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Hello, my dear friend !
How are you today? I wish to get acquaintance with you and yes, may be I'm not the first woman who write you
but I wish to tell you from the very beginning that my intentions are very serious and I'm here not for Internet
games or entertainment. My name is Ekaterina, you can shortly
call me Katya or Katena or Katusha - like in one famous Russian military song :) I'm 32 year old, I was born on
December 18, 1983. I live in Russian town called Saransk, it's about 500 km from Moscow. My town is not so big,
about 300 000 citizens but I like my town a lot because we have lakes and river called Insar here and in summer time
it's possible to spend lovely time here. But in winter here it's very boring but I like sport and in winter time
I practice skiing here in the forest and do you like skiing? have you ever tried it? we have a lot of snow in
winter time here and the average temperature is about -25C. And what about winters at your side? is is the same cold
as here in Russia? I work in the hospital as a nurse and I go also in ambulance for first-aid and my work is very
stressful. By the way, I help people, I saved many lives but I also saw many deaths. I don't want to tell you sad
things and I just want to remark that you will never be sick with me and my care and knowledge of medicine will
help in any situation. I work at day and sometimes nigh shifts. And what about you? What do you for for your work?
are you satisfied? I was married before but I don't have children from that marriage. The story of my past relations
is not so pleasant and I will tell you about that later. I'm divorced, my heart is free and my intention is to
build a family. I wish to give my tenderness and care to my beloved man. And what about you? have you ever been
married? do you have children from your past relations? I hope your heart is free and you are ready to love and be loved.
Nowadays there are many cheaters in Internet who use false photos and take money from innocent people. There are
also many maniacs and to avoid that, I offer you to talk in Skype face to face in the future if you have web camera.
I really hope you are the person whom i can trust and I will be very happy to know more about you. How old are you?
in which town do you live? What do you for your work? are you ready for serious relations? How is weather today?
here we have +8C and it's quite cold today. By the way, we had very hot summer this year. I send you my pictures
and please, send me also your pictures in your mail and i wait for your answer with impatience!
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I wrote to you on the website and I am pleased that we will continue our acquaintance. I'm looking for, it will be the rest of my life.
He wants man to be a good, sincere and honest person. For me it does not matter the age difference or religion.
My name is Elena, I worked as a salesman in a store. In this list, I send my photos. Do you like my photos?
Tell me more about yourself. What kind of movies and music do you like? How do you spend your free time?
Bede Nice to meet you.
Your new friend Elena!
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Hello, dear friend !
How are you today? My name is Ekaterina, I hope you still remember me and I wish to continue our communication.
I'm so sorry for such delay in my answer, but I hope I worth of your attention and I want to tell you first of
all that my intentions are serious and I'm ready to give you my personal phone number so we can talk by the phone
also as I don't want to waste my time. I wish serious real relations and tell me, please, are you single?
I'm a simple woman from Russian town Saransk, I work in the local hospital as a nurse, everything is ok but I feel
lonely because I don't have second half. It is autumn now and here in my town it is getting cold. We had already first
snow at the weekends and how is weather at your side? and please, remind me the name of your town. I need someone to cuddle
me and be near me at such cold evenings to watch TV or any comedy together. I write you with serious intentions and
wish to know how are you doing? Yesterday was Halloween everywhere. Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?
Here in Russia people started to celebrate it just few years ago, people take on different costumes and have fun.
I remember how I celebrated Halloween few years ago but now this holiday is not so interesting for me.
How did you pass your weekends? I went to the village of my parents to help to prepare garden for winter and they
have lovely dog Husky. I send you some pictures with my parent's dog, I like animals so much. Are you a dog or a cat
person? Tell me, please, about your interests. Do you have any hobby or any special interest in something?
Which music do you like to listen? Do you know any Russian singers? I wish to sing Russian song for you in karaoke.
Do you like karaoke? :) I write you from my work and need to go now as I'm on my duties. I really hope you can answer me
soon and I will be very happy to know you better and give you also my phone number so we can be in contact all the time.
I will be glad to hear your voice also and please, don't forget to send me your pictures! I wish to look in your eyes right now!
what is the color of your eyes? Have a nice day!
Comment #139421

Witaj moj drogi przyjacielu!
Jak sie dzisiaj miewasz? Z przyjemnoscia poznam Cie z Toba i moze to dla Ciebie zaskakujace
ze najpierw pisze, ale dla mnie jest to bardzo ciekawe pisanie do osoby, ktora mieszka w obcym kraju.
Nazywam sie Tatiana. Mieszkam w Rosji, nazwa mojego miasta to Penza, to okolo 650 km od Moskwy.
A jak sie nazywa miasto? Mieszkasz w Polsce, prawda?
Szukam mezczyzny za powazne relacje i bardzo chce cie lepiej poznac. Ile masz lat
i moze mozna mowic troche Rosjanin? Mam 32 lata i bylem sam przez kilka lat i teraz
Jestem gotowa na nowe relacje po tragedii w mojej rodzinie, opowie o tym pozniej pozniej.
Mam nadzieje, ze twoje serce jest wolne, a takze szukasz czegos powaznego w twoim zyciu, ale na poczatku mamy mnostwo
czasu, aby sie lepiej poznac. Pracuje jako pielegniarka w szpitalu stanowym w moim miescie. Nawiasem mowiac,
moja praca jest bardzo trudna, Ciesze sie, ze udzielam wsparcia i opieki nad chorymi ludzmi.
Prosze, opowiedz mi wiecej o sobie i wyslij mi swoje zdjecia!
Z przyjemnoscia udziele Ci odpowiedzi, a takze wysle Ci moje zdjecia! Jak dzis pogoda? tutaj
jest juz zimno, mamy 7C po poludniu. Potrzebuje kogos, kto by mnie podgrzewal w tak zimne jesienne wieczory.
Mam nadzieje, ze chcesz tego samego i prosze, odpowiedz mi jak najszybciej!