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Hello !!! :-) :-) :-)
Today, I am very happy to see your letter and my mood has risen by 100 percent! :)
Generally the obtaining of a new friend this is a big event in my life. All this is new to me because I was first acquainted with the man on the internet.
You know, now I'm working in the industry sales in the small business technology firm in our city.
My specialty is working on the "shop floor manager," where I sell home appliances (TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and many other products).
My job I really like and I am always responsible for the work.
In our town is very difficult to find a good job at this time, I was in for a long time could not find a job in my town!
But as time passed and I found a job in this firm.
City Kudymkar not very big, I love my city and I always will. I lived here very long, and now it is my home!
My City Kudymkar is located at a distance of 1411 kilometers from Moscow!
I work from 9:00 to 17:00. How many hours do you work?
I really want to know more about you, because I really like our acquaintance!
To be honest, I sought the help of the Internet to find their other half.
A man with whom I can build a beautiful love story. To build a serious relationship. Actually my intention to find love is very serious.
Since I am a long time without my second half. And the most important thing for a man to find his other half.
And to know true love. Because true love is the most light and clean feeling in the world.
For many reasons I can not find love in my town and in general in Russia. I can not live with a man of the Russian character.
Since love is the only heat and light which does not freeze in this cold world.
Understand these words, I tried to describe everything that's going on in my heart.
This is my inner world, my secrets and my deepest desire. I have very few people talking about it and now I do not know why I decided to tell you this.
Let this be the first steps of our acquaintance with you. Know now when I'm writing you this letter I felt better and did not feel so lonely and sad.
But you're probably interested in not only my inner world, but as I look and my life's interests.
Slowly, I tell you everything, but from you, I also want to know everything about your life.
I was looking for a long time companion of his life and felt very lonely these days.
I really want to find a man who can live life in peace and love! And I'm happy now that I have such a wonderful friend like you!
You know, I always tried to keep in mind all the best, and even in his life no one said a rough word!
It is important to respect a man a woman! Everyone should look for love!
Maybe a year, may day, but love must be the most important part of every family!
You think so?
It saddens me a bit, but I must now close this letter, but I'll write you tomorrow! You also write to me.
I'm really looking forward to your letter! And also I'll be very happy to see your photo!
Sincerely your new friend Yuliya.