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Hello my new friend ! For you my e-mail to you, possibly, was
absolutely unexpected. And you has been surprised very much, what I
think, having received it? but, frankly conversation, is the big
unexpectedness also. Sorry no skype or watsap. I am glad to receive
your photo. I hope that I shall receive them more. And I am direct
surprised, which exploited internet services to reach acquainted with
the person. I am very happy to see your letter and all ideas have been
mixed, in general I do not know from what and to begin! Question that
I have decided to try for the first time everything to reach
acquainted through the internet while this moment which I, never have
does it before. My name is Tatyana. To me 35 years. My height makes
175 sm. My weight makes 65 kg. On a horoscope I lion, my birthday I
was born on august, 18 th in 1981 and to have in city Tyumen. It
approximately in 2119 kilometres from Moscow. Is a lot of cultural and
educational institutions, the enterprises various Industries. I almost
never left the city. Anyhow it was not necessary, and possibilities
were not very much. Certainly, I was in close cities and even in some
cities of Russia, such as Moscow, Kazan. I dream to Visiting
St.-Petersburg. I can tell it a city of my dream. Hear you ever about
this city? You ever were in Russia? If yes, where it is exact? Tell to
me, make to you travel is pleasant? Now it is a little about you? Tell
to me about you directly? Where you studied and you have what work? To
pleasantly you? It would be very much Interesting to me to learn about
you. Tell to me please, where and how you live? Where you were born? I
am a children's doctor the pediatrist, work in children's multiclinic
more than one year. It are pleasant to me my work very much, the truth
the wages are not big, but sometimes at a leisure probably to earn in
addition. I do to separate massage of people in the house. Basically
too small baby - children of a breast. Now many children are suffered
various dispositions and jammings, and my work are required.
Nevertheless I study children of a breast from first days of a life to
float in a bath. I already hold them for a chin and in a month of such
employment they independently it is fine to keep water. It is
separately paid also, therefore for a life it is sufficient. I love
children very much and mine trade also. I would like, know more about
your family!? My parents have been lost when I was very small, our
house in which we lived, has burnt down completely. Only the miracle
has rescued to me, the life, me then made only 3 years. I do not do
remember parents. And I am an orphan. My grandmother brought up me.
But also and she has died, when I there was 22 years. And now I live
one long time. From time to time I bitterly shout because I had no
happy childhood together with parents. Me I refused to myself, have
not checked up neither love to the father and, nor mothers. And it
very difficultly for me think of it now. But it is a life! I wish to
tell that I - very serious person, it for me all it is serious and
under the truth. I am an adult girl and in any games I not to play. I
wish to find a gift the person, does not depend on age and from
position in a society. For me it not important poor or richer that he
loved the most expensive and respected me, and all the rest probably
to reach together, would be a health and love. About the big
impatience I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you, you will
not be holiday without questions on the attention, interesting me. I
hope shortly to the letter see. Sincerely Tatyana.