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She wrote me to email address. And said me about want serious relationship. But after that missed. I investigate her. I found a lot of account and before email address is she doesn't write me surname. But I found. She uses Filonova. I don't know real. I found vkontakt account. And shock. She is originally blonde. And she dye hair to brown. She doesn't want me money. But I talk to a lot of man. She wants money after 1 month.
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She is the mistress of a rich doctor holding her money. yet she does it because is pleased to deceive men for money. In her profiles on dating sites and other networks, she says - "not accept cash and that if you offer it denounces to the site." Do not give personal information or do something to upset her because the doctor will try to contact you to inquire about her pretending to have been the victim and asking for help to punish the girl, he will send pictures and informations about the girl and will present their credentials important doctor to convince you of the truth about the facts. soon after it will be under threat of being reported to authorities trying to contact her.
When you are in contact with her or him, you receive email or friend requests on social networks, not accepted, are scammers and hackers that it pays to send spam messages and all kinds of cyber attacks. (Beware of emails with extension @ coming from Russia and Ukraine).
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this girl operates these site using different name, as well as different ages 29,30 32,34 35, according to documents of birth date of July 14, 1994, bakynskih Komissarov Blvd. 14a. sq. 105, Residency address before moving to Chuguev. He was born in Lugansk. She uses the profile to meet men aged 35 to 60 years in order to ask for help and promise to travel to get married, she asks for money to make documents and buy travel ticket on average the passport in the Kharkiv region costs 100-150 USD she asks 400 to 500USD to the emergency passport. She is talented and nice if you fall into her clutches will surely succumb to her sweetness and losing money. After logno time talking and trying something serious with it, I had to give up and admit that it is actually a skilled swindler. Make a complaint document is something sad, because this case is not someone using photos stolen from a profile of the network, but it's the same girl photos
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Fwd: Loving you XXXX! S XXX Sat 8/6/2016 3:29 AM Inbox To:; To help protect your privacy, some content in this message has been blocked. To re-enable the blocked features, click here. To always show content from this sender, click here. Flag for follow up. Completed on Sunday, August 07, 2016. Evernote ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: XXX Date: 2016-08-06 0:22 GMT-03:00 Subject: Fwd: Loving you XXX! To: ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Date: 2016-01-04 14:35 GMT-02:00 Subject: Loving you XXX! To: Duramem Sircus My Sweetheart ....! It is a beautiful cold day here in Ukraine. My Love <3 I MISSED YOU! Happy 2016 Year, happy new week!!! I am in the office already and already dome some paper work. It's hard to concentrate as I am still sleeping and relaxing. It was very lovely New Year. We prepared New Year salads, potatoes, meat and just sit down together and were watching New Years programs. First we were waiting for Russian New Year which is two hours earlier than our, celebrated, after we were having New Year by Kiev. Before president congratulations, they decided to show video. It was a two minutes video with small videos inside with the worst moments which happened through the last year. It's truly made us sad as they showed Lugansk, empty streets, crashed buildings and poor people with tears on their eyes. Truly I was surprised as I thought they will not remind us again what happened in our country in such day like New Year. Later Poroshenko started to talk. He remind again what a hard year we all had, how much we lost and what changes we are going to have. Seems we are going to be a part of Europe in the nearest months. I think it will take much more time as he promised and I do not think that a better future is waiting for the all Ukrainian people. I am just sad that all is happening like this and that our lovely country fell into the wrong hands. So it made us a bit sad while we were watching this video and while we were listening to the president and after 00:00 father went to the bed and together with my mother we were watching movies. I got asleep around 03:00 and woke up in the evening on the next day)) So it was the first day I had a nice rest. After temperature fell below to 21 and we decided to stay home without going anywhere, under warm blankets with a full fridge of food)) It was truly very nice ......!!! All is really cool, only weather making sad as today we are having -25, imagine .....? ;))) Today in the morning I needed 3 cups of coffee to be able to open my eyes and felt warm)))))) Thoughts about you were helping my heart beating faster my Sweetheart ....!!! I decided to not be sad cause of the distance which was between us through all Christmas and New Year time, I do believe in better and I know that very soon we are going to meet and be close to each other. So there is nothing to be sad about Dear!!! We just need to be a bit more patient before we will finally be together! I really hope that you are having a very good mood and that you will think about me the all day my Love! I will return to the clients and will write you back tomorrow ....!!! I love you Sweetheart!!! Please, take care of yourself and make me warm by your Love ...! Sincere yours, Svetlana