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Sorry you waited my letter. Your answer means much for me and also I have received it in junk folder and looked all options. Thus to me advised to create another my personal e-mail. That you could write me here always and I could see your message correctly in entering messages. I will try to use computer often. I was in the Internet of cafe and have found your questionnaire on one of numerous sites of acquaintance, there there was you e-mail, I have made it for a long time and did not dare to write to you earlier, but time now has come and I nevertheless have solved and have written to you, I am at a loss to name a site it was for a long time. But it is not important for me and only I inform you. The main thing that I can answer now to you and tell it is more. The person which is necessary to me can to be responsible for the words and acts. Both of us should understand that we not children here again are not present a place to games, you should understand accurately it, and get rid of all games if were that in your head. For me it is important to give care and love to the man and to devote a life. But only it should be the serious man who knows that he wants in a life. I understand and as it is difficult to understand and find the correct way in this world. But we should make it with correct mission and mind. To find the one to whom we can trust the feelings and try all in a life together. I include the TV and I see only horror which occurs in the world. And only everywhere war and people cannot search for the common decisions and even to live together. I think that then people will understand, that it is necessary to keep together.
Constant struggle for leadership in what good will result and only destruction of people. Always wished to understand it and read many books from history. If you served in armed forces? For me it is not absolutely important, but I only try to understand, to that war there can learn people. I probably at all do not understand in it anything. Though I have finished institute in Baku. I think that the main thing for the person a life and it is necessary to share all pleasures with the partner. And if already to find, never to lose. I wish to tell about myself a little. I can always write to you in English. So still I know the language Azerbaijan, I tried to study the Spanish language 4 months and also Italian a little. I could study to talk more. I have 32 years also live alone in Azerbaijan - my country. Never was married and I have no children. The matter is that after death of my father I had to become adult and most to solve the vital problems, on it once I was engaged in own business with things. Also has opened the small business. The most part of time I was engaged in these affairs and had no time for private life construction. Now I am engaged more in myself, last year I try to go to pool at least 2 times a week. Also I visit employment by yoga. And to me to like to find inspiration in it, to listen to quiet east music. To try to present at a breath only the best, that I wish to accept itself during a life. And at an exhalation to release all bad from within itself. Thereby after these employment I feel better and I try to reach all purposes, that I have planned. I have cheerful mood and I feel it in a life as a holiday. To me now it would be wished to learn more about you, in more details to know about you. Than you like to be engaged and what you listen? I see that between us there is a big distance. But why it should us stir at present? I the realist also understand that we live in the real world. I do not know if to you interestingly all it, but I would like to receive the answer. And I will wait and even if it will occupy time to answer.
I send you a heat Nelika