia, and about the city I forgot to write, now even a little bit ashamed, sorry for my inattention. I live in the city Kostroma. This is a small and ancient city. As far as I know, the distance between Kostroma and Moscow 345 kilometers. In this city there are many monuments, churches, various museums. I'll send you some pictures of my city. In your city there are some sights?
I would like to tell you about my work. I work as an administrator in a clothing store in the shopping center "Chocolate". I really like my job. Since using it I can realize all your thoughts into reality. I am very pleased. Come to me so many people I consulted in choosing clothes. People trust me. Because clothes determine the image of people and I in any case can't let them down! So I lightly! What is your job? If you like her? As my mother always says, "Work should be fun. And then it is possible to achieve great success," Your work brings you pleasure? I hope that in your next letter you will tell me about that. I am very interested to know more about you!
I already told you that very own a bad Internet, I'm not on Skype, Facebook or other social networks. I much prefer to communicate here. In the future, I'll be glad to see your new wonderful photos! I'll wait for your letter with impatience.

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 7 la 9:54 PM
Hello my dear friend XXX !
To read your letters and to learn about the world around you is wonderful. At the time of reading the letter there is a feeling of my presence with you. Your letters allow me to represent your life, in everything that surrounds you, the important role the lovely photos you sent.
Do you do any sports? Do you have any Hobbies? I love spending time in the kitchen. I really like to cook. I often give my mom and sister exotic dishes prepared according to recipes from my favorite recipe books. This is my little hobby. I prefer tea, but not coffee.
My favorite salad "Olivier" my favorite food " Fish ", favorite colors are white and blue .
I think we still have much to learn about each other.
Basically, I like to do all that to my liking, for example to go to the forest to collect mushrooms, berries. 3-4 times a week before bed, I make a jog in the fresh air. We can say that this is my favorite sport. Since childhood, I love water and once a week I visit pool, sorry not enough time to do it more often.
My dear , I really want to talk to you on the phone and hear your voice . Write me your mobile phone number . I will try to call you tomorrow .
Yesterday was a tough day, came by the store a lot of visitors. After a busy working day and evening jogs I fell asleep a sweet dream, I saw a dream, and what can not remember. You ever get that? How often do you see dreams?
How was your day, what did you do? Today I went to the pet store. I already have a pet, but I have been dreaming to buy the home aquarium and have a beautiful fish. They lift your spirits, behind them a joy to watch. What do you think? I love all the exotic, but don't know who to start, also I really like parrots or rare species of cats. By the way, my cat belongs to a British Shorthair. But mostly I like fish.
I would like to know your opinion, maybe you can tell me? Do you have any Pets?
I'll send you some old photos in nature . I hope you will like it . Just send you a photo of my beloved cat whiskers .
On this I finish my letter and I hope soon to see your answer.
Your dear Katya.

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 8 la 9:33 PM
Good day XXX !
There are paradoxes that can't remember dreams, but today I remember. Yesterday I said, staying under the impression of the beautiful fish at the pet store, I had a beautiful large aquarium which was near my bed. He was so perfect that I remember its smallest details, the only thing bad I remember is the fish. There were many, large and small, some swam, and there were those that were frozen at the bottom of the aquarium. I started to feed them, but then rang my alarm clock, which unfortunately breaks many sweet dreams.
How are you doing? How is your mood ? Tonight our family friends invited me and parents at the celebration dedicated to the birthday of their son. Our families have been friends for years and we treat each other like members of one big happy family. They have a son named Alex and he turns 18. Now he is an adult, an adult man. After work, I will need to go to the store and buy him some sort of gift. I want to give him a souvenir that will remain for many years and will remind him of the age of majority. How do you spend your holidays close to you friends and relatives?
How do you spend your free time? I prefer to spend time with friends, and I hate being alone because I am very sociable person, I have many friends. We meet each other two or three times a week - usually at the end of the week, and together go to the cafe, cinema, Billiards, bowling sometimes. Also we like to go to a karaoke bar! We spend a lot of time outdoors, in the Park . I'll send you a photo .
With each letter I learn about you something new and interesting for me. I really like our communication and I wish it was saturated.We need to know each other closer , I hope that everything will be fine and we can meet up with you in the future . Each your letter I greeted with a smile and a pleasant feeling of happiness.
I'll look forward to your answer.
Your dear Katya

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 19 la 9:15 PM
Hello, my favorite man XXX
I hope you are in a good mood and enjoy life. Today I am in a good mood .
For me each your letter is very important. Without your letters, I do not feel full. I often miss you lately.
Now my feelings aren't what they were at the beginning of our correspondence. I rethought a lot of things, learned a lot about you, and I came to the conclusion that I want to be with you.
In the beginning of the letter I wrote that I have a good mood, but did not write why.
The thing is that I have a few days ago at work had requested a vacation and today I signed my application for a two-month vacation.
I'm on vacation next week. Everything matches well, don't you think?
Maybe it's the hint of fate at our first meeting.
I believe that our personal meeting will only strengthen my faith and my desire. You have come to occupy an important place in my life. I want to be with you!
At first I thought that my feelings about, because we're only texting and never saw each other personally.
But agree, if you constantly think about the person, if you want to read his letters again and again, it means something more than just correspondence!
I long tossing and turning before bed, paint a picture of our first meeting. What will it be, even I can't say for sure.
But one thing I can say with confidence that this meeting will be for me a turning point. I think that for you too?
I think a lot about what we will be in a month, a year. Of course only paint the future in bright colors.
We spend time together, hugs, kisses every day! I'm starting to feel dizzy when I think about something like that.
Our relationships need to be developed need to raise them to a new level. I don't know how much you are serious about my words now, I think the coming days will show me this.
I'm telling you that we need to go further, just so there is a chance to create a strong love.
We should feel each other, to talk, because in a letter not to transfer anything you need.
I don't want to impose myself to you, I just want to be happy with you. Any uncertainty only hurts the relationship, so I thought a lot and decided what I want.
I am not mistaken in my feelings, I'm sure, and I don't want to wrong you. I want to believe that everything you wrote up to this beautiful words, however, and they were written from the heart.
In any case, all the most important words we have to say looking each other in the eye.
I want to participate in your life, and that you took part in my life. And we will cope with all life's challenges together.
How do you like this future, our future?
I'm ready to move to a new level of communication. I've been thinking about our meeting.
And decided that if we want a serious relationship , we need to meet !
My dear , I await your response very much. Many many kisses to you!
Your love Katya!

