Scammer Veronika Pozdnyakova Vera

August 12, 1982

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Date of first contact...From Scammer to Target: June 22nd 2016

Thanks for your answer. It is pleasant to me that you were interested in my letter. My name is Veronika, but my familiar friends
call me by Vera, Verunchik, Verochka. You can call me as it is pleasant to you. I want to ask you to be decent.
The Internet new type of communication for me. Now acquaintance on the Internet is popular in the whole World. Is not important at
all what distance will finish us. We can communicate here and recognize each other. I have serious intentions to meet the man for
the family. You agree? Please, send me your photos. It is sure that you have a beautiful smile. Viewing of your photos will help
me to know better you and your life. I also send you a photo, I am not a model and not the beauty, I am an ordinary girl who looks
for happiness in this life. I the first time write the letter to the man... Do not laugh over me. I am a sociable girl,
but I got used to communicate in reality. I like to see a human face at conversation and to see emotions. I hope that now on your
face a smile, and you have a good mood. Shortly about me. I was born on August 12, 1982. I have the higher education. I work.
My work brings in me the stable income. My parents are living, but I live alone. Already I am an adult and independent girl.
I respect and I love mother and the father. I am not married. I am single. Of course in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
My last relations with the man ended 2,5 years ago. Already I finished grief. Now I have a feeling of loneliness. I'm ready for
a new relationship now. Many my amica already have a family. I also dream of a family. I hope that you read my letter.
I do not want to seem the bore. it is interesting to you to read my letter? I hope you understand my English. I study English
language independently, I hope that I do not make many mistakes. Ah... I absolutely forgot to tell. I live in Russia.
For you distance a problem? Though you would not pay attention to distance between us. Vera.

Another Email suggesting money for air tickets...From Scammer to Target: July 11th 2016.
No money was handed over, communication ended suddenly.

Hello my dear,
I very much got tired today. Today in 7:05 morning I was in Moscow. I rented one room, in two to the room apartment.
One day of rent will cost for me $40. Hostess of the apartment very good woman. Her name is Viktoria.
I visited embassy and the airport.
In embassy I wrote the application for registration of the visa. It was pleasant to me that in embassy friendly people work.
I gave all necessary documents. also I took foto for registration of the visa. In embassy I was told that I have to acquire 2 air tickets.
Air tickets are necessary for registration of the visa. The matter is that the staff of embassy has to be precisely sure of exact dates
of my departure to you and returns back to Russia. After embassy I visited the airport, and considered the prices of air tickets.
Choice of air tickets very big. The price was the main criterion of the choice of air tickets for me. I needed to find cheap air tickets.
The employee of the airport helped me at the choice. I considered air tickets on 24 July. The cost of one air ticket makes 211 $USA.
I need to have 422 $USA that I could buy air tickets. Michael, already I said to you that your help will be necessary for me.
Now I have no money to acquire air tickets. I paid registration of the visa and the health insurance in embassy. Also I paid accommodation in the room,
to the departure. I had 190 $USA now, but these are necessary day for me to live in Moscow. You will be able to help me to acquire air tickets?
Already I said to you that I have to acquire air tickets in Russia. Today I also visited bank, I needed to learn how I can receive from you money.
If you send me, at least 400$, then I would be grateful to you. Never earlier I faced it. The bank explained to me that in the World there are
many systems for money transfer. We can use system of fast money transfer Money Gram, RIA, Unistream that you transferred money to me,
and I acquired air tickets. Now I will tell you information which is necessary for you that you could transfer the help to me.
Post of Russia. Dmitrovka str., 26.
City: Moscow. Country: Russia.
Index(zip code): 103426.
Name: Veronika, Surname: Pozdnyakova.
After you transfer me the help, the employee of bank will tell you MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number). You will have to tell me MTCN that
I could receive your help. I hope that you understood me. When I am able to receive your help?Registration of the visa difficult process,
as now very difficult situation in the world. Already my visa is in process of registration. I am glad that I managed to begin process
of registration of the visa. I hope that soon we with you will be together. I very much got tired today. I will go to have a rest now,
I should take a shower. I write you from an Internet cafe. Moscow very big city. Please, do not leave me without your letters.
I absolutely one here, and me am necessary your support every day. I have no photos now to send you. all my photos stayed at home.
I wait for your letter tomorrow. Yours, Vera.
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embassys wont entertain russian women as they know theyre fraudsters so any visa is improbable without mmany checks ,, Boris the drunk is sending the emails so dont fall for any BS