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thank You for your story and photos – my PC is being repaired now, so most pictures of

mine are there(((, but I’ll send them to you later, if you like.

my name is Olga. I was born in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine), on the 19 th of July, 1979. So,

I’ve just turned to be 37. I’m 172 cm and 55 kg. My eyes are brown and my hair was dark, but now

it’s turning a little bit red))).

I’m a professor of Taras Shenchenko Kyiv National University. In my country, we have to

“defend” 2 dissertations to become a full PhD in Linguistics. Now, I’m preparing to defend the

second - and the last;=))) - one. I research the modern diplomatic discourse of Italy, Spain, France

and Argentina.

I’m the author of 7 manuals, approved by the Ministry of Education, and many articles. I

teach 5 foreign languages (3-100 years). I do it, well, to live, but it’s not my hobby. I like travelling,

I have been to 30 countries, in some of them I lived for a certain period, working on my own or with

a diplomatic mission. I consider myself a person of Universe. I find myself well everywhere, North

or South, East or West. Although, American and European cultures suit me best. I lived 8 years in

Italy, I love this country and I speak their language better than mine, I also lives 5 years in Spain and

5 in Argentina. east or West, home is best, is, for sure, not about me. "The best" will be ther, where I

feel at ease, where there is a beloved person by my side.

A was married, officially, for 12 years, but we lived together for 5 or 6. I’m strongly against

divorces, but there was no way out, and I took that decision. I have a daughter, 12 years old, we live

together in one of my apartments, in Kyiv. She has no contact with her father, who was against her,

being a female, appearing to this world. We have only 1 relative, my father, who is living next

building to us. I year ago my beloved mother died. Sometimes (because I have almost no free time)

we go to the countryside, where I have a small house, 25 km away from my flat, in the middle of the

forest, near the lake. We love it, but, unfortunately, we have really no time to stay there for a long.

The Christmas of 2013 became the Black day of my life, 3 terrible things happened in a row,

including my divorce. Being alive and going on living now, simple being able to walk, is a miracle

of the God, and I am very happy and grateful to receive that chance to restart my life.

I swim every day (although it has nothing to do with professional swimming) and I love

walking for a long distance, I like going with bicycle and playing badminton. As I said, I don’t do it

professionally, just for myself.

I like working in my garden, but, unfortunately, I have little time for it. I like fresh flowers,

those growing near the house and those in vases in my room. I have a small collection of orchids

from different countries.

I love theatre, sitting near the fire-place, drinking foamy coffee-latte with cinnamon, going to

the countryside for barbecue, to gather mushrooms and berries, dancing, reading, travelling and,

most of all, MY LIFE, with all my experiences, bad, because they made me stronger, wiser and

more patient, and, of course, those wonderful. Actually, they constitute my right life experience,

work experience, my memories and other thing that made me myself.

All my live was and is a challenge, a great challenge! Just look at my moto/slogan in Skype,

you'll understand. There's another great saying:

Life Is Short, Break The Rules. Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly. Love Truly. Laugh

Uncontrollably And Never Regret Anything That Makes You Smile. MARK TWAIN:

To make the long story short, I am looking for a serious, sincere, tender guy, well-standing

in life, without bad habits or perverted sex, looking for a family, able to accept my daughter in it, at

least when she is still minor, but not only sex and entertaintment.

I was nice to meet You,