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 20 la 8:58 PM
Hi my favorite XXX!
My sweet, I will start this letter with, I will say that the boundless love you always and forever, no matter what happens!!!
I hope you're doing well. I'm fine!
In a head different ideas that I thought you were not ready for it.
I always knew that sooner or later we will need to talk about the meeting, but I didn't know how to do it, and then what will.
And now I read your letter and realized that your opinion converges with mine.
I have no words to Express my happiness! I'm in seventh heaven!
This was an important step forward in our relationship, and we did it, and now I will not go back anymore, I have to be with you until the end!
To be honest, I've been thinking that we needed this meeting and how nice it is when you see me. All of these ideas leave my head! But I told myself that I trust you and believe in your words, all your words are true!
And I'm sure when we meet, you didn't change your opinion of me.
My sweet, you need to think about all the details of our meeting. If I go to you, most of all, I must fly to you on the plane from Moscow.
I need to be sure that you will meet me at the airport anyway. You have to promise me that I won't get to you myself. I'm a little worried because I have to be in an unfamiliar country where all the people I know only you.
Also, you must determine all the costs of travel, visa, ticket and passport!
It bothers me the most, because I know it will be expensive! And it confuses me slightly. This may be the only problem for me is finances. I'd like to do everything not to think about them, but without them, nothing else.
Sometimes I wonder why I don't have a lot of money to do everything that I want.
But my mom says that money is not important, and they do not bring happiness, I agree. I can certainly see how many will be costs for travel
I think that in the next letter I write you full information about my trip to you. Tomorrow I will go to travel Agency and will find all the information about my trip to you, my beloved.
I so want to meet you, my beloved! I all life dreamed about such man like you. For me to think about you every minute is great fun!
Think of a loved one - it's great fun!!! My ideas about our meeting do not give me sleep!!!
I so want to see you, my love!!! I love you!!! I love you, my dear!!!
I really want to see when I opened my eyes for the morning, there you were!!!
I look forward to the day when I see you, my love!!! I want to give you the full pleasure of our first night with you!!!
You would also like this, my beloved? My love for you grows with every minute!!!
You own my heart, my heart now forever BELONGS ONLY to YOU MY LOVE!!! I really miss you, my love!
I every day think only of you and can't sleep because I want to be with you.
I really want to be with you beside!!! Every day, every hour, every minute. I think and dream only about you my lovely!!!
I love you, and I can't live without you!!! Finally let's meet and we will kiss each other! I love you! I love you!!!
I'll wait for your answer with impatience.
Kiss you!
With love, Katya

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 22 la 4:27 PM
Hello, I love you XXX !
I am glad to get your letter! I really miss you. I love you very much! Being without you is very hard for me.
You are my life, I want to hug you to feel your heat, to study your eyes, to feel how happy you are.
I'm sure everything will be fine. And we'll be happy together. I often think about us and try to imagine our joint life.
Sometimes I think you're near me, I even feel you on distance. I feel when you're happy and when sad.
When you're happy, I'm happy with you. I want so badly to be with you and are looking for ways of our meeting.
I went to the travel Agency and learned that I will need to come to you.
In the beginning I need to collect all the necessary documents:
1. Passport
2. Two black and white photos size 3,5x4,5
3. A completed application form,
4. The documents, testifying that I in Russia have work
5. Documents confirming that in Russia remain direct relatives
6. Insurance.
7. Ticket.
So, to come to you, I should do some documents and receive the visa.
It will take some time to do these documents. Obtaining these documents takes about 2-3 days!
I will do everything that depends on me for visa . Perfect for us Tourist visa. We are very lucky!
My good friend's mother works in a travel Agency and it will help us to quickly apply for a visa.
I am thankful for this opportunity! Maybe I can get a visa within 5-7 days!!!
Also, I need to buy 2 tickets, one ticket to your country and the other back. As I fly to you on my vacation .
I can be 2 months . I think that during this time we will be able to strengthen our relationship and to check our feelings .
I need to know your address of residence. So how are we going to be together, I need to know your exact home address and the address closest to your home airport. I'm asking you to send this information as soon as possible.
But there is one thing that really bugs me: because I will make the visa in the shortest time will I need more money
to pay for it, also I have to go to Moscow to register the visa.
My dear , my trip will cost 470 euro . I kind of money at the moment do not have . I was able to find 150 euros
I don't want to complain, but my income is too small for this and I can't find 320 euro for the trip to Moscow and to pay for the visa and other documents .
I so want to come to you and only money separate us from each other. I love you very much!!! And I don't want to lose you.
No one can help me with money. I completely sincere with you, I hope you understand my situation
I want to see you, but can't do that, because I don't have that kind of money. I'm sorry, dear XXX if this upsets you.
We need to trust each other and overcome all difficulties. Just imagine, soon we can be together!
I love you very much! You are the best in my life! And our meeting could be the happiest day for us!
Yours forever Katya!

Ekaterina Bernikova
sept 22 la 4:57 PM

My dear katya,
Thks 4 nice letter :-) Look, I can and I want to buy myself tickets for you from here, electronic tickets, I pay from my account...the cost is abt 250-300 eur maxim, already I, this is clear...

On the other hand, for other purposes, how much more should I send you?? By Western union or MONEY gram??

