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Hello . It Anastasia. I apologize if I has mistake, I try to write without help from others.

I'll be honest you: I plan to fly to the Italy in the next month to draw up the documents for my future business restaurant.My sister - my business partner, she lives there and knows the basics of law and business, she will help me, so I dnot afraid to go there.

I was immediately notice that you're from Italy and decided to write to you in order to meet in the near future. I not have man, or lover so I'd like to meet tebya and spend some unforgettable days. Who knows, maybe this will turn out something interesting! I'm not looking for a husband I prefer light relationships, passionate sex and new experiences..

I want to know whether you want such a relationship and dating or we better do not waste each other's time. I do not know, may be you are looking only serious relationsheep?

In general, let me know.

I embrace you, Anastasia.

I am very glad that you still decided to continue cquaintance with me, and was not afraid. I am a very passionate woman in every sense of the word, and I want to get to know you as close as possible. I have not been a man, I miss tenderness that sometimes I want to howl like a wolf at the moon!

Today, my sister said that I will book a hotel for the duration of my stay in Italy Initially, she offered to stay with her, but I refused, despite the fact that she is very kind. I decided that I would not embarrass her family. Especially, I would like to spend with you as much time as possible together, without foreign. If you know what I mean!))

You're probably not accustomed that girls behave frankly I have not opened in your country, right? My openness I interfere in the relationship with the man. I just can not be too modest. Perhaps this behavior is still in my childhood, when my parents see me in the future, a successful doctor, but I decided to link their lives with the cooking and enrolled in the College of Food Technology.
I'm sorry, but I hope you understand what I'm writing? This is online translator translates simply awful. I do not know how he translates from Russian but your translated into Russian just awful. If I ever could imagine that I meet with you and I need to on talk in English, I probably would have immediately began to teach a foreign language that would not miss the opporunity to meet you !!

By the way, I have a present for you. He'll love it. You know that I have prepared for you ??

P.S. The first part of the gift - a small video clip about what I'm lousy singer! I hope you do not laugh with me)

You have mobile phone with function of records video? It would be funny if you also do something similar to your favorite song.