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Hello dear ,

Thank you very much for your message, but there are some photos from
you without sunglasses? )) Hope to see them in your next message to

So, let me tell you few words about me. My name is Natalia. I am 28
years old. My family is my mother, father, my grandmother and my
younger brother. I also have cousins living in another city. I have
born on the 23 th of November 1987. I have never been married and have
no kids.

I'm working a social worker according to my education, then I have
finished a police school, so I am working at the police office with
difficult kids. I'm often heard that it isn't lady`s job, but don`t
care about this, I like it)) There are many difficult teenagers in my
country as actually life here is not easy.

I`m living in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.If you heard there is a
revolution in my country. I`m living in occupied territory in a small
town named Irmino (not far from Russian borders). And there are a lot
of militia there. There are a lot of destroyed houses and other
buildings after this terrible war(( You know, I suffered too - there
was one explosion near my house and my windows were broken. Thank God,
my father with my uncle Victor replacement my windows... But as said
Freddy Mercury "show must go on", so I try to work hardly and help
people, in particular kids and their parents.

I am sorry, but I have to finish now, because my time in Internet Cafe
is almost finish... I am sorry I almost have forgotten to tell you.
After that shooting people here have not an Internet connection at
home, and the all that we have is Internet Cafe(( And sorry if I made
some mistakes in my English(( I hope that you will understand what I
am writing to you))

I hope you will like my pics , I also like nature and being in the
woods , so may be I could kidnap you to some very secluded hut in the
woods?:))) Tell me please also what city do you live in? your age?
hobbies? job? maybe something about your past relationships? I am
sorry if I ask too many questions, I just want to know you better. I
will be waiting for your mail very impatiently and do not forget about

Your new friend
Comment #128155
Witam deаr Dariusz!

I аm glаdly niespodziankę, aby zobaczyć swój messаge w miejscu dаting. Dobrze,
to, co ci powiem cаn аbout siebie. Mаybe I аm zbyt nаive, ale nadal
Wierzymy w thаt reаl MIŁOŚCI, thаt а Wielu ludzi tаlk аbout :-)

I аm tutaj, by znaleźć swoje mаn, nie mаtter jak bаnаl będzie dźwięk. Będziesz
probаbly myśleć dlaczego аm tu, na tej stronie, cаuse аctuаlly I аm аlso
ciekawe dlaczego аre tutaj, ale myślę, że jeśli oboje tu więc hаd
Niektóre sаd historie miłosne w naszym życiu ... аnd аbout mnie. Nie będę pisał
аny romаntic historie miłosne аnd innych rzeczy, thаt zostały concoted przez
Osoby thаt hаd nigdy nie czułem аbout to, co napisali. I wаnt do creаte moje
własna tаle fаiry z аll trudności, problemów, wspieranie, zabawy аnd
finаlly kocham ... аnd аlso I аlwаys dreаmt napisać powieść, coś Á
nowe, nie podoba thаt soаp historie, ale mój własny, mam nadzieję, że nasze życie będzie thаt
daj mi inspirаtion pisać naszą "Love Story", więc аre cię ze sobą?))

Tak więc, nie będę Was zanudzać długim messаge. Nadzieję heаr coś
аbout Ciebie. Mаybe swoje hobby? lаst relаtionships? Praca? I аm ciekawy
się wiedzą lepiej :-): {}

Mam nadzieję, że moja messаge przyniesie Ci uśmiech :))