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 22 la 8:12 PM
My love XXX .
My middle name is Alexandrovna . My name is Ekaterina . My surname Berdnikova . I hope that you understand me ?

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 22 la 9:36 PM
My love XXX .
I want you to understand me and trust me , the travel Agency gives me documents which I then will be able to arrive to you these are the documents they are worth the money and the travel Agency does not separate the documents and tickets , they do at once documents and tickets because the travel agent told me that I will need two tickets. I explained that it was for my safety. I have never in your country wasn't and we didn't see each other again. I also said that a lot of girls disappear into slavery in Europe. You have to understand that this is all for my safety. This is my guarantee , a travel Agency will be solely responsible for me while I stay in your country . Even if I break the contract with the tourist Agency we can't see because the travel Agency will not give me documentation if I don't buy their tickets , respectively, and if you buy tickets for me that I can't come to you because I have no documents , no documents I will not release from Russia . I signed a contract with a travel Agency and if I will tear it up followed by a penalty on failure to comply with the contract and I will lose your money and will have 320 Euro + penalty I may impose , I already agreed so I did paperwork , and I was not clever will if I refuse . I'm very sorry that Ukrainian girl are so ill , but you said no need to equate all the girls . I want to be with you , but ask yourself the question. I now spent the money and so we had a meeting, and you take it for granted . You want my money gone ? and you were clean before conscience? I certainly understand that you had a bad experience , but! you are now doing likewise, as did you. and you think this is right? I can work and earn money for arrival, it is necessary to wait about 6 months. I can't be sure you're up to this time be with me. This is the life! you can meet a girl and be with her in 2-3 months . Put yourself in the place of me. All this time to wait and not to be sure in their actions. I don't know how to act now. My visa by the time I'll have money for arrival to you, will not be valid. And I will need to do it again . My love XXX why complicate things ? I can come to you calmly in 5-7 days , I will need to pay only 320 euros in a travel Agency . I sent you a photo of my passport , why don't you trust me ? I'll wait for your answer . I love you XXX . I hope you certainly will understand me . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 22 la 10:08 PM
My love XXX .
I'm really glad you could understand me . I am very glad that we can meet , I am also pleased that you trust me . I am very serious about our meeting, because I want to make my future with you . This meeting means a lot to us , it should strengthen our relationship even stronger , I finally found happiness and this happiness you XXX . My love XXX, I today very tired and now I'm going to go to bed . Tomorrow morning I will hear from you soon about the transfer of money , and then when I get the money I will immediately go to a travel Agency to pay . I love you XXX . I kiss you XXX . Good night . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 23 la 3:03 PM
XXX my love I'm just a little worried because we have the travel Agency is open until 17:00 Moscow time and today I thought to do all things and pay the travel Agency the remaining amount , in order then quietly to wait for their documents and tickets . I love you my love XXX and waiting for your answer . Your love Ekaterina
Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 23 la 4:01 PM
Well my love XXX , I am very grateful to you for your help , now I'll go to the Bank to get your money , and then I will go to travel Agency to pay this amount , I will inform you tonight . I love you and kiss . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
sept 25 la 11:53 AM
Hello, my dear Katya!

how is going??.....any news from Agency?

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 25 la 4:18 PM
My love XXX, I don't understand why you have not reviewed my previous letter .
Here is the letter I sent you on September 23 :

My love XXX , I'm at home now and I'll tell you the good news . I want to thank you for what you helped me with my trip to you , I thank the universe that I met you , it really is a very male thing and I am very grateful to you that you believed in me once again thank you so much , now I understand that we trust each other and most importantly in relationships . I love you XXX . As you already know I've got your money in the Bank and I immediately went to the travel Agency to pay them the remaining amount of money , I almost missed it , but I was still able to take . I gave the money to the main travel agent and he said that my documents already cooking , it was necessary to clarify another issue , I wanted to do the visa for 2 months , but I was told that the visa is granted for 30 days or 90 days and I didn't know what to say , I said that I need to consult with my man then I will be able to answer . My love XXX me to do a visa 30 days or 90 days ? I will wait from you the answer . After I left the travel Agency and they told me they would call when ready documents . I also went to my mom and told her everything , my mom was very happy that I found such a wonderful man . I very much miss you and love you . I hope you'll get home . I'll wait for your answer . I love you . Your love Ekaterina

And here is the letter I wrote to you last September 24 :
Hello XXX my love .
I guess you're still on the road home and I want to wish you to get home . I decided to write you a letter because my emotions overwhelm me . My love I again to tell you what you are to me the best person I meet on the way. My love I again and again to speak you that I to be happy that I write you this letter, because in my heart palpitating love for you. My love I love to tell you that-you're my only love that I need . Every time I look at your picture in my heart to run a big wave. This wave of love for you . My love is to capture the wave of love and I'm the only one you have control of . My love I like the sea because the sea I feel calm. Because I assume that when there is a wave. I immediately think about it. And this wave rolls through me and my heart beats and beats. My love my heart beats now because I'm writing you this love letter and I feel great happiness and love. I feel like I pass through a beam of love. And as I tell you about all that I now feel . My love I to think that most of all, I want to write you about my love for you . I think that you will understand all my words and phrases. My words will sound to you like the sea. I will tell you as gently as the sea itself . My love I want to tell you that when you go to the sea or ocean, you know. That it again I to talk as is the sea. I will goorit quietly with you and will show you all the love and all the happiness that is in me and fights . My love I to think that I again like the sea I want love and affection from you. I think you'd be a Dolphin ... My love I to think that you know what is Dolphin, because you're very smart and very caring. My love you can't live without me. And again and again to seek water. I your water that you need. I can't do without you, because I want my heart was always full of love you. My love I want my ocean you're the only one filled . And I will be the happiest in the whole world . My love I again to speak you that only you my only love that I so desperately need. And every time I compare the two of us in nature. Because I feel that we're in nature, we will understand that we cannot live without each other. And only you are the only person that I so desperately need. My love I tell you all this and I'm not just saying that like the song are. It is the wave of the ocean. It is a wave which always comes with lots and lots of rhythm. My love I to think that once you read all that feel now, you immediately understand me . And you all will know. You know how every time I think of you and dream how you will spend our time. I believe in our future and our love , we will soon be together and that's the most important thing . Tomorrow I will wait from you the letter . I love you and kiss . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
sept 25 la 4:49 PM
Hey.dear Katya :-) :-)
Now I read this! Maybe yr mess does leave yr boxmail, yo check on SENT and yr Drat also..Now it's ok.
So, is any paying difference between 30'and 90 days visa?? If not, take 90 one, Ofcourse,I must go to my job somehow, this Autumn :-) :-) :-) I need Money, this fucking knots what support our lifes! :-)

