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Hello my dear !
I’m very glad to get your letter! Thank you for your attention. . Hope your day was full of pleasant emotions? I have a little brake from work now so I’d like to answer your letter. You got interested in me and wanted more details. So here it is. .. Well, I’m 30 years old. I live in Zmiev, Ukraine, as I told you in my previous letter.
I work as a dance instructor in local fitness centre. I was lucky to be accepted to this position 3 years ago. Since my 15 years I can’t imagine my life without sport or dances so I was a very often guest in this fitness centre and once I was proposed time job while other instructor was in hospital. So my career here started. And this is the best job for me and I adore it. I like to keep my body in good shape and communicate with people, helping them to be fit and healthy. I work not only with adults but with children too. I have two groups which consist of children from 7 till 15 years.
And can you tell me why have you decided to work in your sphere? My job gives me a lot of pleasure so I’m always glad to go to work. I know that a lot of people often bothered with their job but it is not about me. I like what I do and this is very pleasant for me to know that I can help people. Usually after work I come to visit my sister. She has a son and I love him very much. He is very nice and very smart guy. I like to play with him and to go outdoors, we spend a lot of time together. You can see our picture attached to this letter. As for me I think that family is very important in life of each person. My sister lives in her own flat and I live with my parents. You know my parents are married for about 40 years already and for me this is a real example of a happy, friendly and devoted family. I also would like to have strong and happy marriage in future. And they are the best example of this for me. I would like to be a good wife for my future husband, his support and his inspiration, his friend and best lover. It is very important for each woman to be a good wife and take care about her husband. And how do you see a role of a woman in a family? Would you like her to be a housewife or stay active also at work? I am curios to know your opinion about this.
Well, I need to finish my letter now because in 5 minutes I will have to start my training with kids today we start learning new dance.
I hope that you are not bored with my letter and I will get your answer soon. I will wait for your letter and I can answer it just the same day, I have excess to computer here in my relax room in gym. Also I will give you my phone number if you would like to stay in contact between letters. Oh, by the way, I can speak English as I learned it at school so I think that we will be able to understand each other. Here is my number +38 066 1715482.
I wish you a nice day and I will be waiting for your letter!
Yours, Alina!