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Hi dear! Thank you very much for writing me a letter, i was really glad to get it from you. So, i am happy you want to be acquainted with me So, i don't know even what to start with. As i told you my name is Marianna, i live in Ukraine, on the west of Ukraine Zhitomirskij region, Ovruch town it is close to Belorussian border, for you to orient in the place where i live. So, what can i tell you about my country. My be you already heard a lot about Ukraine because of lots of unlucky things that we have here, crises economical and political , pig flue and so on But still , it is my country where i have been living for whole my life and i love it.

So, i am not a student any more, i am working in the kindergarten as a teacher of English. I graduated university, the faculty of foreign languages and my specialization is a teaching English language for small kids. So, i didn't go to work to school because don't really like our system of working in such places. I will have to work more with papers then with children, so that is not what i wanted. Any way i really like children and i have such a responsibility to give them first information about strange for them language. But, ok we can talk about my work another time, i would love to talk about the reason i am here. As i told you i am single, i am not married and i don't know where the problem is. I consider myself as a nice girl, with a soft and tender character, crazy in way, but still not bad Why crazy? Because i really like to experiment with my appearance, as you see on my picture i have a my nose pierced, hope you don't mind that.

I am looking for a serious, mature and interesting man. I don't care about the nation or county he lives in, just if there will be chemistry between us, in this case i hope we can meet personally and then to decide what to do, do you agree with me? Well, i hope so ; ) Now, i want to know a little more about you, like what features do you appreciate in women, what do you expect from relations. I am very impatient to hear from you!

Take care of yourself!


Hi! here one of the letters.... i continue write just for fun to se what the scam was about..
i have many more, but this is one of them atleast.. her email is [email protected]
i dont think actually to many people wil beleive them, because they seems pretty stupid, but anyway...

Hello my love xxx, thank you very much for your letter, i was so happy to get it from you, i am happy that you are waiting for my hugs and kisses, catch them, they are all for you my love. I miss you and really want to have you by my side sooner. So, honey just tell me if you really want the same? I really wish i could talk to you on the phone, i really wish i could hear your voice, so may be you will call me today, what do you think about that? here is my phone number, i am very impatient to hear from you, +380955335279, i have already gave it to you, but i can do that once again.
Hon, i have already found out about some things suppose to be done in order to come to you for holidays. Hon, you know how much i am excited about that, you can't even imagine, i even can't think about anything else. I really wish i could spend more holiday time with you. So, honey, in order to come to you we have to organize tree things for me, that are international passport, visa and ticket. So, to tell you the truth that is not that difficult to arrange in our country , just pay and get, we have such system. I was told about the places i should do that, for example international passport suppose to be done in OVIR, that is a place of passport registration, you see the only problem that i am concerned with it is the prices. To tell you the truth that are not that cheap for me. Only international passport cost about 200 dollars. But it can be done very fats like in 10 days and it is given for 10 years. But also i should have a visa and tickets. So, the visa cost is about 270 dollars, that is with medical insurance, it is tourists visa, that is why i don't need to get any invitation from you, what makes is easier to get and it is given for bout 30 days, so i am not sure about the term i can stay there with you, but that is what is allowed. So, dear, as for tickets, i am not sure yet, may be it is about 300 dollars, that is will be not very expansive for me because i still have connection at the university where i have been studying, so this travel company deals with the airports. So, dear that is what i have found out about the trip. I am really very exited to visit you, i wish i could be with you sooner, you can't even imagine how much love you and want to be with you and i am sure we could spend a nice time together. But i still really need your help and support with all that stuff. I am looking forward your reply sweetheart, also you can call me if you want and we can talk about that in more details. I love you!
your Marianna