But I want meet u first for a period,10_14 days..a d then, after my voyage(2 or 3 months) we shall meet again, for a longer period, if we like each other :-) :-)

This first trial period it is very important, no?? We could feel very well I think :-)!

Talking by visa again, if same money are involved, take 90,who knows, when u need? :-) maybe u come twice :-)

Ok sweetie, we keep In touch..waiting yr news 2morrow :-)

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 25 la 8:55 PM
My love XXX , I'm going to go in travel Agency and to clarify the issue of visa , if the price of a visa for 90 days will be more expensive , I was going to take 30 days . My love I can't live without you and I know that I go crazy from the love that I experience as soon as I understand that you are far from me. My love I love you and I'll be only with you my love. And when I'm with you, I'll always be with you and I will be your faithful wife . I will always want to look in your lovers eyes. My love if you were right here beside me and if you saw as I now I write you this letter , you would understand that my eyes are full of love. My love I love eyes to look at the computer monitor . And I love only you my love. My love I love and only want us to always dream and make our dreams become a reality. My love I will be with you and only with you my love and I take you that you are my Prince. And my love. My love I to think a lot over the last few days. And I dream of you already understand what I write you most about dreams. My love for me comes inspiration and I not only can speak well, but I do love you, my love. And these are not empty words about love. It's love and I can't live without you my love and you are my Prince and you and you alone to give me happiness. My love happiness is to be together and enjoy every minute and every moment. My love I want to tell you about the weather. because I think now is this weather and this weather causes in me a great passion and I can't live without you my love. Weather at us in Russia very beautiful and I think that was never so good as now. I think I used to not notice that weather and beautiful world. I think that now when I'm in love with you for me the weather changed. And that the weather which always seemed gloomy . And right now for me all this weather is very lovely and I can't live without you my love. We will soon be together and for me it is a joy . I love you and kiss XXX . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 26 la 6:46 PM
Hello my love XXX !
I am more and more beginning to make sure that you have attached to you and cannot without your letters .
Your letters help me to forget about everything bad that happened during the day. They bring me many positive thoughts.
My every letter to you is a love story, and I think that little story may soon grow into a large.
Your way often excites my mind, I often think about you. I often imagine what you are doing at the moment.
I was today in tourist Agency and learned concerning the visa , I decided vsetaki to make a visa for 30 days , I said that I will be flying only 14 days and I was told that there is no need to do 90 days .
Today I had my sister and I asked her to she took a picture of me for you , I hope you will like my photo .
It seems to me that our relationship began to develop very rapidly, and that's a plus. I have long been convinced that can become a good wife and mother.
I, as a woman ready to make my man never and nothing was left out. He will always have my attention and my love.
I'm ready to give all my love but do it to you? If for you my love means something more than just a word, we inevitably will soon close.
We are two healthy and Mature person, I think we can create a strong family in the future.
Honestly nothing left for me Here in Russia , but my family and friends ... but real friends will be happy for your friend if she will find true love. I think the family will understand because moving to another country will not break our fellowship I can call and visit .
Problems with work I think I, too, will not , I will be able to find it ... all my life I wanted to find a good man ! I
do you want to live for my beloved man whom I will love and he will love me. For me it is very Important that you
XXX understand me correctly . understanding is very important between people when they want to have a relationship.
It seems to me that with every written letter, we begin to trust each other more, we become closer ...
I believe with all my heart that this communication will lead us to greater happiness !!!!
I wish you good mood, my dear XXX !
I will wait your letter and I miss you!!
Your Love Katya

Ekaterina Bernikova
sept 27 la 5:01 PM
Hi there my Dear Katya!!

Thanks a lot for the new pictures, which confirm me again,you are a very nice girl/woman!!..I LIKE YOU so much!!..with these new pictures, you refresh my wonderfull feelings for you!!.thank you for them!!!

Also me,I am waiting for our first moments..night! ...ahich , I am sure, must be great moments between us...offcourse, not only intimate it counts for a strong relationship, BUT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT..isn't , my dear?? know also, you are an woman already I supose, you already have spent some periods with a previous boy-friend, this is a normal way, a normal life!!.your age is a mature-woman age ...Is this corect??

ok my dear, how is situation with Visa???.you already did a trip to Moscow, what for??..when are you available to come here?? soon as possible??

okay, honey!.once again thank you for yr pictures and all your delight-letter!!

Kissing you allarround,

your XXX!!

PS: thank you, especially for yr..........interesting original mode to tell me I LOVE YOU XXX!!

I love you, too my dearest Katya!

