Scammer Tatiana Chainikova Tanya

123103, Russia, Moscow
picturesque street 20, Flat - 73.

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Hello my dear Peter!
I really missed you and very happy at this moment to write to you. My
heart and all my dreams are with you at this moment. How are you?
Peter I have become closer to you at 650 km) I'm writing you this
letter from Moscow! The flight was fine, just a bit of a headache
because of the overload. But most importantly, I am now in Moscow, and
I hope that soon we will be together and start our new phase of our
lives. I'm trying to organize everything here and now, I'll write you
all the news that I have. First I took a cheap room and I can stay
here as long as we do not organize. The landlady, was a very good
woman. Below I will write you the address where I am now rented a
123103, Russia, Moscow, picturesque street 20, Flat - 73.
Peter I am today and has visited the embassy and the airport and a few
other places. At the embassy I filled out all the documents for the
visa. I liked the fact that the embassy has very friendly people, I
saw the Consul, he is very serious and polite person. The embassy
helped me everything, I gave them all the necessary documents, and
they began to design my visa! Now I'm looking forward to my visa. I
was told that within 4-5 days, a visa will I be able to come to him
and take her. But there is one rule that I need to be sure to do
without it I can not get a visa. The embassy told me that I would have
to buy two tickets to both sides, because I'm coming as a tourist and
migration laws, I should have a pair of tickets to both sides. At the
embassy, I will have to show their cards and only then will I be able
to pick up the visa. I thought that the tickets can be ordered via the
Internet, but the embassy told me that now very strict regulations and
need to buy tickets in my name, and be sure to submit them to the
embassy assured them. I was told that this is the main condition for
obtaining a visa. I was very surprised by such rules, but I was told
that it should be done to get a visa without any problems.
After I went to the embassy to Sheremetyevo airport and explore the
price of airline tickets. There was a very large selection of tickets.
I tried to choose the most economical option. I found a good low-cost
option for 462 euros. This is the cost of two tickets to both sides.
This flight flying almost every day, and will be 5 days. I'll fly to
you from Moscow on October 3 at 13:45 and at 16:05 I landed in
Frankfurt. After that, I will fly at 16:50 and land at 17:45 in
Leipzig. My flight number is LH-160. I hope that you can meet me at
the airport, my love! Peter My dear, we have to hurry with the
purchase of tickets, for a maximum of 5 days, I will have a visa and I
will have to show tickets at the Embassy to pick my visa. Peter I have
to ask you to help us, because I bought a laptop and I have high costs
here in Moscow. Now I have no money to buy tickets. I paid about 160
euros at the embassy for a visa and pay the room where I'll live. I
was left with very little money, I hope you understand and help us to
be together. Remains one step, and our hearts will be together. Peter,
Tell me, can you help me to buy tickets? From it now depends on the
fate of our meeting. I did everything I could for us, but not as you
see everything now depends on me. I hope that everything will be fine
and I'm keeping my fingers for the crossed our meeting. Peter, Today I
have learned about how you can quickly and securely transfer money to
me here in Moscow. On the Internet, I found out that out of your
country, can you pass me the money through money transfer systems -
Monygram or Western union. You've heard about it? In your country
should be a lot of banks where can you pass me the money with these
systems of money transfers. Only need to find them and fill in all my
data correctly.
Below, I'll write you the information that will need to hand me money.
I think that I can here in Moscow at any bank to withdraw money.
My name: Tatiana
My name: Chainikova
My dear, as once you send me the money, the bank employee must give
you a secret number which you will have to pass me. Peter I
uncomfortable asking for your help, because I used to do everything by
herself. But I really have no way right now to find money to buy
tickets. I did not expect that in Moscow I will have a lot of
expenses. I hope you understand me, I spent a lot of money and I
really need your help and support. My dear Peter when I can get your
help? I should know this, because I need the next few days to return
to the embassy and tell them that I fulfill all the conditions for
obtaining a visa. I sincerely hope that everything will be fine,
because my heart wants to be with you and only with you.
Now, I represented our romantic evening by candlelight, and my heart
was beating very strongly. I imagined how I'm going to cook a
delicious dinner for you, you open the red wine and this will be our
most beautiful night. Ooooh, I dream about it! Peter I am very tired
today, Moscow-largest city, and had to walk a lot to find and organize
all. But I know that all I'm doing for us and our meeting. Please do
not leave me without your letters and write to me as soon as possible.
I'm here all alone, and I need your support. I always think of you and
you are in my heart !!!
Peter I am now trying to make skype on my laptop, but I did not
succeed. But I still try. I never installed skype, and not sure I can
set it up correctly. If I can not do it, when I come to you, I hope
you can help me and learn how to use Skype.
Now I am very tired and want to relax a bit. I'm waiting for your news
and as soon as I can I will write to you again. With thoughts of you
and of our meeting, I finish this letter. Hopefully soon we will talk
personally about everything. My heart is waiting for you!
A kiss for you. Your and only your Tanya