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Email from Scammer to target...Dated 16th of May 2016

Hello my honey,
I am writing to you from Moscow! I rented a
room in the apartment. The landlady is very kind older woman. I will
write you the address where to stay now Kastanaevskaya Street,
Building 41, apartment 27, Moscow, Russia, 121108. Michael, today I
visited the embassy and the airport. At the embassy I filled out all
the documents for visa. I liked the friendly people that work in the
visa application center. They helped me absolutely everything, I gave
all the necessary documents, as I took photographs for visa. Now I'm
waiting for my visa. I met a girl and asked her about how much time it
will take to get a visa? She told me that now it is done quickly,
since a lot of people who wish to obtain a visa. Therefore, the
Embassy is much faster. The embassy told me that I should acquire 2
ticket. Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa. The fact that the
embassy staff should be sure of my exact dates of departure and return
back to Russia. They should also mention the exact date of the visa. I
thought that the tickets can be ordered via the Internet, but the
embassy said that in connection with the sanctions against Russia,
some points have changed. Now, tickets must be purchased originals and
be sure to provide them to the embassy assured them. They need to see
the date of my departure to your country and to return back to Russia.
I was told that this is one of the main conditions for obtaining a
visa. I was very surprised with such rules, but I was told that it is
important to quickly get a visa. Today I personally visited the
Sheremetevo-2 airport and looked at the prices of flights to your
country. Selection of flight is very high. My dear, we need to hurry
up with the purchase of tickets, as tickets need to provide the
embassy that on my visa indicate the dates of your stay in your
country. I considered cheap, the cost of one ticket is 200 euros. I need
to have 400 euros on two tickets.
I did not ask you for money,
but I bought a laptop and pay for rental housing. And also I have big
expenses in Moscow. Now I have no money to buy tickets. I paid at the
Embassy visa and health insurance. I have now left a little money, but
the money I need to live and eat in Moscow. Can you help me to buy
tickets? I told you that I should buy tickets in Russia to the embassy
assured my tickets. Today I visited the bank. I needed to find out how
I can get money from you quickly, because ticket prices are getting
more expensive by the day... On the Internet, I learned that you are
out of the country can pass to help me through the offices of "Money
Gram" or "UNISTREAM". Now I write to you information that is necessary
for you to hand me his help.
My full name: Erika Starikova
Bank name "Sberbank"
Address: Kastanaevskaya Street, 42, Bldg. 2, Moscow,Russia, 121108
Phone: +7 (499) 146-86-35
My dear, after you pass me your help, your branch of the bank employee
to tell you a secret number. You will need to write this number to me,
so I can get your help. I hope that you understand me, I spent a lot of
money and I need your help. My dear, when I receive your help? I should
know, because tomorrow I'll go to the embassy and I have to say when I'll
get tickets for certification. Here in Moscow, a lot of banks, the city
is very large, since it is the capital of Russia. But the branch of
"Money Gram" is located next to the house where I live now and I will
be convenient to get your help. My visa is already in the process of
registration. I hope you can help me and I will arrive to you!!! I am
glad that I was able to begin the process of obtaining a visa! I hope
that very soon we'll be together! I even imagined our romantic evening
by candlelight... I will prepare a delicious dinner, and you will open
the wine... It would be very romantic! I am very tired today... Moscow
is a very big city. Do not leave me without your emails please! I'm
all alone in Moscow and I need your support every day. My dear
I always think of you!!! I'm trying to install Skype on my
laptop, but I can not do it... I asked people passing by, so they
helped me to take a photo in the Moscow Kremlin for you. That's very
beautiful! I hope, you like it! I'll wait for your letter honey! Now
I'm going to unpack my things out of the suitcase, and then I'll take
a bath. I'm sending you lots of tender kisses my dear
I really hope for your support and I dream of our meeting!!!

Your Erika!

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Comment #132119
Had encounter with this one different identity same story about residing in Moscow and needed
cash for Plane ticket in order to secure Visa put her off by advising that no spare cash available