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 27 la 10:11 PM
Hello my love XXX .
I'm happy to see your letter , I had a great day . How did you spend your today without me ? My love I feel the happiest girl in the world. My big and passionate love you always my Prince who will always protect me and I'm very, very happy. My love I love you only you my big and light love. My love I want when we're
to meet I want to hug your manly chest and I'll feel very, very good. Because I only with you chuvstvuetsia safe.
My love and my joy I want it. My love I want some time to stand to cuddle up to you and feel the warmth from you. My love I want still that then we shall kiss passionately. And I'm no different people who will be next. Because I only want to see your beautiful eyes and only look at them. And it will be for me a great gift.
My love I want it more than anything. I want to feel safe. My love I is very happy , because I now close my eyes for a minute and presented them. And I think it's romantic. My love I only want you and I'm very, very happy. My love I know that I will be with you and it soothes my soul. It is very, very well. My love I want it and nobody will forbid to speak that way. Because I LOVE YOU MY PRINCE AND MY LOVE. Yes, these moments that pass between us seems to us a very long time, but when I'm with you our life will be filled
of love and filled with all the colors of the rainbow. My love I want it all the time when I stay at home, I dream and dream.My love when I'm with you all my dreams will come true and then I will be most happy. Yes, I'm
happy because I started my day with a good, because I get up early in the morning and my heart tells me that I will be with you and I am very
happy. My love in travel Agency to me have told that my documents cooking and I have to call when they are ready my documents , when I can get my documents I'll get the tickets , I hope that our meeting will be next week . About the visa, I was told that I have to get it in Moscow , I will fly from Moscow so I will need the day before departure to arrive in Moscow and get a visa . My love now it's late and I'm going to go to bed . I love you so much XXX . A whole . Your love Ekterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
sept 27 la 10:26 PM
GOOD news, my dearest love!!! next week you say, you wiil come???...mmmm.......I AM SO ANXIOUS TO KEEP YOU ON MY CHEST, YES, AS YOU IMAGINE!!

I wish to sleep continous untill there, to be honest, to wakeup in the previous day of your arival to Bucharest, to have enough time to clean my car, to has a fresh smell when my love come inside

ok my love...we keep in touch with everything!!

God bless you and your family!!

I love you

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 28 la 8:40 PM
Hello my love!!!
How are you?
How's the weather?
I am heated in heat of your letters and dreams about
The day I can hold you in my arms and show you his
I'm worried about you and I love you.

I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel
The strong need for you to have an effect and is shown to you

Your letters always bring me great joy .
I feel to You a huge attraction and huge love,
What drives me crazy.

I'm so looking forward to our meeting with you!!!
I dream about our meeting!!!
I look forward to our meeting with you!!!
I want our meeting with you!!!

And I want to tell you that I love you!!!

I finish my letter to You with ideas on you!!!

With Respect Ekaterina !!!

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
sept 30 la 9:48 PM
Hello my love XXX , I'm glad to see your letter .
I am very happy to hear your voice , I was very pleased . How was your day today ? My day has been very wonderful , I was walking with my mom in our city , in my city a lot of beautiful places , I was talking to my mom and said that today will go to travel Agency and I will pick up the documents , my mother happy for me that everything is fine and that we'll be together , she said to give you a big Hello . After a walk mom and I went to the travel Agency and got all the documents except the visa , I was told that the visa I need to pick up in Moscow in the main visa application centre on 3 October morning . We started to watch the tickets and I decided to take tickets for 4 October . There were tickets on Oct 3, but they were on the morning flight , I wouldn't be able to get a visa . I have Sunday 2 October in the evening to go to Moscow by bus on the morning of 3 October will I get the visa I will need to find a hotel in Moscow to stay for one day and then on the 4th of October I will have a plane from Moscow . My flight will be on 4 October at 9:55 Moscow time , my flight will be direct , I'm going to fly 3-4 hours approximately and will land at the airport of Bucharest . I'm very happy , I have documents and tickets in hand and I will be with you, I just love it . My love XXX if you want I can teach you Russian language absolutely free , I love you very much . Yes I have a sister I wrote it in the beginning . My love I'm in seventh heaven from happiness . It's good that we found each other , I'm very grateful for your help , you just made our appointment . I love you very much . My love XXX tomorrow I'll borrow my sister's camera to give you photos of documents , I have for you tomorrow Yeshe will be a surprise , you will appreciate it very much . My love XXX, I'm going to sleep , I'll write you tomorrow . I love you XXX . I kiss you XXX . I'll send you today a couple of my photos . Good night my love . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 1 la 8:47 PM
Hello my love XXX .
I'm happy to see your letter , yesterday I was waiting for your answer and then fell asleep in front of the computer , I am very glad to receive from you letters . How was your day today ? I am very glad that you understood when I come to you today I had a wonderful day as you came in my life my days are very bright in my life , you make me happy , I love you so much , I'm waiting for the moment when I'm at the airport and you're going to meet me , I dreamed of how will our first meeting and I know that when I see you I'll kiss you because you are my joy in life . Today I was walking with her friends , they all wished us good love and I had a good trip . My love XXX you ever been on a plane ? I've never flown and I'm a little scared , in connection with all events occurring in the world now a lot of plane crashes , but maybe I'm just getting in my head and all will be well . Today I was at my sisters and took pictures for you to document and a ticket you can watch the ticket and we'll see when I'll fly to you . I already wrote that my departure will be October 4 at 9:55 Moscow time . I promised you yesterday to surprise you and you can see my picture where I'm holding a piece of paper with words of love for you . You may notice my hair is white , I made myself a new hairstyle , the nurse said they suit me better . I hope you like it too . Tomorrow I will have a hard day , I need to collect my suitcase , my love XXX me what things to take with me ? What's the weather like ? Tomorrow night I'm going to go by bus to Moscow, I will write you another letter tomorrow as I shall be going and I will be ready to go , tomorrow I will have to go to his mother to say goodbye to her and leave her your cat Barsika and the keys to the apartment, she can come and to irrigate my flowers , Barsik, my cat is going to live with her , I'll have to leave a contact where I fly , my love XXX nothing if I leave mom your cell phone number this one mom wants to know how I got to you , we have to maintain contact with her . My love XXX don't worry I have some money and I can pay per night in a hotel . My love XXX my cell phone and have Internet , we can communicate via SMS , I'll write you a SMS to your cell phone number ......... . My love XXX, I looked at our old emails and I found this cell phone number .......... you gave it to me at the very beginning of our communication . My love XXX, I'm very happy that we are together . I now have so many emotions , so many thoughts , we're going to run a very good time . I love you XXX . I kiss you XXX . I will finish the letter , tomorrow a lot of stuff and I want a very good night's sleep . I'm going to bed now . I'm sending you the ocean kisses . Your love Katya

