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Hi my friend !!!
Many thanks for your letter! It is very pleasant to me to read your letter, and to understand that we have overall aims in life! Excuse what to answer not so quickly, But now I will try to answer more considerably faster as I can take with myself home the worker laptop.

First of all I very much thank you for a photo! You very attractive man!

I with the great pleasure will begin our acquaintance! To me of 34 years! And soon my birthday on Oct 30, it would be healthy to celebrate it together as my plans were to leave in holiday in CH! My growth of 168 centimetres, my weight of 57 kg! my mother from city Chisinau is small country Moldova, and father from St.Peterburg and now I live !!!
I live not so far from my family, approximately 100km, they are very good people! And I very much love them! They to live for-city with the grandmother, they have a garden, a bath and small economy. They older persons also were tired from city vanity. Time or two in a month I try to visit them, I with pleasure to do it every day, BUT because of work it is impossible.
I work in sphere dantist services! It not easy work as I understand what situation in Moldova and Russia the given moment. It is a lot of people without work, and with good the salary is not enough good work, it practical is not present, But it is better than life without work. As in it in general bad economy unlike Moldova and Russia.
And certainly I understand you and now I would like to explain to you concerning age between us.
My friend, I know that between us there is an age difference, but it not a problem for me !!! I specially searched for the man is more senior me !!!! Men of my age are more thoughtless for the woman! I always liked more skilled men respecting interests of women and having serious intention!
Certainly I understand that through letters we can not understand well, whether we approach to each other! But I sincerely hope that between us there will be more serious relations than friendship!
And we precisely knew, in what direction we can develop our relations at a meeting! But to begin with the meeting as I am not in earnest is necessary to us necessarily to write long time each other. I to consider that a primary factor in relations to learn better and to understand each other is certainly a meeting ...
You agree with me?
I again send you my some photos! I have no much, but I will try to send a photo each letter! I hope these photos also to be pleasant to you and will give more understanding about me!
To me acquaintance to you is very pleasant, and I want to learn more about you!
Please write about you!
I wait your answer!
Sincerely, yours Svetlana.