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 2 la 5:49 PM
Hello my love XXX .
I'm happy to see you such a big letter , I have read your letter , thanks that you informed me about the Luggage and on the trip , I think I would be a little easier from what I learned from you , I have a little anxiety , as I will be flying for the first time , I will do exactly as you said , I won't look down I'm going to look at people who will sit with me on the plane , I hope that this will help me . How was your day today ? I have a good day today , I really slept well and I have a lot of energy . I decided in the morning to go to the store to buy you a souvenir from Russia , I want to give you a gift when I arrive to your country , I also went and bought bus tickets to Moscow I will leave town to Moscow at 22:00 Moscow time , tomorrow morning I'll already be in Moscow and immediately going to the main visa center to get visa . I'll keep you updated via SMS , I told you yesterday already wrote that my cell phone and I have no Internet , I can keep in touch with you via SMS , I write you today SMS of the bus as soon as we eat in Moscow . After a nice walk I went home and started to pack up my suitcase , I took light clothes and some warm , just in case it will be cold , I took all of your recommendations and nothing extra put in the suitcase . Now I put my suitcase in the hallway and also collected all the necessary documents and put them in my purse . I am very happy at this moment , we will soon be together . My emotions are just overwhelming me right now . My love XXX, I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world , my heart tells me that I can't live without you . I don't know what's going on with me. But I understand that it is my love that moves me . I can't do this without you, and I want to be with you and love you in reality. I only with you my love and my great joy. Only you give me love and happiness. I need only love. And only love will be so good to tell me every time . My love I love you and I think about love and how we'll be with you in these days it really will be an unforgettable moment for me .
For me the most important that you were with me and loved me . My love XXX, I will finish my letter . Soon I will go to his mother there will be my sister we will say goodbye , they want to take me , I'm going to leave mom's apartment keys and your cell phone number . I shall write to you the letter again as I will be out of the house . I love you XXX . I send you lots of kisses . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 2 la 6:56 PM
good evening my Love, Katya!!!

how nice you write to me...mmmm... .so many detaills about your pure feelings..about your daily tell me everythings!!! I am so glad to know that, my dear!!..yes, you are in deep love and this is wonderfull for everybody!!.I also feel that, but I exprime that in my way ..I am MAN and, the man must be more.serioussely, ha!! .No, my dear, I also am a romantic person and, when I love, I LOVEEEEEEE!!!!..and now I am feeling that...only waiting to touch your face..your hands......your touch YOU, my love, Katya! ..

I keep in mind your today-programme..22.00 you leave kostruma....going by bus to Moscow, tomorrow you go for visa applying to that Centre...after that, to hotel I think, to accomodate for the night..then, Tuesday morning, you must take care to be in time in the least 2 hours in advance, maybe MORE!.

my dear, I have observed a small error to your first column they note your departure date from moskow in 04 OCTOBER and..arival in bucharest 04 NOVEMBER...12.40 hrs ..ok..but this is not important!!

okay, I understand now, no internet to yr phone, only SMS.ok!!..waiting some news from you, my love!!.to confirm me you have visa and, you are already embarked in yr lovely plane!! make some selfie pictures in airplane..IT IS ALLOWED!!

I LOVE YOU TOO, dear katya and..God bless and protect you during all your trip to me, and not only!!..Tell to yor mother and sister to stay in peace, you will be here, IN A SAFETY PLACE and....a safety person hands!

many-many kisses, for my Love katya!!..

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 2 la 7:15 PM
My love XXX .
I waited your letter , I am very happy . I'm going to go to my mom and sister , I'm going to forgive your family . They want to escort me to the bus . My love XXX in my ticket there is no error , it says that I will fly from Bucharest on 4 November , you can see at the top of my ticket, point of departure and point of arrival is SVO/OTP/SVO . I hope you will understand me correctly . I will go to Moscow at 22:00 Moscow time . I'll SMS as soon as I'm in a bus on the way to Moscow . I love you XXX . I'll keep you in the loop . 2 days left and we will be together . I kiss you . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 10:42 AM
Hello my love XXX ! I am now in Moscow and I write you this letter from Internet - cafe . I don't know where to start to write this letter , I am very worried . I love you so much XXX . Our feelings are mutual . I believe in you my dear XXX . I arrived this morning in Moscow , my mother and sister held me very well . My love XXX , this morning I was in the main visa office . I spent a lot of time at the visa application centre. I'm really scared you to write, but I have to say. Today I asked many questions and said many laws. I'm tired and very disappointed . I have such mood when there was none. Today I learned a lot of interesting. I was told today all laws and regulations. I also explained that is a difficult situation in the world and Russia as hard with the European Union . And now it has become all the much difficult. I am very much worried. In the main the visa center told me that I should have to fly to you my dear XXX . It should have 40 euros on every day. I counted and was shocked this leaves a lot of money. I was told that I visit you on a tourist visa and must have a living wage . I tried to explain that I'm going to the man she loved and that he will support me , but I just didn't want to listen . I was told there is a law and they can't do it . I learned a lot and it's true. I am now crying and it is hard for me to write you a letter. Tomorrow I have a flight at 9:55 Moscow time . I am very much afraid, because I will not release from Russia . My love XXX as I fly to you for one month and my visa is for one month, I'll have to show 1240 euros and I need only to show this money . I'm going for 31 days for you and it's on every day 40 euros. It's hard for me to write it. I am very much afraid, as I am now in big city of Moscow . I still do not know where I sleep tonight . I'm just in shock . XXX I hope you understand that I can't postpone our trip , very long time we sought it , I don't want this all gone in a jiffy . Favorite my man XXX, I really don't know what to do now. Our meeting is now in your hands XXX . Can you help me and send today 1240 euros, which I could show the money . When I show the money at the visa application centre will be releasing me from Russia and after I'll be back to give you 1240 euros in your country . I need to show the money that they knew I could survive for 31 days in Romania . I think you understand me now. I'm a woman and I'm scared, it's hard to be in another city. I am now very worried . I now think a lot where can I get the money.
My dear XXX I am now in hour Internet cafe and I will wait for your letter , and after I will go to find a place to sleep . I'm scared.
I believe and hope that you me understand correctly. I love you XXX . I'm afraid to lose you, XXX .
Waiting for your quick response. Your love Ekaterina !

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 3 la 10:57 AM
My dear...uhh!!! Uhhh!!again for me it is strangeSi..sorry for you, pls understand me well, SAME HAPPENED WITH UKRAINIAN GIRL! I sent her 1500 $ and she NEVER CAME!!thats why I have now reticiemcy
Sorry, maybe you are honest.yes, but understand me also..I HAVE NO REASON TO DONT BELIEVE YOU, BUT ALSO I HAVE NO PROOF REALISTIC YOU ARE, TILL I DONT MEET YOU HERE..I have only 400 euros to send you now..ask visa for 10 days only! Our convention was to stay here 2 ,weeks :-) so, if you like to stay more...I dont know what to say you! The returning fly can be readjusting here PLO CONFIRM IF I SEND U 400 euros now..YOUR CORECT NAME?? I shall sent u by western union or by money gram? I forget how I used last time

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 3 la 11:12 AM

Also please make a photo of yr bus tiket too Moscow and send me now..I am sorry for my precautions extreme

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 11:38 AM
My love XXX , if you'd asked me in advance to make a picture of a bus ticket to Moscow, I would have done to you , but I already threw out the ticket because it is no longer valid .

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 3 la 11:50 AM
My love....I am not able to send you more than 400 euros..I am so sorry....if u can collect the difference from other sources is ok..also I want meet you ..I am disperate about this fucking situation...yr travel agency must tell u abt this request of money.. waiting for yr tell me if I must send 400'now..and by western or moneygram?
Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 11:58 AM
My love XXX , I understand you completely , but you understand me , there is such a law, and I have to show the money . !? The money will not be lost ! I'll come to you and will be able to pay you back . I just don't know who to ask for help ... I've never traveled abroad , I have never faced such a problem ...
Cute for a moment I thought that our meeting will not . I cried , but I got myself together and told myself that I should
to meet you ! This is our chance and chances don't happen much. We have
to do everything we can to meet and strengthen our relationship. I want you to trust me , I don't know what can I do to make you trust me , you have seen my documents, and I have no reason to deceive you now . I now it is very hard to write you this letter.
I know what you mean. It is not easy to do for me. Today I will
try to find the money. I decided that our meeting should
take place !!! I love you XXX ! I can't stand it , if our
there is no meeting. I value our relationship and I will not be able to withstand,
if we don't meet. We need to meet. I'm going through. I
depressed. Every day I think about our meeting. I have collected many of his
things for the trip. But today I was shocked when the visa was
center. We need to do something to be together . My love XXX, I hope you understand me . I'm very worried I'll be waiting for your reply . I love you . Your Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 11:59 AM
My love XXX , good that you can send me 400 euros . I'm also going to try to find the remaining amount . My love XXX can you send money through Western Union , my name is Ekaterina , Surname - Berdnikova . You can see the data which I already sent . My love as soon as you can send me ? I am also very upset this situation , it's just not normal that travel Agency didn't say anything . My love XXX, I'll wait for your letter . I am very much worried now . I love you and I really want to meet you . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 12:57 PM
My love XXX , here is a very bad connection , I'll go to the Bank to get your money , then I get to go to the Internet cafe and write you a letter . I love you . Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 3:10 PM
My love XXX , I got your 400 euros , I now again have come in Internet cafe , I don't know what to do , I have your 400 euros , I do not have another 840 euros . My love I called just now to all my friends , I asked them to help me , my friends said that they do not have the kind of money they would love to help me but they don't have that kind of money . I'm in a very depressed state , I cry I don't know just what to do now , I'm shocked by this whole situation . My love XXX, I don't know how can I do to make you trust me , I really want to be with you , I had a lot of plans for how I'll be spending time with you . I write you these letters from my heart and I hope you'll believe me a little bit , no need to equate all the girls to one bad , Yes, I understand that once you did something really bad , but it does not mean that I, too, will do that to you , I even thought this was fiction !! My love, if you have even a little confidence in me , that I will never disappoint you , will you meet me at the airport and I will fly to you . I am currently in Moscow in the Internet cafe , I think I'd joke about that ? I here very much crying and looking at me for a lot of people . My love you asked me yesterday to take photos at the airport , I still didn't know how to do that , because I don't have my camera , I decided all the same to please you , I asked the girl that was next to the airport so she took a couple of pictures , I explained to her our situation, I said that I wanted to send these pictures to the man she loved , she was able to take photos but they turned out black and white because her camera nebylo configured and we didn't know how to do in color I asked her to walk to the Internet cafe with me and pass these pictures on my memory stick . My love XXX, you know how much I do for you ? And you don't trust me !!! These pictures fully prove what I'm going to fly to you !!!! I hope what are you going to trust !! And can help me ... there is no reason not to trust me !!! If you love me you will make us to be happy , I hope that you'll be able to help me 840 euros .... I'm waiting for your answer .. I love you . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 3 la 3:16 PM

Sorry dear, l have no other money


Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 3 la 3:22 PM
My love XXX , I don't know what to do now . I tried to find the money , maybe you try to find the money ? I just need to show the money that I will be able to live in your country , when I am in your country I'll give you all the money you sent me . My love I am just now in great disorder , I'm very nervous , I can call the travel Agency that they contacted you . I just don't understand why you don't believe me . I have done so much to make our meeting took place , we are only now separates 840 euros . You understand me my love ? I want that we each other understood and supported throughout , I'll pay , what do I do now .

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 3 la 7:43 PM
My I am waiting ferryboat to my city..I told u I was today, out of my city..trying to make some arrangements for my next contract/voyage.
To be honest, I spent a lot of time, waiting for that impostor girl from Ukraine..her first letters was very charming...very romantic..yes.. she ask me 350 for passport..100 for visa..100 for Insurance..ok.then she ask me 1500 for this reason as today they ask you..I sent her....she sent me tickets , passport coppies etc...gor trusty :-)..then, she told me that police does not allow to leave UkraineC,cause she has 950 debt in bank!!'like a credulity, and like a stupid man, I trust her and sent 950!!then, durring she stay in airport(:-)..maybe she never touch airport) she called me that somebody stolen the wallet with tickets money etc,!! :-) again sent 400 to solve..
Finally, she told her grannie is dieyng..she and her mother are too much suffering and cant come to me,!!! Meanwhile, I cancel my contract for 2 months...I loosed a lot if money waiting this idiot!!'now, I want to inform ALL EMNASIES IN UKRAINE abt this woman to cancel all visas, also police main office, sending all invoices WESTERN union etc..I dont abort this problem..

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 4 la 7:49 AM
Hello my love XXX , I just went to the Internet cafe , I'm shocked by your letter . I want to tell you my love that I do not have any debt and I'm very good at watching their belongings . Today I spent the night at the hotel , I'll go to the airport to change my tickets to another flight , I'll be waiting for you transfer money you can send me a message how to make a money transfer . I love you XXX . Your love Ekaterina

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 4 la 7:58 AM
Good morning to you mu love,
I have sleep very bad....and I suppose upu also my dear..
Ok I ll go to transfer you that 250 and for rest, you will provide from yr familyu dear...

I ll send sms with the code, etc

I kiss you Babe :-)
be strong please!!

Yr love,XXX

Ekaterina Bernikova <>
oct 5 la 9:16 PM
My love XXX . I am now in a state of shock, I was
detained at the airport. Now I'm at the airport and arrested me. I
allowed to write you a letter !. I got a gift for you from home. I
took the icon of the house. We have a house in the village was an old icon, and I
decided to take it as a gift. During customs clearance
customs officers found in the Luggage of this icon. Currently
the customs investigation Department of Moscow opened a criminal case on me for the illegal export of cultural goods from Russia. I don't know what's going on !!!! My icon was sent for examination and was told that the icon was acknowledged cultural value, which is the basis for the criminal case !!! I was told that my icon is of historical and artistic value, and is suitable under the Law of the Russian Federation "On export and import of cultural values". I want to be judged by the article "On the export and import of cultural values" . Now I'm in a panic . I wanted to do what's best for you . I didn't know that the icon has cultural value. The icon is very old . Now I was arrested as a smuggler. I explained the whole situation that I met you on the Internet, and we love each other and that this is just a gift !!!! I was going to fly to you, and I took the gift. I really didn't know that the icon is very old. I was detained and I will in the next few days be under arrest. I cry, and I feel very sad. I don't know what to do. I was told that I could go to jail, or do I have to pay a heavy fine. I called my mother, she is also in a big shock from this situation. I want you to know. Now I am in a difficult situation. I thought that today we will meet and we will finally be able to have a bright future, but my kindness and caring brought me to big problems. I think you will appreciate my actions. I wanted to make a gift for you, and please you, but it turned out otherwise. I'm very worried about XXX . I really fear for my freedom. Now comes the decision about my freedom. I got a few minutes to write you a letter. Customs officers and the police asked me about you , they think you're my partner ! It's all a nonsense !!!! I am shocked by such laws !!! Fate plays with us ... I don't believe in what is happening now . I just refuse to believe it ....
I'm lucky to the police station. I'll text you later.
I love you XXX . I hope that everything will be okay.
I'll tell you.
Your love Katya!

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 5 la 9:35 PM
nooooooooooooo......noooooooooooooooooooo!!...again happened to me that!!!.again, with a foreign woman!!!....THE SAME SITUATION....THE SAME I STOOD IN HOTEL TO WAIT UKRAINIAN WOMAAAAAAN!!, I STAY 2 DAYS LIKE A STUPPID, AND NOW, AGAIN!!!!!

Ekaterina Bernikova
oct 5 la 11:25 PM
no katya...unbelieveble for me!!!!...again, same fucking situation!!!
sorry for expression..but..WHAT SHOULD YOU THINK IF YOU ARE XXX???....the other woman, same story...IN THE AIRPORT(!!!)..SOMEBODY STOLLED WALET/MONEY AND....CANCELLED EVERYTHING, while I was waiting her in Bucharest hotel, booked for 3 days...yes.........same story!!! last moment, SOMETHING stop our meeting......and she ask me to send money again, to return at home, to re-bookin tickets, etcetera..and finally...het Grandmother was suffering, then dieying..her mother suffering, she also and, 5000 dolars sent was....dissapeared..was spent for hospitals, funeralls, etcetera..and now, this terrible rogue/swindle..execrable woman dissapear like a typical scammer!!!...
now, tell me dear Katya...HOW COULD I TRUST same/comparable story what is happening to me now AGAIN?? am IN SHOCK, again!! again!!..GOD, WHERE ARE YOU????

Katya, WHERE ARE YOU???..why that policeman dont like to talk to me??..I AM NOT AFFRAID FOR THAT, FOR THEIR SUSPICIOUSS..because I know that they are crazy with that icon!!!!...foregive me, Katy..but again, I am tempted to dont believe nothing...foregive me!!!..foregive me!!........I don